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Friday, 21 February 2014


Sample ImagePastor Cash & his Ministry Of Money Revival Show rolls on – with good reviews, too.

Ingot we Trust presents A New and Original  SA music/theatre production at the Prospect Town Hall. See below for show dates and times and clik the link for tickets/bookings

Saturday 22nd Feb @ 9pm
Sunday 23rd Feb @ 6pm
Tuesday 25th Feb @ 8pm
Friday 28th Feb @ 7.30pm
Sunday 2nd Mar @ 4pm
Friday 7th Mar @ 8pm
Friday 14th Mar @8pm

For Tickets and info go here:  http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/pastor-cash-and-his-ministry-of-money-revival-show/1c2659a5-f855-40d2-99b5-febd0ea8161a

Sample ImageLet it Roll presents: the Soul of Rhythm & Blues at the Prospect Town Hall

Adelaide’s own award winning masters of Rhythm & Blues, LET IT ROLL combine forces with Australia’s queen of blues and soul GAIL PAGE (“The Voice” & winner of 3 Chain Blues Awards) and LIZ STOCCO, to present a powerhouse 90-minute show paying homage to the legends of Rhythm & Blues and Soul Music
Show Times & Dates:
Sat 22nd Feb @ 3pm
Sat 22nd Feb @ 7pm
Sun 23rd Feb @ 3pm

Go here: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/the-soul-of-rhythm-and-blues/3e5a4ca7-f2a2-4116-8637-d57b9107661e


Sample ImageSunday, February 23, SWEET BABY JAMES & ROB EYERS at the Old Clarendon Inn, Clarendon

Go for dinner or just a snack - the Clarendon Inn offers a range of special dishes, tapas as well as a selection of 'classics'. Then there's the pizza! Very good pizza.  And there's plenty of great entertainment coming up this month; get on the mailing list to find out what's on next: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it






Sample ImageFor more than a decade the Texettes have written, recorded and toured their original style of Roots music to a growing band of eager supporters. The Texettes were mostly Terry and Helen. In 2011 The Texettes grew to become a 6 piece outfit with Denis Surmon (bass), Sam White (keys), Dave Rhodes (lead Gtr) & John Appleby (drms) who have been exciting audiences with their own brand of haunting ballads & catchy, danceable & cool country rock songs.
8.15pm  Tickets $12/10 at the door.

For Texettes band info go to:  Go to: www.texettes.com or https://www.facebook.com/TheTexettes?fref=ts



Sample ImageThe Port Rocks on Sunday February 23.  From 11 am to 8 pm;

Go here for info: www.facebook.com/ThePortRocks






Sample ImageHenry Lawson goes to Princeton

 Ian Coates Band presents a bunch of beautiful songs that provide snapshots of Henry’s life and work,  Go here: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/henry-lawson-goes-to-princeton/f19f8481-db7e-47a1-9025-241f603b9805








Sample ImageThe Semaphore Workers Club, Sunday February  23,  Nuthin’ but the blues

Featuring Jesse Deane Freeman; Steve Smith; David Blight; Mick Garcia and Frank Lang – a bunch of unstoppables who will Play some blues, The whole blues, and Nuthin’ but the blues. 5.00 pm start.




A battle Royale - Bob Dylan verses Neil Young:  

Sample ImageBattle royale March 15 and 16 at the Rob Roy hotel.    Stuart Day has been channelling Neil Young since “Tonight’s the Night” knocked his socks off in 1975. Since then there have been plenty of new socks, but only one Neil.   Aussie Bob was ‘groomed for the position’ of carrying Dylan’s music to the public. “He sounds more Bob than Bob does,” said one Fringe blogger last year. “I’m now addicted to Aussie Bob” said another. 
Go here:  http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/a-battle-royale-bob-dylan-vs-neil-young-with-aussie-bob-and-young-neil/4371366c-df19-48cd-9468-be7e021da16a



Sample ImageThis could be big - Don Morrison:  Don Morrison March 7, 8 and  9 at the Wheatie






Sample ImageHallelujah 80 years of Leonard Cohen:   Hallelujah March 9 and 15.

