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Grouse defy ill-omened Friday Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 June 2008

Sample ImageRock fiends, the Grouse, will fearlessly defy the curse of Black Friday when they hit the stage at the Norwood Hotel on June 13. Weilding their instruments like deranged sushi chefs at a tuna tossing competition, the Grouse will attempt to cut a swathe through the audience bigger than the Axminster runner in Buckingham Palace. Swathe-cutting is rapidly becoming a lost art and it was only through those two pain-in-the-arse goody-twoshoes diligence and perseverence, that the band was able to locate and bone up on these bloodthirsty and brutal skills. "Fuck Friday the Thirteenth", said axe-man Stuart O'Day, caressing his mighty claymore with grubby, hairy fingers. "I an't a-skeered o' no stoopid soupystition". Fingers crossed for an incident-free performance; live music kicks off at around 9 pm. all going well.

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