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Blues and More blues. And some Roots Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 November 2013

Saturday 30 November - Sunday December 1    Deep South at the Gov

GSample Imageravy Train Promotions and the Gov are proud to announce Deep South, a huge Roots, Blues and Folk music event taking place on three stages on Saturday November 30th from 2.30pm-late, and Sunday December 1st from 12pm-5pm at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel. 3 Stages, 22 Artists. 

Part of this rocking event will be the announcing of the winners of wide-ranging blues and roots competition that encompassed live performances and recorded works from the past 12 months.

Go here:    to get tickets and/or more information.Then, be the at The Gov for the best live music.
59 Port Road, Hindmarsh; www.thegov.com.au





Sample ImageDANGERMAN returns to scala @ The light hotel on  December 5. Be there for the fun and start the New Year a day later than everybody else by joining DANGERMAN @ THE EXETER HOTEL on Jan 2nd





Sample ImageThe Wheatie

  Sample Image Friday 6 December: Don Morrison Album Launch. He might not be as young and pretty as he once was but he’s not done yet. Dubbed the Larrikin Troubadour Laureate of Adelaide, Don's latest, self-titled, release proves he is playing, singing and writing songs better than ever.




And..... Saturday December 7 – the Satellites at the Wheatie





  Sample Image

 Sample Image Swinging Jazz and Blues at the Whitty with Bonfire.











 2014 Fringe. Rehearsals for new musical comedy Fringe Show Gimme Cash are progressing nicely, thank you. This will be a feature show at the Prospect Town Hall during the 2014  Fringe Season.


 Beachside fun for everyone!

Sample ImageThe Inaugural Jetty Road Largs Bay Street Fair will be held on Sunday December 8th  and will Feature HOY-HOY rocking Jetty Road. This family friendly traffic-free event will have live music, entertainment, market stalls, great local food and children’s entertainment.

What:  Jetty Road Largs Bay Street Fair

When:  Sunday, 8 December 2013 | 12pm – 4pm

Where:  Jetty Road, Largs Bay

Who:  Everyone

Go here for more info:  https://www.facebook.com/queenies.store


Sample ImageThe Red Hot Blues band will be burning up the floor at the Whitmore Hotel on Friday, December 13. Friday The 13th!!!!!! AAAARRGRGRGRGRGRGRHHGHGHGHGHGH!

Although… I have never really been superstitious; well, very stuporticious, anyway. And yet… I have always found Friday 13ths to be luckier for me than other days. Funny.







Sample ImageThursday December 19 will see the Texettes return to the Exeter on Rundle. Get warmed up for this show by visiting here: http://airit.org.au/airit/The-Texettes-Eldorado.html ,   and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZZ0aNl2JGY

Ah, fukit; go here too: https://www.facebook.com/helen.ellis.100

I was trying to find a link to a music byte of Eldorado but I couldn’t. See yer at the Hexeter.



Sample ImageGet yer BOOTS on and get ready  ….  And buy now!!  Tickets are starting to get thin for December 29, when Amber Joy and The Holy Men present Boots – Country Music from the Cradle to the Grave; it’s a ripper show. And good, as well. Airing at the Railway Country Music Club at the SA Sea Squadron, Barcoo Road,  West Beach.  Matinee 1 – 5 pm. Bookings call Trish Hamilton 0413 522 516











A salutary tale

 You could say that it was the weather that caused my last bout of misery which happened recently enough to still be smarting but you could more honestly put it down to my being a kindly trusting soul.  I opened the wardrobe the other night to get out my dressing gown. The weather had turned nippy and I was after my comfort clobber to watch some desperate little fuks on the teeva doing shit cover versions of sony published pop songs having been ‘trained’ to caterwaul and yell for approximately 2 minutes in front of a bunch of cloth-eared morons who scream if anyone on the stage so much as farts out loud. You might think I am talking about an American audience but no – these are equally stupid Orstrayans.  Anyway… There, inside my wardrobe, sitting on a pile of my shoes and slippers, was an horrid witch knitting a barbed-wire cauldron without dropping a stitch. She frightened the fuk out of me.

“Jeeeezuz! What are you doin in there,” I aksed.

“More to the fukken point,” she sneered snaggletoothedly, “… what are you doin' in here?”

“Getting me dressing gown...”

“To sit and watch some misguided microbrained chumps screeching and yodelling in front of a bunch of quarter wits?”

“Umm... yes.”

“What,” she leered longcroockednosedly at me, with warts, and winked…. “ What if there was something better to do that no one would know you done did?”

“What, like you giving give me a gobjob in here?”

“Would you risk that with these teeth??” she snarled, snaggletootheypeggedly, flashing the dangerous and deadly dentition.  I grimaced at the horror therein while absentmindedly covering my testimonials and my cock with my hand.

“Exactly,” she scorned chinwartedly. “Not likely. But, let me explain ... this here lump of furniture is a magic wardrobe; it is a portal to another world…”

“I’ll fukn bet,” sez I. “Pull the other one it plays khe sahn on the fukn hour.”

“Listen to me... just part the furry curtains---on that winter coat--- and you can step through to the fascinating land of Banarnia…”


“No, you fukwit! I said ‘fascinating’, not ‘fascist!’; the land of Banarnia, where you may romp and revel to your heart’s content, getting drunk and shooting things, destroying the furniture and the wildlife and digging up long-buried treasure. And whatever takes your fancy.”

“Sure,” I sez. “And get me nuts kicked up to me tonsils when I get back.”

“No! No…” the witch exclaimed greenfacedly. “It’s Magic, you knob-brained ratsdik. I said it was a magic wardrobe. You can be away overnight or longer in Banarnia and you will only be gorne for about a couple of minutes on this side. And none of the charges will show up on your credit card statement. Well, if they do it will be listed as account administration fees.”

“So… the Handbrake will never know?”


“A night behaving like an unregistered dog with two diks and no one will know?”


“See ya. Don’t come looking for me.”

What a night. What I didn’t do can be written on the back of a postage stamp and still leave room to lick and stick it. I staggered back through the wardrobe the next morning to find the witch still sitting there.

“Good morning…” she … um… just a moment while I open the thesaurus…. she articulated acerbically…. “Have a nice time?”

“Shut up. My fukn head hurts.”

NOT AS MUCH AS IT WILL WHEN I GET STARETED…” roared a voice on the bedroom side of the wardrobe. Christ… it sounded like the Dragon had built up a head of steam and was about to peel the skin of my face.

“Listen,” I hissed to the grinning green-faced gorgon snickering at my dread. “You said no one would find out…!!!”

“And you believed me…. A witch???”

Yes, folks and folkesses and folkers; it was all my own fault. I fool-heartedly took the word of the lyin' witch in the wardrobe.




Well… was it worth the effort to get to the end of it?

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