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Friday, 28 February 2014

Pastor Cash & his Ministry Of Money Revival Show rolls on – with good reviews, too.  FOUR MORE SHOWS

Sample ImageIngot we Trust presents A New and Original  SA music/theatre production at the Prospect Town Hall. See below for show dates and times and clik the link for tickets/bookings

Friday 28th Feb @ 7.30pm
Sunday 2nd Mar @ 4pm
Friday 7th Mar @ 8pm
Friday 14th Mar @8pm

For Tickets and info go here:  http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/pastor-cash-and-his-ministry-of-money-revival-show/1c2659a5-f855-40d2-99b5-febd0ea8161a




The Texettes and Acoustic Scandal at Bangor Bushfire Relief Concert.

Sample ImageAn evening of entertainment on Saturday March 1 (2014), main event 4pm– 10pm - Raising funds for the bush fire appeal

Entry adult$10; children under 15 free
On the oval Main North rd., Wirrabara in the Southern Flinders Ranges
Featuring the award winning South Australian country music artists The Texettes with Acoustic Scandal + Soulfire  and a line-up of local and non-local talent
Food and refreshments activities for the kids
Bring your own blanket or seat and support your community
Inquiries Kev Sizer: 86684238; mob 0400598651
Andrew Trott mob0427684127











Sample ImageRed Hot Blues Band at the Semaphore Workers Club on Sunday March 2.

Red Hot and Steamy - a bit like global warming but right inside the Semaphore Workers Club venue - that's the Red Hot Blues Band.dance; tap your feete; flap your fins... becuuse the Red Hot Blues Band will get you in the mood to move. Not to move somewhere else ... move your body and appendages. And Limbs too.

Doors open 4.30 pm, live music kicks off 5-ish! The Semaphore Workers Club is the Home of Roots and Blues music in South Australia.



The American recordings— the last 10 years of Johnny Cash

Sample ImageIn the last 10 years of his life, Johnny Cash teamed with iconic producer Rick Rubin to record incredible versions of songs by Nine Inch Nails, U2, Nick Cave & many more. Hear Rohan Powell present:  “AMERICAN RECORDINGS—THE LAST 10 YEARS”

ONE SHOW ONLY—Sun 2nd Mar @ 7pm; Tickets at the Door at the Prospect Town Hall, Prospect.







The Krusty Cowboy Klub - Wednesday March 5, 8-30 pm - Prospect Town Hall

Sample ImageCowboy music at its most dubious – COWBOY  music… not country and western. The Krusty Cowboy Klub is a lively show peppered with bulldust and cowshit and it launches (not lunches) at the Prospect Town Hall, Wednesday March 5, 8-30 pm. Wear a cowboy hat, pull your chaps on, sing and dance and make a right Greg Hunt of yourself at the Krusty Cowboy Klub. Tickets Ten Bucks at the door. Don't bring the kiddies - we'll just roast ‘em over an open fire till they’re crispy.
 The Krusty Cowboy Klub is proud to announce its Founder Members – not flounder members; easy mistake to make given that some of them are a bit fish-faced - and those dusty dudes are Sleepy Dawg Dawson (the Preacher) - he's half asleep half the time and half awake the rest; Buster Saddlesore (Craig Rodda) - they ain't his buttocks in his duds ... they's blisters and they's full ov pus!; Red Rash (Polly Politis) - Ahhh... hear the girlies sigh, they know the painful pleasure of having Red Rash between their thighs; Stereo Jack (Brett Sody) - a crazy cowboy with two longhorns; he can do you front and back at the SAME TIME!; and the Big Fella is Rusty Sheriff's Badge (Stuart Day) - yes, folks, he may be an A-hole but he's just a t'aint away from bein' a fadge!   We play and sing cowboy music like no cowboys you ever knowed. Come to think of it - we never really knowed any cowboys atall - we just make most of it up as we go along at the Prospect Town Hall, Wednesday March 5, 8-30 pm. Tickets at the door!!





