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Wednesday, 08 January 2014

Root me… It’s….

Sample ImageRoots 6,  at the  Governor Hindmarsh on Friday January 10. 

Roots 6 presents a fantastic line-up of blues and roots music Featuring artists from the success of The 1st Deep South Festival in 2012 and "The Van Morrison Tribute Night"  in 2013: THE STREAMLINERS, PERSIA AND THE BLUES ROYALE & STEVE BROWN BAND.
Go to:
http://thegov.oztix.com.au/default.aspx?event=40344  for more info and tickets. But..


Blue Ring Records has a free double pass to ROOTS 6... to GIVE AWAY. NOW! Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it … first one in the inbox gets the double pass.




Sample ImageSunday January 12 Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers play a matinee at the Gilbert Street hotel, 2 pm – 5 pm.







Sunday January 12 and it’s a rock and roll and swing dance jamboree at the Gov...

Sample Image

...  with DANCE, DANCE, DANCE featuring Gail Page + Proton Pill, UK Blitz, the Red Hot Blues Band & Shades of Blue. 

Sunday 12 January 2014 (Doors open 3:00 PM)


 Sample Image




Sample ImageSaturday January  18 the Steve Brown Band plays the Mount Compass supper club.

Great music, intimate atmosphere,  no pokies, no boofheads…. I don’t know how you get tickets to these events; the organisers keep them reasonably exclusive but for people who like music and entertainment in a new “older” style – supper club format – you could try contacting Steve Brown to arrange tickets.













Sample ImageBig Smoke is playing at The Fed at Semaphore January 26th -7pm.








The Fringe … Pa$tor Ca$h and his Ministry of Money Revival Show

Sample ImageIt’s a musical – it’s a comedy – it’s irreverent – it’s one hour long, roughly.

Starring Jamie Richards, Genevieve Williamson and Jarrod Chaves, all ably accompanied by the Brother Lee Morgan Hammond Organ Trio and the Gospel Profiteers.

At many and varied convenient times from February 15 until March 14, 2014

Prospect Town Hall.  126 Prospect Rd, Prospect.

Bookings @ fringetix or www.adelaidefringe.com.au



Rock 'n' Roll Dream Trip


Sample ImageSWING ACROSS TEXAS 2014 - A Dream Road Trip.  

29 nights self-drive tour visiting the USA's iconic cities and sights from Nashville to LA!

(See poor reproduction of itinerary map below)

Rock and Roll and Swing Dancers... this could be the holiday of a lifetime for you!

Music Lovers... why not  take the trip down the highway of rock and roll history?


For an email copy of the full brochure send a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Sample Image



The Advertiser 7 January 2014:  "Business SA says toll roads should be considered in South Australia..."


Three billy carts gruff

Three Billy Carts were trying to go about their daily business when they come a stretch of freeway that had been designated a troll road,  for somehow, built into the infrastructure, was a fat troll that demanded all who use the road pay a hefty toll; to him.

The first Billy cart that approached the freeway was a chauffer-driven luxury imported limousine carrying a VIP – yes, the King of the Sate - who was comfortably ensconced in the back seat with the DVD player and the drinks cabinet.

The Troll stopped the driver and spoke to the occupants: “You must pay a cash toll or have one of them digital things stuck on your dashboard that sends me money every time you use this bit of the road or you will incur a fukkn hefty fine.”

The rear tinted window rolled down. The King addressed the Troll: “Oh, hi!  Is that you Mac?”

“Sure is,” replied Old Macquarie, the greediest of all the trolls in the land.

“Business booming?” enquired the King.

“Through the fukkn roof, pal,” Old Mac replied.

“And are you re-investing the jackpot into maintenance, as we discussed?” arksed the King with a wink.

“You’re not fukkn kidding, Old Son,” replied Mac with a roaring laugh. “… Into ‘maintaining’ growth – I’m gonna keep building these fukken gold mines and putting chicanes into alternate routes till I’ve got the whole place stitched up. So… thanks for tipping me into this little bonanza but… ‘no friends in business’, you know, so cough up the toll – and I’ll have to put the bite on you a bit harder because you’re in a limo.”

“All my travelling expenses are paid by taxpayers, Mac - the little people” grinned the King. “So you can bite the fukkn tyres for all I care. Cheerio!”

And as he disappeared down the tarmac the next billy-cart - a very big one -  approached. This billy-cart belonged to the Very Large Transport Company that had a fleet of B-Double billy-carts just like this one.

“WooHooo!” shouted Old Mac, rubbing his hands together gleefully. “This is gonna cost you BIG bucks.

“Not me, Mac,” replied the driver. “Just put the toll on the slate and when I get back to the office the accountant will round it up, add administration fees and round it up again so we can pass it down the line to the consumers at the other end to pay – the little people. So I don’t give a fuk what it costs and you can bite my tyres, too, for all I care.”

The next billy-cart to arrive at the threshold was a little one driven a family bloke on his way to work. He had seen and heard the previous exchanges.

“Well,” he said as he stopped at the troll gate... “That's me fukked front, back and sideways.”

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