Go here: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/hallelujah-80-years-of-leonard-cohen/41d329e9-4a92-4474-a979-5b14687fdaaf




Rolling Thunder -Bob Dylan in the 70's - Sunday 23 Feb wed 26 Feb

Sample ImageThe music of Bob Dylan in the 70's, presented by a 10 piece band fronted by Luke Ashby, recreating the random, ramshackle spontaneity of Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue of 1975. This concert performance will highlight music from 'Blood On The Tracks' and 'Desire, along with a selection of classic Dylan songs in a 75 minute show featuring songs including 'Hurricane', 'Idiot wind', 'Tangled Up In Blue' 'Sara' 'Like a Rolling Stone', 'Highway 61 Revisited' and many others.
Go here: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/rolling-thunder-bob-dylan-in-the-70s/a79fd945-f8f9-404e-8191-51bdaada029f



And during the Fringe, at the Prospect Town Hall venue, look for:  


The Krusty Cowboy Klub - Wednesday March 5, 8-30 pm

Sample Image

Cowboy music at its most dubious – COWBOY  music… not country and western. The Krusty Cowboy Klub is a lively show peppered with bulldust and cowshit at the Prospect Town Hall, Wednesday March 5, 8-30 pm. Wear a cowboy hat, pull your chaps on, sing and dance and make a right Greg Hunt of yourself at the Krusty Cowboy Klub. Tickets Ten Bucks at the door. Don't bring the kiddies - we'll just lock 'em in the dunny.
 The Krusty Cowboy Klub is proud to announce its Founder Members - yes, historical bullshit - and those dusty dudes are Sleepy Dawg Dawson (the Preacher) - he's half asleep half the time and half awake the rest; Buster Saddlesore (Craig Rodda) - they ain't his buttocks in his duds ... they's blisters and they's full ov pus!; Red Rash (Polly Politis) - Ahhh... hear the girlies sigh, they know the painful pleasure of having Red Rash between their thighs; Stereo Jack (Brett Sody) - a crazy cowboy with two longhorns; he can do you front and back at the SAME TIME!; and the Big Fella is Rusty Sheriff's Badge (Stuart Day) - yes, folks, he may be an A-hole but he's just a t'aint away from bein' a fadge!   We play and sing cowboy music like no cowboys you ever knowed. Come to think of it - we never really knowed any cowboys either - we just make most of it up as we go along at the Prospect Town Hall, Wednesday March 5, 8-30 pm.


 The Cat’s Pyjamas’ 'Life isn’t all beer and skiffle but it should be!'

Sample ImageThe return of the Cat’s Pyjamas in Skiffle mode. Don’t know what Skiffle is??? Neither do the Cat’s Pyjamas but they have a mighty good go at it presenting some iconic Skiffle tunes and a bewildering catalogue of gnarly and nutty tunes in a bright and lively Skiffley sort-of acoustic mode.
Here’s the blurb, its veracity is true and can be vouched for: Just before the birth of Rock Roll the water broke and that was SKIFFLE!  Eeeeurgh! Anyway...  It’s home-made; It’s a little bit untidy; It’s rowdy and a little bit of fun and it’s at the Prospect Town Hall!
The Cat’s Pyjamas is: ‘The Preacher’ Denis Surmon on vox, guitar and string bass; Jeff Algra-Rhythms on drums and noisy bits; David Rocky Rhodes on acoustic and other guitars and vox, and  Peter Martin on bass, guitar, vox, harmonicas and animal noises.


Another review:  They were a bit like a combo only they was four blokes playin' in a band and yellin'. They were a bit noisy; Granny.

ONE SHOW ONLY (for the moment) Fri Mar 7 @ 9.30pm
Tickets only $10 at the door! More fun than a leaky colostomy bag in the swimming pool.




The American recordings— the last 10 years of Johnny Cash

Sample ImageIn the last 10 years of his life, Johnny Cash teamed with iconic producer Rick Rubin to record incredible versions of songs by Nine Inch Nails, U2, Nick Cave & many more. Hear Rohan Powell present:  “AMERICAN RECORDINGS—THE LAST 10 YEARS”
ONE SHOW ONLY—Sun 2nd Mar @ 7pm; Tickets at the Door at the Prospect Town Hall, Prospect.





Also in March...

Sample ImageThe Texettes and Acoustic Scandal at Bangor Bushfire Relief Concert.

An evening of entertainment on Saturday March 1 (2014), main event 4pm– 10pm - Raising funds for the bush fire appeal

Entry adult$10; children under 15 free
On the oval Main North rd., Wirrabara in the Southern Flinders Ranges
Featuring the award winning South Australian country music artists The Texettes with Acoustic Scandal + Soulfire  and a line-up of local and non-local talent
Food and refreshments activities for the kids
Bring your own blanket or seat and support your community
Inquiries Kev Sizer: 86684238; mob 0400598651
Andrew Trott mob0427684127













Drummers - get acquainted with the arcane art of drum tuning in a newly-released handbook by the Drum Clinic. Go here: www.drumclinic.com.au for more information.


