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Christmas fun with live music Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 December 2013

Sample Image The Texettes had a great show at the Exeter on Rundle on Thursday December 18.  Now for the rest of the week and beyond:






Sample ImageThe Beggars play the Wheatsheaf (Thebarton) on Friday 20th December and plan to start the rukus at 9:30 pm







Sample ImageEnjoy a Christmas Drink at The Whitmore with John JC, Mickie and Sav, The Healers, true "Blues"

 Sample Image





Sample ImageThe Dunstans at the Brew Boys Saturday December 21








Sample ImageSweet Baby James and Rob Eyers at the Gilbert Street Hotel Sunday December 22. Great Double Voodoo blues and mighty gut filler as well.







Sample ImageBoxing Day with The Lonely Cosmonauts at the Wheatie Sample Image

“The Lonely Cosmonauts don't fit into any category and are not part of any movement. They play blues; deep blues, from voices and slide guitar. They play Gospel. Six male voices giving it their all.  Call and answer vocals in the real tradition of the genre. They love to sing. They play country but find Lee Kernaghan and his ilk repulsive. They do covers but the bulk of their material is original. They have a sense of humour and fun but their music is soulful and heartfelt. Enough said. Go to it.”




Sample ImageThen after Christmas and we can all settle down a bit, The red Hot Blues Band return to the Semaphore Workers Club Friday December 27. 9pm kick off for the hottest blues and swing music.










Sample ImageFriday December 27: Funhouse of Blues at the Wheatie

Funhouse of Blues is one of Australia's most authentic, smokin', kickin', groovin’, swingin' bands in the genres' of Blues, Swing, Boogie, R'n'B, old school Music.  Formed by former London based Master Blues drummer Enrico Mick Morena.....it is a group of all-star Musicians who tend to fly under the radar.....but not any more. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Funhouse-of-Blues/372404769557769








Sample ImageAmber Joy Poulton and the Holy Men will present Boots – Country Music from the Cradle to the Grave at the west beach sea rescue squadron, Barcoo, West beach.

Info:    Railway Country Music Club at the SA Sea Squadron, Barcoo Road,  West Beach.  Matinee 1 – 5 pm;    and do this: call Trish Hamilton 0413 522 516 for info and bookings.










And we might as well have a look at the new year while we are here….

Sample ImageThe Steve Brown Band is in the fantastic line-up for ROOTS NIGHT No.6, FRI 10th JAN 2014 @ The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel
Featuring 3 great artists, THE STREAMLINERS, PERSIA & BLUES ROYALE & STEVE BROWN BAND from the success of the 1st DEEP SOUTH FESTIVAL in 2012 and "THE VAN MORRISON TRIBUTE NIGHT" in 2013. Don’t miss out on this night!!!
Get your cheap tickets below $18 + BF (Doors @ 7.30pm, Bands @ 8.30pm)  http://thegov.oztix.com.au/default.aspx?event=40344





Sample ImageJanuary 12 (Sunday) Sweet baby James and Rob Eyers at the Gilbert Street Hotel and then the Red Hot Blues Band joins the Shades of Blue for a rock-out with their respective pizzles out at the Gov. A Rock and Roll dance marathon.





Sample ImageBig Smoke is playing at The Fed at Semaphore January 26th -7pm.










The Chronicles of Wombat Man

He eats roots and leaves – eventually

Sample Image

“Members of the board and other obscenely overpaid freeloaders,  since the demise of Holden it looks like we need to replace it with a new car… one especially designed for Orstrayan conditions.”

“But…I thought Tony said we can’t afford to make a car! He said the union has put paid to that by demanding the workers get paid a wage! To work!!!”

“Yes, well… no….  well… look; It’s true we don’t want workers in Orstraya getting paid; so what we are going to do is import some Chinese made cars and stick Orstyraya-looking badges on them. But we need to test them in Australian conditions so we can make those tough looking advertisements to sell the things to Toorak-tractor drivers. Wouldn’t want the pieces of shit ... er... motor vehicles to fall apart going across a cattle grid.”

“ Right. So…. we need the quintessential Orstrayan to test out these cars?”


“What about getting my brother in law… he’s a cracker modern Australian: he lives at Norwood in a unit I mean apartment, he knows all about the interweb and he has an iPad and an iPod and an iThis and iThat and he fukken gorges on soy lattes and that Japanese crap whaddyacallit…. ?”

“Kung Fu?”

“No… sushi!”

“What sort of car does he drive?”

“He doesn’t; but he’s got a bicycle that cost 35,000 bucks.”

“Nah. What about Wombat Man? He’s the quintessential Orstrayan bloke of the Golden Era.”

“Can he test-drive cars?”

“Dunno. But he test-drives sheilas like they were bouncy castles at the show…. And he’s knocking off my sister-in law and I want him doing something else.”

“Right-oh. Send out the call for Wombat Man!”

And so an advertisement was put on all the Milf and Gilf pages in the interweb and eventually, Wombat Man kicked in the boardroom door.

“Who wants rooting?” he snarled. “Apart from your sister-in-law, that is; so don’t keep me to long, I’ve left her on the boil.”

“Look, we’ve got all these new cars that need testing under Orstrayan conditions and we reckon you’re the bloke to do it.”

“I reckon I’m the bloke to do your missus, mate, if your sister-in-law is anything to go on! Snigger, snarf!”

“Look! Just take the keys to these shitboxes – I mean motor vehicles – and road test them under Orstrayan conditions.”

One week later.

 “HOLY SHIT!!!.... every one of these vehicles is wrecked! The roofs are popped, the interior is ruined – trashed,  the suspension has collapsed, the wheels are cactus and the floor is buckled; did you have consecutive rollovers on the Birsdville track?”

“Nah. I just took ‘em to the drive in and had a root in each one...and under good old Orstrayan conditions they didn't seem to handle the pace...”

“I can see that. Theyre utterly destroyed. But... for Christs sake.... if the cars couldn't take it,  what kind of woman could handle that sort of pounding?  She must be a right old slapper. Hang on.... it wasn't my sister-in-law was it?”


“That's a relief. You found some desperate old bag?”

“Not too old and only desperate for a decent poke. Or quite a few as it turns out. Ho ho.”

“Anyone we know?”

“Yeah. Your sister-in-law’s sister.”

My missus!

“Yeah. But I’d rather root her in a Sandman; you got any of them floatin' around?”






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