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Yeeehagh! The Krusty Cowboy Klub is gittin' ready to ride! Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sample ImageThe Steve Brown Band rallies the Semaphore Workers Club this Sunday June 22th. Always a sensation, the Steve Brown Band is a mighty surge of RnB and blues that will get you on yer feet so get on yer bikes and scooters and rock up on Sunday at around 5 pm for a warm and juicy musical treat. The Semaphore Workers Club is the home of Blues and Roots music in South Australia. On The Esplanaded at Semaphore, high on the hill.

 Sample Image





Sample ImageBlue Katz is playin at Semaphore Workers Club this Friday night, June 20!

 Sample Image




 Seeking, Seeking, Begging, seeking...

Sample ImageThe Beggars continue – and complete - their winning streak with 2 ‘Can Beggars be Seekers?’ shows at the Nexus Cabaret on Friday June 27 and Saturday June 28.  A very entertaining and musically titillating take on the whole of the seekers on-and-off again relationship with Judy Durrie… I mean Judith Durham… the show has received pleasant feedback one of which can be accessed here: http://indaily.com.au/arts-and-culture/2014/06/17/beggars-can-seekers/
Dates and Times: June 27 and 28 in the Nexus Cabaret, corner of Morphett St. and North Terrace $28/$23 book at www.cabaretfringefestival.com or get tickets at the door on show night
 BOOKING LINK: <http://www.cabaretfringefestival.com/the-beggars-can-be-seekers-tickets />



The Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show… for the Variety Club.

Sample ImageHosted by Channel 7's Peter Michell and chock full of fun and entertainment with ‘special guests’ and a talent quest!  August the 2nd, 7.30pm start. St. Luke’s Church, Whitmore Square. Get Tickets Now!!! Where – I dunno. How -  dunno that either.

But… hang on a minute… I have just found out how to get tickets! Go here: http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=91720

 Sample Image


And there’s more….

Sample ImageThe Krusty Cowboy Klub kicks off a hope-to-be regular variety show at the Brunswick Hotel on Wednesday August 6. The Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show is the brainchild of Brett 'Stereo Jack' Sody and we are dealing with the afterbirth. It's very messy but, truly, everything is going well for mother and child and it looks like August 6 will be the beginning of the Brunswick season, directly after the August 2 kick-off event for the Variety Club at St. Luke’s, Whitmore Square!

You can be part of the fun with talent quests, special guests and the KCK Wagon Wheel of Misfortune! So don't miss the start of the season; dust off your cowboy hat and pull on your chaps, chaps, the Krusty Cowboy Klub is ready to ride!


 See:    Sample Image  The Krusty Cowboy Klub: https://www.facebook.com/KrustyCowboyKlub?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark

See:  Sample Image    The Brunswick Hotel: https://www.facebook.com/thebrunswickhotel



Sample ImageSat 21 - Dave Graney 'Fearful Wiggings' Album Launch 9pm/ $20 + b.f thru oztix.com.au





Sample Image Adelaide’s iconic 90s junk fusion extravaganza, The Clowns Of Decadence, are back from the carnival wastelands and are preparing to yet again bestow their own brand of musical mayhem on the discerning crowds of The Gov on Friday, June 20.

Go here : http://www.thegov.com.au/index.php/gig_guide for the Gov gig guide.




Sample ImageThursday June 26 Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers will be cranking out the double voodoo blues at the Gilbert Street Hotel.






 Sample ImageGumbo Sunday sessions start again at the Magill Club on July 6; first Sunday of every month.





 Sample ImageAdelaide Rock n Roll Club has a Blue Hawaiian Theme night with the Rhythm Cats on July 19 at the Kilkenny RSL and on July 26 the Westward Ho Golf Club hosts the Rock n Roll club with Getback providing the music. 

Get in touch with the club for tickets. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
If Rock and Roll is your thing join the club and get dancing. Tickets for Adelaide Rock n Roll Club events can be purchased through the club’s own free booking service Ticketline. Ph. 0450403779.




A message from Peter McIver

Sample ImageDear friends,

On Saturday July 19th a charity fundraiser will take place in the form of a quiz night and information presentation at the Christie downs community house and you are all invited!
The charity, outlined here:  http://www.actionthisday.org/ was founded and run by my brother Brian. Please click on the link, it will tell you all you need to know about the charity and will direct you to the charity's social media sites.
The Poster has all details for the quiz night; copy it, share it or share a link to this page. E email me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with any queries.
We are currently looking for prizes for the quiz winners so if anyone has any ideas or contacts that may be of help please send them on to me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
That website once again is: http://www.actionthisday.org/








Sample Image Adelaide Roots and Blues Association GIG GUIDE





Back to the golden days

  I feel like such a hypocrite - not that it bothers me; I’ve always known I was so slimy I have to get pulled up a hill with a rope – but, here I am breakfasting on a huge bowl of gluten with peanuts and prawns when I am actually operating my own caveman-food-allergy-free restaurant for people who struggle with modern tucker like bread, butter and lamb chops and gravy.
  It’s purely a money-making concern designed to fleece dough off sensitive ‘metros’ and the like who imagine they are allergic to a bean that is actually a legume and not a nut, and for similar cranks who run away from a gluten wherever it barks at them.  Having discovered that a one-third size lump of ‘ancient grain’ bread sells for three times the cost of a regular loaf I only needed a premises to work from and a cash register.
  All you do is get some wheat that Monsanto hasn’t fukked with – pretty difficult these days but I pinched a bag from an old chook farmer. According to the human-pelt-bound book on medieval munchies, for proper ancient grain growing the ground needs to be watered by druids piss. That was going to be difficult until I discovered how to re-route the sewerage pipe from the seminary as a source of ready-fertilised irrigation.
  I developed a special toaster, too, so the touchy folk would fang into the stuff by the bushel. I don’t allow that naughty electricity-generated heat to toast the bread. Instead, I invented a toaster that you load up with burning cow dung which does the toasting the old-fashioned way. In a concession to the sensitivities of the modern epicure I installed a tiny sensor to detect whether the ancient grain is being stressed by the toasting… It is utter bull– or cow-shit but it generates great sales conversations when the little bell goes ‘ting’.
  I only serve butter hand-squeezed from the large industrial vat into little linen envelopes for the table and I make my own ‘ancient grass’ jam. When I say ‘ancient’ I mean that the grass clippings are about a month old but nicely composted when I set about the jam making business.
  And I have to say – and so do the subsequent reviews – that the restaurant is a howling success. There  has been a death rate of around 83 percent of the customers from dysentery, gastro-enteritis and abdominal parasitic infections  which is pretty much in line with the mortality rates in those blissful, earthy, pre-industrial medieval days.


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