Sheerluck fukkn Holmes and the mad scientist

“Watson, old man, get over here with your Gladstone bag of magic tricks. I have something I need you to do for me.”
Upon his arrival at Holmes' chambers at 221b Baker Street Dr Watson put his bag on a table and eyeballed Holmes expectantly.

“Watson... there is a bloke who has been farting about with this new electricity stuff and I think I should make his acquaintance if only to advise him of the futility of his pursuit. I have made an appointment for us to see him. But before we depart there is something I need you to do for me. As you know, Watson, although I possess great charm and manly vigour I am devoid of female company.... intimacy... you now. Bluntly, Watson, I am minus minge; biffer bereft; one sausage-wallet short of a CWA luncheon. It is somewhat serious, Watson – my balls are as full as Nigella’s double-D cups and they might explode if I continue to be twat-deprived. I need your help.

“I have recently learned that some men have made themselves more desirable to the secondary gender by the application of a metal bolt through the business end of their mutton dagger...”
At this Holmes presented Watson with stainless steel Prince Albert. Watson goggled with surprise.
“It’s all-right, Watson, it’s British Standard Whitworth 5/16. Now, would you be so kind as to surgically implant this device in the end of my tadger please.”
“I say, Holmes…”
“What do you say Watson? Do you not wish me to have intimate female companionship? Do you wish that I go down in history as a happy shopper; a puddle jumper; someone who’s good with puzzles? Light on my feet? Get on with it Watson and don’t spare the morphine!”
A bloody half hour later, Holmes adjusted his trousers and said : “Right-oh Watson, Now let's go to meet this nut case Nichola Tesla and see what this electricity stuff is all about.”

In Tesla's laboratory Holmes and Watson are overawed by the massive and mysterious machinery, and stand helplessly mesmerised and slackjawed.
“Now, Mr Holmes, Zis wheel is a giant electrical coil vich will begin to spin faster and faster, generating 500000 volts of static electricity zat will fill up zis  huge capacitor. Ven ze charge reaches its maximum it will jump from ze giant capacitor to ze metal electrode across ze room with a flash of simulated lightening...”
“Pigs arse it will, Watson...” whispered Holmes to his companion. “He's fukkn loony if he thinks he can get a spark out of that oversize bicycle wheel. With any luck the bloody thing will spin off its axle and kill the fukkn dago!”
“Go right ahead Nicky...” Holmes called encouragingly,   “…we are waiting.”
The wheel started spinning slowly at first then began to gather speed with a menacing hum. The air bristled.
“Holmes... I say... old man.... there appears to be a strange tension in the room. Can you feel it?”
“Of course I can, boofhead, and I’m worried that it might be me, you quack!  Did you use plenty of antiseptic when you stuck that bolt through my knob?”
“Of course Holmes... I used a pound of carbolic;  why do you ask?”
“Because the fukkn thing is beginning to tingle like crazy…”
“Now!" Shouted tesla.... “Ze capacitor is saturated... I will throw ze relay switch and send ze charge to ze electrode across ze room…!”
“EEEEIEIEIAIAIAIAIGH!” Holmes squealed horrendously as the bolt of electricity veered sharply and struck him right on the cock knob.
Holmes stood. Frozen, his hair standing out like a wire brush and his trousers ripped to shreds and smouldering.

“What… what… what... happened, Watson?”
Tesla intervened.
“Zis is amazing.... ze static electricity charge was attracted to and struck the strange metal bolt in your penieschlong.... Hmmmmm.”
“But why are my balls all swollen up so big and sticking out at 90 degrees from each other?”
“Vell... zat is verry interesting, Mr Holmes... ze charge of electricity has zoomed down your penieschlong and is now stored in your bollocks and because zey are ze same charge zey are repelling each ozzer;  ho ho... zey are stretching your ball sack like a sock mit two unfriendly Vatermelons in it….”
“Yes… it’s tearing my scrotum….. Can you do something?”
“Vell, I will reverse the charge on one of your bollocks, like zis…”
“Vell, as you can see zey are now attracted and have banged togezzer…  Hmmmm.  Zis is very interesting Mr Holmes. .... do you need to go to the loo?”
“You must be fukkn joking, you crazy Croat... why would I want to go for a piss right now?”
“Because when you make the peepee 500000 volts of static electricity will be earthed out through your penieschlong... that will be most interesting; but perhaps a little unpleasant for you. Still, I vould like to vatch ven you go peepee!”
“WATSON – Do something!!!!!!”

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