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Black Chook cooking up some blues and roots... Print E-mail
Friday, 11 April 2014

Sample ImageRed Hot Blues at the Lord Melbourne on Sunday afternoon (April 14) … 3 pm. Come along and scuff the rug with the Mighty Dave Blighty, Sweet Baby James Meston, Rob Eyers and The Preacher Denis Surmon.







Sample ImageSunday April 20 you can catch Surfing With Scissors at the Fed Hotel Semaphore. After stuffing yourself with Easter eggs all morning you’ll be busting a hamstring in a hurry to get along to the Fed and have a beer or two with Surfing With Scissors….







Sample ImageThursday April 24 you can groove to the sounds of Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers as they roll out the double voodoo charm at the Gilbert Street Hotel. Go for the Buffalo Wings and ask about the new “deadly” version, if you are brave enough!







Sample ImageFans of two of Australia’s most respected singer-songwriters and musicians, Neil Murray and Jim Moginie are in for a treat when they come to South Australia in April. The pair has been touring with their show One of Those Tunes,  a selection of songs spanning decades. Both performers have contributed extensively to our musical heritage as founding members of iconic Australian bands, Neil with Warumpi Band and Jim with Midnight Oil. They became friends in the mid-eighties on the outback Blackfella Whitefella tour.   Now they are coming to South Australia.

Tour Dates APRIL:

Thursday 24th     7.30pm The Promethean, 116 Grote Street Adelaide $30/$25   8212 0266
Friday 25th          8pm The Singing Gallery, McLaren Vale $25/$20   0413 358 618
Saturday 26th      7.30pm  Barossa Regional Art Gallery, 3 Albert St. Tanunda  $30/$25    0417 084 191 or the  Barossa Music Centre
Sunday 27th        4pm  Matinee, The Courthouse, Auburn  $25/$23; This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or   www.dramatix .com.au
Go here: www.neilmurray.com.au ; here:  www.jimmoginie.com ;  and:  Bring Thunder And Rain -  https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/bring-thunder-and-rain/id840030344  



Adelaide Music Collective Sessions program

Sample ImageThe second round of the AMC Sessions is gearing up  at The Goodwood Institute continues in May with Kelly Menhennett, The Timbers, The Brewster Brothers (John & Rick from The ngels).   Plus Hall of Fame 'live on stage' inductions for Rockin' Rob Riley (Rose Tattoo), John Schumann (Redgum), Ray O'Conner (The Penny Rockets). Barrie McAskill (60's music icon) and John & Rick Brewster from The Angels.....
This will be another great night of music entertainment. Book NOW!!!
Tickets now available through www.trybooking.com



Black Chook Blues

Sample ImageJoin music lovers from around the world and across Australia at the Black Chook Blues Festival Saturday 10th May - Sunday 11th May 2014

To celebrate the 2nd SA Festival, Black Chook Blues is being staged on 10th – 11th May at Penny’s Hill Winery outside of McLaren Vale. More than 20 musical acts on two stages will perform during the festival. One stage will serve the big – name acts, while the second stage is reserved for promoting emerging artists. Music genres that will be represented include Blues, Rock, Soul, Jazz and Folk.The line-up will include Mason Rack Band, Richard Perso, Gail Page, Funhouse of Blues, Tribute to Cream, the Mondlarks 3B Trio, Blues Casters, the Harmonics, Black Fedora, Ciaram Granger Trio, Jacqui Walker Band.

The Black Chook Blues program:

Saturday 10th May 2014

12.00pm - 12.50pm Black Fedora
1.00pm -   1.50 Jacqui Walker Band
2.00pm -   2.50pm Keith Hall Band
3.00pm -   3.50pm Gail Page Band
4.00pm -   4.50pm Richard Perso
5.00pm -   5.50pm Lazy Eye Band
6.00pm -   6.50pm Howlin Steam Train
7.00pm -   7.50pm Ciaram Granger Trio
8.00pm -   8.50pm Blue Eyes Cry
9.00pm -   9.50pm Let it Roll
Sunday 11th May 2014
11.00am - 11.50am Bonnie Gallea Band
12.00pm -12.50pm Bluescasters
1.00pm - 1.50pm James Meston & Tribute to Cream
2.00pm - 2.50pm Chris Finnen Band
3.00pm - 3.50pm Mettaphor
4.00pm - 4.50pm Mason Rack Band
5.00pm - 5.50pm Funhouse of Blues
6.00pm - 6.50pm Steve Brown Blues Band
7.00pm - 8.00pm Harmonics

Also….. Black Chook Blues Master Class

Sunday 11th May 2014, 12.00am - 1.00pm Chris Finnen presents Connection to Blues Music & Folk Lauric Music past and present.
BOOKING ESSENTIAL Only 30 pax; Fee $20

Go Here:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Chook-Blues-Festival/264055370346831   and:   http://www.mvjazzandblues.com/


The Big Wet.

