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pan!c hits North Adelaide Print E-mail
Sunday, 08 February 2009
Sample ImageNot widespread panic; more like a localised thing - at the Daniel O'Connell Hotel. On Saturday, February 14. From 9 pm to midnight, to put a finer point on it, so it's not really as bad as the headline suggests. Hang on... it's not bad at all! In fact, it's pretty fuggin' triffic! It's smashing! Really it is! So... why don't we all go out and see the pan!c band at the Daniel O'connell hotel on Saturday, February 14? We'll have a cracking time. Old Johnno can get full as a fat man's boot and spew in the car again, Abigail can write herself off and pull another train in the back of the van, Vanessa can hit the bubbles and finish the night by flashing her norks at the band and Jeff and Andy can drink rum and coke till they start fighting. Again. I say, what a jolly time we'll have. And so you will, my children. So you fukken' will!. So... see you there, eh? At the Daniel O'Connell hotel, North Adelaide, this Saturday, February ... ahh! You should know all this by now. pan!c will rocking with all the hits that almost missed. Come along and see Michael 'Hillie' Hill, Paul 'Garnsey' Garner and Denis 'Preachery' The preacher 'Surmoney' Surmon a-swinging and a-singing and a-stinging like three of them European wasp thingies. Only not quite as painful. But wild and frantic will be the.      There.. that's my 200 words. The invoice is in the email.
Blues Avenue Swings at the Grace Emily Print E-mail
Monday, 02 February 2009
Sample ImageBlues Avenue - that swinging and stomping two piece - will be ripping up the carpet at the Grace Emily Hotel on Sunday February 8. Guitar maestro Sweet Baby James Meston and bassman The Preacher will treat your feet to a sweet selection of swinging blues from Robert Johnson and Louis Jordan through to contemporary classics from Eric Clapton and Commander Cody, to name a few. With their plucking and stomping, shouting and wailing, the Blues Avenue boys make more noise than a semi wreck full of chickens. And a duck.  For more info check  out http://www.myspace.com/blues_avenue
The Grouse at the Norwood Hotel Print E-mail
Sunday, 25 January 2009
Sample ImageLook at the date... not the date on that posteriorly attractive person over there... I mean the date on the calendar. The year is almost over. Well, the beginning of the year is alomost over. And the reason I say that is because this coming Friday is January 30. One day before the end of January 2009. There will be no more Januarys this year. It will be gone... pronounced 'gorne' forever!. But... you can celebrate the end of January 2009 by getting down to the Norwood Hotel at Norwood on the penultimate day of january 2009 - Friday 30 - and looking at The Grouse play live music at you. They will even shout words set in rhyming couplets and stuff like that at you. Mark my words, it will be the best almost end of January 2009 you will have ever gorne ... pronounced 'gone' to. Live music kicks off around 9.00 pm. See you there or we will curse your feet with a plague of bunions. Or was that 'a plate of onions'. I'm not sure which but either way your shoes will be really uncomfortable and maybe smelly if you don't show up!
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