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The Krusty Cowboys Ride Agen!!! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sample ImageThe Gilbert Street Hotel is a hotbed of jumping and grumbling blues and roots music and this Thursday is a prime example with Sweet baby James and Rob Eyers rolling out the double voodoo blues. Early start – 7 pm – so go for dinner, the food is grouse. Well, not ‘grouse’ … the feathered animal. I thinks it’s actually chicken. Well … some of it is. And there’s other stuff too but it’s all grouse. Good.





The Story of the Seekers...

Sample ImageThe Beggars continue – and complete - their winning streak with 2 ‘Can Beggars be Seekers?’ shows at the Nexus Cabaret on Friday June 27 and Saturday June 28.  A very entertaining and musically titillating take on the whole of the seekers on-and-off again relationship with Judy Durrie… I mean Judith Durham… the show has received pleasant feedback one of which can be accessed here: http://indaily.com.au/arts-and-culture/2014/06/17/beggars-can-seekers/
Dates and Times: June 27 and 28 in the Nexus Cabaret, corner of Morphett St. and North Terrace $28/$23 book at www.cabaretfringefestival.com or get tickets at the door on show night
 BOOKING LINK: <http://www.cabaretfringefestival.com/the-beggars-can-be-seekers-tickets / >



Sympathy Orchestra at the Whitmore …

 Sample Image


AMC Sessions #3….

Sample ImageSee the poster. Obviously Mr Keays will not be there but the evening will feature a dedication to  his and the Master Apprentices’ contribution to Australian rock music.

But there's more - see the poster.

And… you’d better get in quick; tickets to these sessions sell like the proverbial hotcakes and at the moment there are only 40 tickets left for AMC Session 3......

So.....  go to www/trybooking.com/76535












Doug Bruce and the Tailgaters Live at the Norwood Friday July 25.

Sample Image.... at 18:30 yes…. According to the promo – 18.30!!!!!  Whatever the fuk time that is!

Read this:  Golden Guitar nominee Doug Bruce has been described as "Two shots of Travis with a Haggard chaser" (Music Connection, UK), and if you thought you didn't like country music. Doug Bruce & his band, The Tailgaters, will have you re-thinking that one!

Since relocating from Texas to Australia in 2005, Doug Bruce has moved from back of stage as a drummer to front man, honing his craft as a singer-songwriter, gathering several industry nominations and awards and an ever-increasing and loyal fan-base thereafter. Doug self-produced his first two award-winning albums from his recording facility, Shoo Fly Studios. His third album Made That Way was officially released January 2013. Made That Way has already been lauded as Doug's best album yet, and landed him Male Artist of the Year finalist in the 2014 CMAA Golden Guitar Awards.

Show Only - $20 + BF; Dinner Show - $55 + BF; Door - $25 -  Tickets available from the venue
Ph: (08) 8431 1822.  18+ Only - Photo ID required. Go here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1401241946821101/






Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show… Wednesday August 6 at the Brunswick Hotel, Gilbert Street, the City.

Sample ImageCome along and be part of the fun... Cowboy Music; Talent Quest; Guest ‘Artistes’; Hosted by TV Poisonality Peter Michell.  The Poster says it all... (fuk.... i foggot to stick the fkn poster up there...). Anyway.... be there with your cowboy – or cowgirl – boots, your Yeehah! hats and get ready to dance; make those spurs Jingle Jangle Jingle!


See:    Sample Image  The Krusty Cowboy Klub: https://www.facebook.com/KrustyCowboyKlub?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark

See:    Sample Image    The Brunswick Hotel: https://www.facebook.com/thebrunswickhotel




 Sample Image

And don't forget ...

the Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show… for the Variety Club...

on Saturday August 2 at St.Lukes, Whitmore Square.


 Sample Image

 Tickets - Go here: http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=91720











Come on, South Ostraya….

I have just finished drying my reddened, puffy eyes from a whole day of crying, weeping tears of woe, sobbing sobs of sadness and sniffling a stream of mucus of misery …. I was simply overcome with heart-sinking emotion when I read a sorry story in the newspaper about the crushing crisis slamming into the poor pokies pub pricks… I mean …. people. 

Lets' reach out to them in their time of loss.

Let’s put aside the jealousy about the billions and millions of dollars those machines have earned them over the past 30 years or so;  let's put aside any animosity we might have towards them for their greedy and disinterested destruction of pub live entertainment; let’s not mention the dissolution of the ‘pub’ from being a social/community hub to be nothing more than a gambling den and funnel for cash into a few ever-bulging pockets. Push it aside like so much parsley on a plate of prawns….

Instead, let’s think about how that happy, sunny grin of the avaricious inn-keeper has been dimmed by the drying up of working people’s and pensioners’ disposable income and grocery money; a formerly glittering, ever-so-brightly-gleaming grin turned down from a billion watts to just a few hundred thousand megawatts.

Feel the dimness.  Feel their disappointment that their once firm friendship/tolerance with/of the armies of losers has been torn asunder just because of poverty and back-breaking day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, year-to-year, living expenses.

Feel the worry for the innkeeper that his Audi will have to be serviced soon and that bill could be quite high. Feel the concern that his little kiddie’s private school fees will be looming scarily in the near future and his river gold has become a mere stream. The family European holiday may have to be shortened by a month or so. Hardship hovers on the horizon.

Feel sorry for these ‘entrepreneurs’ that they are so blinkered and tit-fed by their privilege that they never saw this coming, and after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on poker machines and licences and such shit they are not able to afford 800 bucks or so to put some form of live entertainment in their venue to titillate any punters who might like a drink and a bit of a dance. Or to encourage a few more into the cheerless gloom of their once vibrant front bars.

That’s how poor, broke and shattered they are. And my heart – and everything I have - goes out to them.

I will start an Internet petition right now to get the government to bail out these despondent publicans because this is a Pokies Underperformance Budget  Emergency (a P.U.B.E.)  and these are real people, not like the losers who shoved all their wages and savings through the bright and jangly slots – these are real people; real rich people and they need help. Not corporate welfare, no!  But ’help’; just like what they did for the car industry workers.  Assistance …. from the Gubmint… because this is a Pokies Underperformance Budget  Emergency (a P.U.B.E.) !!   And they need assistance from us. Yes….  you can help.  I already have…. I went down to the nearest pub and put all of my recent wages through the pokies and, folks… it was easy. You can do it, too. We did it for Spring Gully so Let’s Do It For The Pokie Barons! Come on South Ostraya, Let’s get pokie barons rolling in dough once more because – much like the heart-wrenching  expression on the mug of some fat bastard who dropped his second pie on the floor, nothing is sadder than the pitiful look of grief and dismay on the face of some greedy plutocrat who has been stymied out of getting all the money to which he believes he is entitled.


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