“Are you in there, luv?”
“Of course I’m in here; you’re talkin’ to me, aren’t yer?”
“Sorry, love, but you’ve got to make a boat.”
“Fer fuck’s sake, woman, didn’t I just put up some shelves in the kitchen for yer?”
“No, I mean, yes…. but it’s not for me; it’s for God.”
“For God; you know… him upstairs. He said you have to build a boat.”
“What…. Now? Can’t it wait till I get out of the dunny?”
“I s’pose, so. He never said you had to build it today… but he said it was pretty urgent like.”
“Fer fuk’s sake… let me talk to him…. “

“God… God…!!  What’s all this about a boat?”
“Ah… there you are, Noah. I couldn’t find you…”
“Yeah, well, you didn’t look very hard, didjer…? I was in the dunny. It’s pretty hard to get any fukn peace and quiet around here.  What’s this boat for?”
“To save mankind and the animal kingdom from total destruction.”
“Pig’s arse…!!! What’re you really up to?”
“There will be a mighty flood that will cover the earth…”
“Hang on… a mighty fukn flood!!!! What about all that global warming crap they was goin’ on about?”
“Not global warming, Noah – climate change, I said. And it’s going to get a wee bit damp so you’ll need to build a boat to survive.”
“Can’t I buy one on eBay or something?”
“Not like the one I need you to have, Noah; it has to be exceedingly large to hold the breeding pairs of all the members of the animal kingdom.”
“How large?”
“I have the plans here, Noah. First, you will need Gopher wood…”
“Well, someone will have to, won’t they?”
“Go fer the fukn wood!! There’s none around here since the renaissance of forestry.”
“Well, your family can help you with that.”
“You’re pullin’ yourself, aren’t yer, God. They won’t even help with the washing up. I’ll get the stuff meself. What else?”
“You must make the ark 300 cubits long and 30 high ...”
“Cubits!!! What’s this fukn cubit business?? I don’t know where you’ve been hanging out but haven’t you noticed we’ve all gorne fukn metric!  Fer fuk’s sake get with it, Man. If you’re going to start flooding us all to death you could at least take a bit of interest in what the fuk we’re all doin’ down here.”
“Noah, that is precisely the reason I am flushing the whole lot of you down the toilet.  Anyway, you’d better get started on that boat….”
“Why? It hasn’t rained in yonks round here; it’s a dry as Bronwyn Bishop’s twinkie…. Hey! Is that a cloud on the horizon????”
“Looks Like it, Noah… snigger; snigger.”
Hammer Hammer; Saw Saw; nail nail….
Some time later.
“Rightey-ho. All done, God. Bring them fukn animals.”
And so God brung the critters. Noah’s family was amazed as they watched the animals enter two-by two.
“Will you look at that! Two of everything. Rabbits, rats,  lesser spotted gerbils, great bears, good gnus, bad gnus, Hey!!! Hang on a minute, God… you can forget the spiders. No good to anyone them spiders is… They hide under the dunny seat and bite yer arse.”
“Noah… some spiders do that but in the main, spiders eat insects – not arses - and therefore do more good than harm. There is a reason for everything under the sun, from the lowest to the highest order, and you will not regret their survival and, besides, there are many other things that will nip your arse with more malice than a wee spider.”
“Fair enough, I’ll buy that but I will not tolerate this... a breeding pair of politicians.”
“Hmmm; I admit you have me stumped there. They are the lowest and meanest form of life however, they are life, Jim, but not as we know it. Therefore I am obliged by the order of the Universe CEO to include them in the cargo.”
“But, God… this is a chance going begging. Drown the fukkers, now.”
“I don’t think I should, even though they are nought but the scum off of some festering hyena turds. They are on the manifest I was sent by fax from HQ so I must proceed as instructed. HQ knows what it’s doing  -  presumably.”
“God... has HQ ever made a mistake?”
“Not that I can recall… well, not too many, anyway.”
“Well… I think this one is gonna be one of those things that will come back and bite us all on the arse…  with Big Malice!”


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