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Great live music in Adelaide to kick-start 2014 Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 January 2014

Sample ImageThursday January 2 Dangerman at the Exeter on Rundle.







Sample ImageFRIDAY January 3  - Blues Avenue "Electric"  at the Lady Daly Hotel - wherever that is.

 Here it is..... 126 Port Rd, Hindmarsh SA 5007

 and here: http://www.theladydaly.com.au/







Sample ImageFriday January 3, the Rustlers at the Norwood.








 Sample Image

Saturday January 4 the Governor Hindmarsh presents the screaming believers. 



Sample Image

The Believers last performed at The Gov for a reunion in 2010. 650 punters on the night can attest to how good that was. In response to continued requests for more performances they will play The Gov on Jan. 4th 2014 featuring the 1993 line-up.
The Screaming Believers will be supported by Vic Conrad & The First Third, and “1757”.   (opening 7:30 PM)






Sample ImageRoots 6 at the  governor Hindmarsh on Friday January 10. 

Roots 6 presents a fantastic line-up of blues and roots music Featuring artists from the success of The 1st Deep South Festival in 2012 and "The Van Morrison Tribute Night"  in 2013: THE STREAMLINERS, PERSIA AND THE BLUES ROYALE & STEVE BROWN BAND.
Proposed Schedule: THE STREAMLINERS 8.30-9.30
PERSIA & BLUES ROYALE - 9.50-10.50
STEVE BROWN BAND - 11.10- 12.10


 Win a free double pass to ROOTS 6... see right down below - bottom of post. You might have to read on...





Sample ImageSunday January 12 Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers play a matinee at the Gilbert Street hotel, 2 pm – 5 pm.








Sunday January 12 and it’s a rock and roll and swing dance jamboree at the Gov...

Sample Image

with DANCE, DANCE, DANCE featuring Gail Page + Proton Pill, UK Blitz, the Red Hot Blues Band & Shades of Blue.  Sunday 12 January 2014 (Doors open 3:00 PM)

 Sample Image



Saturday January  18 the Steve Brown Band plays the Mount Compass supper club.

Sample Image

Great music, intimate atmosphere, no boofheads, no pokies…. I don’t know how you get tickets to these events; the organisers keep them reasonably exclusive but for people who like music and entertainment in a new “older” style – supper club format – you could try contacting Steve Brown to arrange tickets.










Sample ImageBig Smoke is playing at The Fed at Semaphore January 26th -7pm.









The Fringe … Pa$tor Ca$h and his Ministry of Money Revival Show

Sample Image

It’s a musical – it’s a comedy – it’s irreverent – it’s one hour long, roughly.

Starring Jamie Richards, Genevieve Williamson and Jarrod Chaves, all ably accompanied by the Brother Lee Morgan Hammond Organ Trio and the Gospel Profiteers.

At many and varied convenient times from February 15 until March 14, 2014

Prospect Town Hall.  126 Prospect Rd, Prospect.

Bookings @ fringetix or www.adelaidefringe.com.au




SWING ACROSS TEXAS 2014 launches....

Sample ImageRock and Roll and Swing Dancers... this is for you - A Road Trip Dream.

Music Lovers... why not  take the trip down the highway of rock and roll history.

 29 nights self-drive tour visiting the USA's iconic cities and sights from Nashville to LA!

For an email copy of the full brochure send a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
















Sydney to Hobart Yacht Rock Race – how boring can it get?

The competitors are lining up for the 2013 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Rock Race, scheduled to take place over three days. The aim of the Yacht Rock Race is to see which of the competitors can contribute the most towards making three days seem like three years with their boring, overproduced, soppy bilge. So, they are sort of getting ready to approach the starting line, each one with pockets full of money and noses full of cocaine… and they’re off.

First away is … oh my fukken gawd… it’s Rupert Holmes with Escape -  the Pina Colada song… now that has really slowed things down in the opening moments of the race. But…. Coming up right behind is British combo, not normally known for their dreariness but they have run the race into cold treacle and it’s 10cc with I’m Not in Love. Oh… will the layered harmonies never end!!!

I’ve got a 5-o’clock shadow and it’s only seven minutes into the race. Now… here’s trouble;  when it comes to sticky and dreary you can’t beat the Yanks… sidling up to the deck is Christopher Cross with his lifeless and strangely bleak – Sailing. More like wailing and drowning.

These next challengers have swimming pools of lacklustre drivel and they bring a change of pace – only minimal – the event but nothing can dispel the saccharine slop of Loggins and Messina’s  I Want to Being you a Love Song. Ohhh-bleurgh! – it’s over the gunnels and berley up the water after that one.

Jeezus… out with the seasickness pills because we are almost blindsided by Kiss You All Over by Exile, a grim attempt at a romantic sex dirge that always falls somewhat short  in the imagination when one is forced to contemplate the “kiss you all over” bit and find yourself staring at the poopchute, wondering if kissing that was part of the deal.

Suddenly we are hit with a tsunami of West Coast depression as the band that showed piles of promise but ended up lost in an ocean of corporate goop and billion dollar productions, the Eagles, steer the race into the doldrums with Hotel California.  All we need now to make it worse would be the Doobie Brothers and, Oh dear,  it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy… here they are with the  ironic Taking It To the Streets, a mechanical monstrosity so far removed from ‘the streets’ it beggars belief that no-one at the time pointed out the antipodal positions of the song’s title promise – takin’ it to the streets -   and the conflicting evocation of white flares with rope-soled plimsolls and penthouses due to the slick and posh production of the track – and the album, in fact.

A little promise of relief when Steely Dan take the helm but no… FM, no static at all, and yet it seems to be very static, indeed. However, overshadowing this routine click track is another monster of a bore, squeezed out by a “white soul” artist who is the bastard love child of both Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers… yes… here it comes… Michael McDonald with I Keep Forgetting. If only I could!

At this point we need something to wash off the smell of nepotism and here it comes with Robbie Dupree’s Steal Away which introduces a little hybrid snap to the proceedings, then, nudging up the tempo a little more is Andy Gibb with I Just Want to be Your Everything.  Too bad he wanted to be everything but came to nothing.

So here it is three days into the race and it seems more like three weeks when Hall and Oates push through with She’s Gone and we feel the wind drop a little. And then disaster strikes – Andrew Gold has taken the lead with Thank You for Being a Friend. As far as I’m concerned it’s all over but you never know and it turns out I didn’t know… the race has come to a grinding halt as Chicago – another band full of energetic promise only to wind up submerged in dreary overproduced treacle – unfurls If You Leave Me Now. 

Pablo Cruise challenge with Love Will Find a Way but stalls in the wake of heavy water,  Dr Hook makes  a run with When You’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman but also gets held back by the slough created by Chicago’s local depression, and Kenny Loggins is having another half-hearted attempt with Heart to Heart but he is totally outdone by the band that started with the most and ended up with the least – Chicago Transit Authority, later dismally diminished to ‘Chicago’ and a catalogue of gloom – who have managed to make three days seem like three lifetimes. I hope I NEVER hear that fukkn awful song again.


I Know I have left out some crackerjack Yacht Rockies but feel free to start a commentary on your faves or most hated. Send your favourite Yacht Rock horror song to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .   First email received – with the title and artist of a true Yotter Rocker – will win a double pass to Roots 6 at the Gov…. real live music; not a yacht on the horizon!

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