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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sample ImagePastor Cash and the Ministry of Money end of season bash! Friday March 14 at the Prospect Town Hall.

Saints and sinners welcome. Licensed bar, unlicensed fun. Longer fun to allow for more repentance! Doors open 7.30 for 8 pm start.






Sample ImageSurfing with scissors at the Federal Hotel, Semaphore, Sunday March 16.

4 – 7 I think. Anyway, once you’re there you can stay till stumps.  Free surfie stomp demonstrations by Tsunami Steve and Gidget!  See you at the Federal Hotel: 25 Semaphore Rd
Semaphore, SA, 5019 SUNDAY!






Sample ImageTwo upcoming shows for BIG SMOKE

Big Smoke is playing at The Gov. Front Bar on Saturday 22nd March. Blues, Roots and Originals.   9-11.30 FREE.

And .....
Big Smoke is playing at The Cumberland Newport Hotel. Blues, Roots and Originals.
17th April 8-12pm. FREE




Sample ImageA battle Royale - Bob Dylan verses Neil Young:  

Battle Royale March 15 and 16 at the Rob Roy hotel.    Stuart Day has been channelling Neil Young since “Tonight’s the Night” knocked his socks off in 1975. Since then there have been plenty of new socks, but only one Neil.   Aussie Bob was ‘groomed for the position’ of carrying Dylan’s music to the public. “He sounds more Bob than Bob does,” said one Fringe blogger last year. “I’m now addicted to Aussie Bob” said another. 
Go here:  http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/a-battle-royale-bob-dylan-vs-neil-young-with-aussie-bob-and-young-neil/4371366c-df19-48cd-9468-be7e021da16a



Sample ImageHallelujah 80 years of Leonard Cohen:   Hallelujah March 9 and 15.

Go here: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/hallelujah-80-years-of-leonard-cohen/41d329e9-4a92-4474-a979-5b14687fdaaf





Sample ImageAmber Joy and the Holy men will take Honky Tonk Angels – the Loretta Lynn Story across Country Victoria on the weekend of March 20, 21, 22 and 23.







Sample ImageThe Steve Brown Band will warm up the Semaphore Workers Club on Sunday March 23. 5 pm kick off. The Semaphore Workers Club is the Home of Roots and Blues music in South Australia.







Sample ImageMarch 21 (Friday) Blues Avenue at Regattas...

with Sweet Baby James and David Rhodes twanging frantically and all bluesy like. 5 pm sees the start of the noise at Regattas.






Sample ImageAnd The Adelaide Music Collective launches at the Goodwood Institute on Friday March 28. More about this later.





Sample ImageThe Krusty Cowboy Klub

The Krusty Cowboy Club had a hilarious launch at the Prospect Town Hall on March 5 and will be keen to have another bash at the big time soon. The Cowboys extend their thanks to the home-side support team as well as photographers Ian Fisk and Peter Tea… some classic moments captured forever in pixels.





 Sample ImageSample ImageSample ImageSample ImageSample Image



Sample ImageThe Cat’s Pyjamas also enjoyed a welcome return to the stage when they presented their Skiffle Session at the Prospect Town Hall on March 7.

 Many thanks to a good and lively crowd who got right into the Skiffle mood!




Not mushroom

I have been amusing myself by recalling the time I was a sardine. Gosh, there was a whole bunch of us. Pals, sort of… because, sometimes we really got on each other’s nerves.
“Get your fukkn fin out of my back!”
“I can’t help it, Jeffrey is pushing me.”
“All right… Cut it out Jeff.  And Ralph, your breath stinks; turn over the other way. What? … “Well, if you can’t turn over use a breath mint or something.
“Who’s tickling my tail fins? Nigel! Cut it out you know I’m fukn ticklish there.  Oh Man! Something stinks! Hang on, what’s the matter with you, Perry; do you wanna fess up to that nasty pong?”
“No! It wasn’t not me; it was Murph in the layer below. He dropped his guts.”
“Murph, you dirty bastard! That smells like a krill has crawled up your ring piece and died. Now, what’s goin' on over there?”
“It’s Gloria, she’s singing.”
“How can she sing without a fukkn head?”
“I dunno… she’s just making this sort of oeoeoeoeo noise. Stop it Gloria…. Oh… she hit me with her fin!”
“Cut it out the both of you. Gloria, shut the fuk up or else sing something we all know; NOT I’m a little Fishy!!!  And what the fuk is goin’ on over there, Stevo?”
“It’s nothing… Colin just mistook me for his twin brother.”
“Is he fukkn blind, or what????  Oh… now look at me! Look at my scales… all covered in olive oil. Dominic… you did this, you blasted slippery dago… this stuff won’t wash out. Ohh, Christ; let me out of here!”

We got out of there eventually but fuk that toast was prickly.

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