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The Silly Season begins Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 December 2013

Sample ImageThe 2013 Derringers Music Roots and Blues Award were presented during day 2 of The Deep South Music Festival (on Sunday Dec 1st)  at The Gov'.  

These awards, made every second year, acknowledge an individual and an organisation's enterprise and contribution to live roots and blues music in Adelaide.

In a basketful of excellent recordings it was hard to choose winners but the panel did a sterling job selecting joint-winners - the Jump Daddy's and Lazy Eye - for the blues award, and handing Don Morrison the best 2013 Roots CD award.  Here is the list of finalists for your edification and rumination.



Best 'BLUES' Album finalists:
Jump Daddy's: The Bluesprint.
Lazy Eye: Move Me.
JJ Fields: Blue No More
Best 'ROOTS' Album finalists:
Don Morrison: Don Morrison
Zkye: Just The Way It Goes.
Jay Hoad: Home is where the heart is.

To honour contributions to our local blues and roots industry a service award was presented to to Mojo Inc ( Andrew Dundon, Rob Eyers and Chris Lees)  for their 5 year Juke Joint stint. We hear a lot of moaning about the lack of music and entertainment in this cardigan-and-slippers town but there have been many people working against odds, resistance and low media exposure to put exciting and interesting music of stages and in venues. Mojo deserves more than an award; they deserve your support.

Click here to view the SA blues and roots newsletter on-line: http://www.sablues.org/newsletter/2013_awards_newsletter1.html


Sample ImageDANGERMAN returns to scala @ The light hotel on Thuersday  December 5.






Sample ImageFriday 6 December: Don Morrison Album Launch. Don Morrison capitalises on his winning Streak with a CD launch type of show at the Wheatie

 And..... Saturday December 7 – the Satellites at the Wheatie





Sample Image

Sunday december 8 - Swinging Jazz and Blues at the Whitty with Bonfire.

 Sample Image







Beachside fun for everyone!

Sample ImageThe Inaugural Jetty Road Largs Bay Street Fair will be held on Sunday December 8th and will Feature HOY-HOY rocking Jetty Road. This family friendly traffic-free event will have live music, entertainment, market stalls, great local food and children’s entertainment.

What:  Jetty Road Largs Bay Street Fair

 When:  Sunday, 8 December 2013 | 12pm – 4pm

Where:  Jetty Road, Largs Bay

Who:  Everyone

Go here for more info:  https://www.facebook.com/queenies.store



Sample ImageGet Red Hot on Friday December 13 – unlucky for some except for two fat ladies 88 who Sample Imageare double lucky if they drew this number,  and two little ducklings 22. Now... is that a Bingo I heard???  … No?? Well, here’s the key of the door 21….. Sorry; lost the plot. The Red Hot Blues Band with the Mighty David Blighty; James Sweet Baby Meston, Rob I’ve-got-my-mojo-working Eyers and Denis the Preacher Surmon. Dance and sing, jump on the tables and shout and then fall off, possibly spraining your ankle or putting your knee out – it’s always fun to do risky and even stupid things with the red Hot Blues Band.







Sample ImageThursday Dec 19 the Texettes at the Exeter on Rundle. Come along and listen to some very nice music. Bring a friend – they will think highly of you for your ability to enjoy nice music.  Nice music is free at the Exeter on Rundle. Hmmm... perhaps your friend might think you’re cheap takiing them to listen to free  nice music. Ah well, culture doesn’t reach out and touch everyone.






Sample ImageI have an idea that the Dunstans will be performing at the Brew Boys on Saturday December 21. More info about that later – I hope.








Sample ImageSunday December 22 -  as jingle bells jangle closer and closer Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers will be holding court at the Gilbert Street Hotel – in the afternoon – beating out some of the finest double voodoo blues this side of Kanmantoo or somewhere else that rhymes with doo like Lameroo; or…. Potoroo…portalooo. It’s not a good day today.






Sample ImageOn Sunday December 29, after you’ve stuffed your gizzards and ruptured your spleen with Christmas junk and all your presents are lying busted in the back yard and the argument with your sister has not smoothed over, come along to the squadron yacht sea rescue train or some fukn place or other and enjoy some thigh-slapping, butt-pinching, nose punching and nut-kicking country music with Amber Joy and the Holy Men.

Here’s what’s really going on: Amber Joy and The Holy Men present Boots – Country Music from the Cradle to the Grave; it’s a ripper show. And good, as well. Airing at the Railway Country Music Club at the SA Sea Squadron, Barcoo Road,  West Beach.  Matinee 1 – 5 pm. Bookings call Trish Hamilton 0413 522 516

 I knew it was something like that.






A horrible nightmare.

Yes. I had a horrible nightmare and it has upset me – horribly. Might've been the toasted cheese double cheese cheese sandwich I had before I went to bed. That or the three cones of hydroponic. Nah… must have been the cheese. Anyway, I dreamed I was the Last Dinosaur on earth after that fukn meteorite thing hit.

You see... I was a terribly smart  (private school educated) and upwardly aspiring entrepreneurial dinosaur who was in the process of evolving into a higher order beast; I no longer was quite as microcepehalic as my contemporaries and, having had a private school education I decided that a brain like mine needed shelter from the rough and tumble of the horrible (there's that horrible word again)  world, so instead of sleeping out in the rain and shit and stuff, I had moved myselluf into a nice open plan cave with a walk-in bone-storage pantry. It was while I was in there contemplating the strange cruelty of the Dino eat Dino jungle out there and  the nature of  universe and what it owes me that that lump of fukn rock an’ shit from outer space smacked into planet 3.

The ensuing conflagration and smoke and stuff completely obliterated all of my contemporaries and there I was... the last dinosaur, and therefore, I quickly ascertained, king of my domain. And, in an opportunistic massive real-estate grab - also the king of many other domains. All of the fukn others, in fact, except the wet bits. Wooohooo.  I was getting mighty excited at the prospect of being the unchallenged ruler of all I surveyed.

As I sat there gloating over this lucky happenstance, glowing with immense satisfaction, I was also studying the crude but strangely erotic drawings of lady dinosaurs on the cave wall. And the more I studied them and the warmer I felt about owning everything left in the world the more excited I got. And I cracked a fat. Not just your normal tumescent tassel…. I cracked a handbrake that could stop the Ghan… running downhill! I stared at it in amazement. What a magnificent beast. And my doodle as well…. But then…. I realised what a sad business it was that there were no female dinosaurs left in which I may insert my magnificent member. Then I thought, fuk that, then... for what does a bloke like to do most when there is a shortage of bogina but also no-one like your mum or your missus around to barge in and surprise you?????  Of course. Enjoy a nice relaxing Macquarie bank!

And as I tried to reach down and start to rough up the suspect,  it hit me…. I was a Tyrannosaurs Rex, and my pathetic little arms couldn’t even reach round to wipe my date let alone grasp manfully and set to bashing the bishop! The horror! The in-hoo-fukn-mannity!  I screamed in anguish… and woke myself up.

I told you it was horrible.



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