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Happy Birthday, Your Queen-ness - now letís rock! Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 June 2008

Oh, yes. And Ay saee to all my loyal subjects across the length, breadth and indeed thickness of the British Commonwealth, Happy Birthday to Me, and Ay command you with my royal decree and … that thing that looks like a big posh donger, to get thee down to the Wheatsheaf Hotel at Thebarton on Fridee night, June the 6th, and rock out till your brains spill on the floor to the absolutely regal sounds of the Double Wammy, whose deranged, dangerous and unfathomable repertoire leaves some of our new wunderkind pop groups and so-called “performers” standing in their own excrement. Yea, “We” truly give The Double Wammy band the royal seal of approval as the best noisemakers the other side of Ol’ Father Thames and, truly, beyond the waves. Happy Birthday to Me.

And further to that, mae Ay add that if one was to enjoy mixing wine with rock ‘n’ roll - and who doesn’t in these days of strained finances, rising taxes on alcopops and people trying to push a greasy stick into your corgi’s arsehole - then Ay ask, no… Ay truly implore you, my loyal royal ringlickers, to transport yourselves to Maxwells Winery at McLarenvale on Sunday 7th and Monday 8th, to celebrate may birthday by rocking till you tip your victuals to the hep sounds of The Grouse, whose youth and vigour is inspiring to all in these days of getting older than Methuselah while still maintaining a determined grip on the Royal Dooverlackey. And Ay might add that one of myee favourite pop singers from the swinging years of myee relative youth - Brian Cadd - may also be performing with The Grouse band. One only hopes thayee can all keep their noses out of the drug trough long enough to make a decent fist of the gig. And with these words of encouragement Ay once again saee: Happy Birthday to Meeee!  Please send presents marked to: Queen, Buckingham Palace, Centre of the Rapidly Shrinking Commonwealth.

Links. The Wheatie: www.wheatsheafhotel.com.au

Maxwells Winery: www.maxwellwines.com.au

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