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Gig guide for Adelaide November Print E-mail
Sunday, 09 November 2008

It's a rock, pop and all that schlock weekend for this November weekending Friday 14.

Sample ImageFriday November 14 has pan!c rousing the patrons of the Daniel O'Connell Hotel in North Adelaide. Hillie, Garner and The Preacher will be flapping around like dying pelicans trying to get the place rocking. Come and watch the spectacle. Bring your own spectacles. It should be spectacular.






Sample ImageSaturday... Ahhh, Saturday November 15 will be fukkin' HUGE! The Grouse will start blowing the dust offa the Irishy knick-knacks and doodads slung around the walls of Finn McCools at the Norwood Hotel. Stuart Day has bought a 65-watt plectrum from Plectrum City - we even got a pick fer yer nose! - Thunderballs Boundy has put a downdraft stuporcharger on his drum kit and The Preacher has added an extra volume knob to his bass so now it goes up to....  well, it still goes up to 10 but it goes up there TWICE! Live music starts at 9.00 pm.


Sample ImageSunday... bloody Sunday November 16 (it's non-stop, ain't it?) has the Sidecutters - Tools on Stools - at the Mick O'Shea's down there at Hackham. And Hackham they will! They will hack your fuggin' ears off. The Sidecutters is the biggest little duo this side of the other similar big-sounding duos but the SIdecutters don't use a friggin' sequencer! No friggin' way, mates and matesses. They just rock like a very rocking thing and it will be good. If you are out and about on Sunday arvo sometime between 2 and 6 drop in to Mick O'Shea's. 



Walking the Line - Australia's Number One Johnny Cash Showband completed the weekend double beginning with a stint in the Mobilong Prison facility on Friday November 7 and then, on Saturday November 8, took part in a huge fundraiser for the Two wells RSL with none other than Country legend James Blundell. Both gigs were very well received but the one on Saturday was the loudest. And, being the loudest it had to be the best, eh?

Sample ImageThe Walking the Line CD is selling well; if you would like to hear a bit of it flick over to the relevant page on this site or go straight out and buy it from Allingtons Outpost up Parafield way or at Elevator Music 'dahn the sarf end of tahn'. At Seaford, to be exact.

Johnny Cash Showband sent to Jail Print E-mail
Monday, 27 October 2008

Sample Image... and not allowed to collect $200! Why a bit of Monopoly trivia should lob in there is anyone's guess but the kernel of the story is as true as you can get without actually being carved in rock - Walking The Line, Australia's Number One Johnny Cash Showband, will soon be recreating the Man In Black's San Quentin concert, only it will be at the Mobilong miscreants retreat. Probably. If the gig doesn't get confirmed pretty soon one of us is going to have to smack a copper in the chops just so we can get sent to the joint! But I suppose this is neither chips nor mash to anyone other than a Mobilong resident, eh? You won't get to see the show unless you get sent down sometime in the next week! So start criminialising; only a few seats left. Bookings can be made at the Magistrates Court. See you at Mobilong on Friday November 7. Maybe.


Sample ImageFriday November 7 will see the monsters of Power Soul Double Wammy!!  spill their pent-up angst and white trash frustrations all over the stage and floor of the Semaphore Workers Club. Situated on the gentle rise above the golden sands at Semaphore, the Semaphore Workers Club is the ideal venue to meet with friends for a drink and a chat, and watch the sun set over the crystal waters of the Gulf of Saint John Vincent while listening to the sounds of Double Wammy murdering their instruments and vocal chords with chainsaws and 'sub-mochine' guns. 





Sample ImageLooking ahead:  Walking The Line will make an appearance at a fundraiser for the Two Wells RSL club on Saturday November 8. The lineup for the evening includes James Blundell and Acoustic Juice

Commercial break: The Walking The Line CD (pictured right) can now be purchased from Elevator Music, Shop 29 Seaford S/Centre Commercial Road Seaford, SA, as well as Allingtons in the north of Adelaide.


Sample Image


And looking not quite as far ahead: pan!c will the the lead noisemakers at La Boheme on Thursday, November 6. It's going to be a fantastic show with pan!c peaking early but reviving for a frenetic comback after a couple of pints of Coopers Pale and a benzedrine sandwich, but.... you won't get to see that show either - it's private. Nyah! pan!c is rapidly carving out a unique reputation as the only band in the galaxy to cover songs by Regurgitator, Machine Gun Fellatio, Nick Cave as well as The Fratellis. And the Detroit Cobras! Dont forget the Detroit Cobras. And the Cramps! Who could forget the Cramps? I know I did... but only for a minute or so.

Gig guide Adelaide October Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sample ImageDouble Wammy brings Power Soul to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton, on Friday October 24, That's right - Power Soul. It ain't Blues, it ain't Soul, it ain't Rock, it ain't Surf...it's all of them! A veritable wizard's brew of Bluesy, Souly, Rockin' .... well, you get the picture. Morrison, The Preacher, Tristan and Maximum Intensity expect to see you there. Band starts rockin'... I mean... Power Souling at around 9.00 pm.




 Sample ImageNo need to panic if you've been let down by your Saturday night (October 25) date.  (If getting forgotten about is becoming a regular occurrence you could try changing your toothpaste; or maybe even buying a toothbrush and using it!) Git yourself along to the Daniel O'Connell Hotel  in North Adelaide and pan!c no more. Maybe that should that be:  'and pan!c some more'? Because pan!c - that caffiene-affected trois-piece pop band and darlings of the jittery set - will be there to listen to your troubles, massage your tense, strong shoulders and be your special friends. Seriously, folks. No, I really mean it. Honestly. No shit. On the level. Ridgey-didge. Straight up, mate. No bollocks, it's true... pan!c would love to see you at the gig. What? No, sorry, they don't do anything by Pink. No. they don't do the Eagles. No.... they do not fukken  do jimmy fukken BARNES! No! They don't take fukken requests so why don't you just fukken stay home and listen to more-of-the-same-fukken-shit F-fukken-M! What's that? Just a moment, there's someone at the door. 

"Who is it? Whaddy ya fukken want? No! NOT YOU.... NOOOOOooooo!"

BANG BANG! "Take that yuh flabby, marshmallow-nutted little oik!" Another BANG!

AAARRRRGGGGHHHH! "You got me." (Bleed, Bleed. Gasp. Death rattle. Long sigh.)

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