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LImbo dancing south of the Goyder LIne Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Don’t be a-feered of a ‘state in limbo’ – back in the olden days nobody was a-feered of the limbo; in fact, they even had a song and dance to celebrate the limbo. And that’s what I think we should do in these newen days …. everybody do the Limbo Rock dance and sing the Limbo Rock song!
Here’s a bunch of places you can go to this week to do your own Limbo Dance

Sample ImageFriday March 21 you can go to Regattas (back of Convention centre ) and limbo swing to Blues Avenue. Starts at 5.00 pm; come straight after work if you still have a job.






Sample ImageSaturday March 22 SWEET BABY JAMES & ROB EYERS hit the Whitmore Hotel where you can do the limbo double voodoo dance.







Sample ImageBIG SMOKE getting ready to light up!

Big Smoke is playing at The Gov. Front Bar on Saturday 22nd March. Blues, Roots and Originals.   9-11.30 for the limbo blues roots and originals dance.

And .....
Big Smoke will be playing at The Cumberland Newport Hotel. Blues, Roots and Originals.
17th April 8-12pm. I know that’s a little way off yet but it does give you time to perfect your limbo blues roots and originals dancing.



Sample ImageThe Steve Brown Band will warm up the Semaphore Workers Club on Sunday March 23. 5 pm kick off. The Semaphore Workers Club is the Home of Roots and Blues music in South Australia and the centre for limbo blues and roots dancing.





Sample ImageAmber Joy and the Holy men will take Honky Tonk Angels – the Loretta Lynn Story across Country Victoria on the weekend of March 20 (Wentworth), 21 (Watta-donga), 22 and 23 (Milat’s Forest) where they will be giving lessons on limbo boot scooting dancing.





Do the Limbo GA World Music Dance with Bortier!

Sample ImageMusic from Bortier Okoe, Musician , Artistic Director of African Soul

Bortier Okoe is multi talented musician, performer, singer, song writer, dancer and cultural teacher.   He is one of Australia’s and Africa’s most renowned musicians, A seasoned and warm hearted performer; his music touches many hearts and souls.

Bortier found his own way of sounds to create this new genre (GA WORLD MUSIC) sings in Ga, English and other languages of Ghanaian dialects.

‘GA WORLD MUSIC’  it’s a music you can dance and sing along. It has a flavour of Afrobeat, Highlife, Traditional, Jazz, Reggae, Soukous, Tribal, Blues and Roots. This music can be revolutionary, nature, humanity, unity, peace, love, truth, respect, identity and World problems.
 African Soul is proud to Presents Bortier Okoe – Culture and  Dzeng Sane World Matter's

See the videos by clicking on the link  http://youtu.be/5KjHr4nOEhQ and http://youtu.be/It1CCiVBBsQ  Also you can share and like my facebook page by clicking on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bortier-Okoe/206629129539893?ref=hl .


A ‘forestry’ renaissance….

An interview:

So… Abbotoir…. You are going to chop down Tasmania’s heritage listed ancient forest.
No. I’m not. I’m just going to un-heritage list it; I’m gonna ‘unlock’ it.
For logging.
No! For forestry… it’s gonna be a forestry renaissance
Forestry means the whole business from planting to managing and responsible usage…
Planting? Nah, that’s agriculture. We’re not interested in agriculture; we are not in the business of agriculture; that’s for yokels and the Chinese who are buying up our farmland. No….we are going to have a forestry renaissance.
I think you mean logging; Cutting down trees and not replacing them is called logging. You are going to resume logging.
I’m not going to do it… someone else is; some of my mates, in fact. It will be a huge boost to the economy of Tasmania.
Lots of jobs?
Jobs. Yeah.
For Tasmanian workers?
Are Tasmanians Australian?
Well, no. We’ve just cleared away some  ‘red tape’ so my mates can import a bunch of nig-nogs who will work for a dollar a day and a kick up the arse.
So… only your mates will get the economic boom?
Yes… that’s what I learned at Oxford – how to help your mates have an economy.  And we’re gonna do that with a forestry renaissance…
Yes, so you’re said, but they will be cutting down and selling heritage listed trees. Who, with any sense of morals, would buy world heritage listed timber?
What are morals? Is that something to do with unions?
But, people who care about this forest will not buy the timber.
Are you stupid? ‘Course they will. And if they don’t… then we’ll give it away. That’ll really piss off those stupid greenies and tree huggers who have locked up all the wealth and money and riches, eh?
Yes, that a few of your mates want to get their hands on. But it is ancient timber; what sort of person would buy products made with heritage listed timber.
It won’t be heritage listed. I’m gonna tear up that document.
Ok... who would buy products made with ‘formerly’ heritage listed timber?
If you buy chipboard furniture, then you‘ll be one of the customers.
You would destroy ancient forests to make chipboard?
Certainly; it’s just money growing in the ground.
Well, what do the Taswegians think of this plan?
They asked us to do it.
Ok. Here comes a Taswegian now; I will ask them about it. Excuse me sir … yes, I’m talking to both your heads; what do you think of the logging of heritage Tasmanian wilderness?
Oh, it’s gonna be great. You get all these trees out of the way and it will give us a beaut view of South Africa.

Interview ends.


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