The Cat’s Pyjamas - 'Life isn’t all beer and skiffle but it should be!', 

Sample ImageFriday March 7 9.00 pm Prospect Town Hall

The return of the Cat’s Pyjamas in Skiffle mode. Don’t know what Skiffle is??? Neither do the Cat’s Pyjamas but they have a mighty good go at it presenting some iconic Skiffle tunes and a bewildering catalogue of gnarly and nutty tunes in a bright and lively Skiffley sort-of acoustic-y mode.

Here’s the blurb, its veracity is true and can be vouched for: Just before the birth of Rock Roll the water broke and that was SKIFFLE!  Eeeeurgh! Anyway...  It’s home-made; It’s a little bit untidy; It’s rowdy and a little bit of fun and it’s at the Prospect Town Hall!
The Cat’s Pyjamas is: ‘The Preacher’ Denis Surmon on vox, guitar and string bass; Jeff Algra-Rhythms on drums and noisy bits; David Rocky Rhodes on acoustic and other guitars and vox, and  Peter Martin on bass, guitar, vox, harmonicas and animal noises.
A review:
  I heered losta noyse like them boys made when I was pulling teeth in the Klondyke – a bush dentist.
Another review:  They made fun of the Queen and I din’t like that - Mrs Ferguson from next door (the whining old bag).

ONE SHOW ONLY (for the moment) Friday Mar 7 @ 9.30pm

Tickets only $10 at the door! More fun than a cockroach in a bowl of soup - of the person eating next to you.



Sample ImageThis could be big - Don Morrison:  Don Morrison March 7, 8 and  9 at the Wheatie








A battle Royale - Bob Dylan verses Neil Young:  

Sample ImageBattle royale March 15 and 16 at the Rob Roy hotel.    Stuart Day has been channelling Neil Young since “Tonight’s the Night” knocked his socks off in 1975. Since then there have been plenty of new socks, but only one Neil.   Aussie Bob was ‘groomed for the position’ of carrying Dylan’s music to the public. “He sounds more Bob than Bob does,” said one Fringe blogger last year. “I’m now addicted to Aussie Bob” said another. 
Go here:  http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/a-battle-royale-bob-dylan-vs-neil-young-with-aussie-bob-and-young-neil/4371366c-df19-48cd-9468-be7e021da16a





Sample ImageHallelujah 80 years of Leonard Cohen:   Hallelujah March 9 and 15.

Go here: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/hallelujah-80-years-of-leonard-cohen/41d329e9-4a92-4474-a979-5b14687fdaaf







Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced drummer, you need to know and understand the principles of tuning your drums.

The Complete Guide to Drum Tuning has been developed and tested over many years to help you achieve the results you seek and is presented in straight-forward, easy to follow language. All the important principles are outlined here and will help you in understanding the physical properties of your instrument. This information is invaluable for anyone interested in achieving and maintaining a great sound from acoustic drums.

Go To: http://www.drumclinic.com.au/ 






Picking up immediately after the events in the previous story 'The Girl Who Played With Fire', Lisbeth Salander meets with Mikael Blomkvist in his Stockholm apartment.

“Salander, it’s good to see you. You know… you… somehow, you make me think of… of Bjork.”
“Thank you Blomkvist, although I do not recognise compliments that are comparisons nor do I care for abstruse whale-song pop music but I, too, think the nutball Icelandic singer/composer is cute.”
“I am sorry,  Salander, for confusing you. I meant…  when you are close to me I feel…. Bjork…. The vomit, you know?”
“No. I don’t know Blomkvist; explain!! Are you gay???”
“NO!! What I mean is…. well, when you come over here, near me… there is something that makes me… bjorkkkk, bjeeerrrrrkkkkk!  You know.”
“Is funny, Blomkvist…. but now that you mention it… there is something because I think I can feel it too. It’s like… a smell. A bad smell. Yes….  I can smell a bad smell.  And even when I walk over here… away from you…  I can smell it still.”
“Salander!!!!  What is that on the bottom of your expensive training shoe….?”
“Ahhh Fuk! I think I have stepped in dog shit!”
“Salander… you must be…  The Girl who Kicked a Barker’s Nest!
Be watching this cyberspace portally thing next week for the exciting concluding episode in this riveting yet strangely puzzling Swedish mystery series: The Girl Who Played With Steely Dan.

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