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Variety Club postpones fundraiser Print E-mail
Monday, 28 July 2014

Variety Club fundraiser postponed.

It is with great sadness that we are postponing the SA Variety Club’s  Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show this Saturday (August 2) due to the sudden death of our host and fellow entertainer, Peter Michell. Michell was to be the host and a featured performer with his band Me and My Mates at the children’s charity fundraiser scheduled to run at St Luke’s on Whitmore Square on the weekend. We extend our condolences to his family and friends.
An announcement of the re-scheduled show will be made when an appropriate date can be found.


Red Hot Blues Band at the Semaphore Workers Club

Sample ImageFriday Night August 1, The Semaphore Workers Club features the Red Hot Blues Band with David Hot Lips Blight on harmonicas, Sweet Baby Twinklefingers James on guitars and vox, Rob Gissacuppatee Ayers on percussions and repurcussions and Denis the Preacher Surmon on bass guitar and vox.

Live music kicks off around 9 pm. The Semaphore Workers Club is the Home of Blues and Roots music in South Australia.







Vincent's Chair are gigging with Liz McCall and band this Friday 1 August at the Nexus Arts Centre.

Sample Image
The players- Liz McCall, Kathie Renner, Karen De Nardi, Julian Ferraretto, Sam Leske, Holly Thomas and John Aue who will showcase stunning vocal harmonies, piano, guitars, double bass and percussion.

Tickets available online or at the door.









Sample ImageThe Krusty Cowboy Klub - Wednesday August 6 at the Brunswick Hotel, Gilbert Street, the City.

The Krusty Cowboy Klub begins what is hoped to be regular sessions at the Brunswick Hotel on the first Wednesday of each month. Talent quests… Cowboy songs and general silliness…. Come along and help make this a regular gig for the Krusty Cowboy Klub.

To register an interest in the talent quest or for entertainment performance email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


 See:    Sample Image  The Krusty Cowboy Klub: https://www.facebook.com/KrustyCowboyKlub?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark

See:    Sample Image    The Brunswick Hotel: https://www.facebook.com/thebrunswickhotel





Sample ImageThe Wheatie, Friday August 15 - Don Morrison's Raging Thirst


Sample ImageSongwriter, singer, guitarist and guitar maker Don Morrison has shared the stage with many of the biggest names in Australian music, like Midnight Oil, Hunters and Collectors, Billy Thorpe, Joe Camilleri, Australian Crawl, Men At Work, Stephen Cummings, Ross Wilson and a hundred more in more than thirty years in the music game. He has worked with Bo Diddly, Joe Cocker, Rodriguez and even Billy Ray Cyrus, he was brave enough to stand next to Shakin’ Stephens in a urinal and nearly killed by Willie Nelson in Austin, Texas.
He’s done gigs from Bridgetown to Byron Bay, from Sydney to San Antonio and released ten CDs of mostly original songs under his own name and that of his many bands such as The Bodgies, Raging Thirst, The Elmores, The Lonely Cosmonauts, Prawnhead and the latest incarnation: Don Morrison's Raging Thirst.




Sample ImageGigs at the Gov: http://www.thegov.com.au/index.php/gig_guide





AMC Session No 4.  At the Goodwood Institute Fri 29 August 7:30pm

Sample ImageShowcasing a wide variety of outstanding Adelaide musicians

•    Rockin' Rob Riley (who doesn't know Rose Tattoo!) and friends

•    Doug Ashdown Remember Dougs world-wide hit, 'Winter in America'? (appearing with John Baker).

•    The Shaolin Afronauts - Internationally acclaimed Afro-soul   

•    Kaurna Cronin - currently playing a 42-date tour in Germany will be back in time for this show

 SA Music Hall of Fame Awards will be presented to:  

•    Doug Ashdown
•    Max Pepper (recording studio legend)
•    Mark Meyer (drumming legend, 'Moving Pictures' etc)
•    Carol Sturtzel (country music Queen)
•    Bob Francis (media personality)

These sessions sell out quickly so get Tickets now!: http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=7653 5








 Sheerluck Fukken Holmes and the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night

The murder had been brutal and bizarre. After being summoned to a lonely farmhouse in the Muddlesex countryside, Holmes and Watson were confronted with the senseless slaying of a horse trainer executed by shoving said trainer’s head firmly up said horse’s arse around the back of the stables. Despite the relative nearness of the main farmhouse occupied by the owner and his family, nobody heard a thing. The nearest thing to a witness was the stable dog, a cross between a Standard Hairy Schnauzer and a Miniature Pinscher called a Hairy Schnauzer Pincher whose name was Nipper.
“Watson,” said Holmes. “That dog knows something. Bring him back to 221b Baker Street; I want to interrogate it.”
“I say, Holmes….” uttered Watson.
“I’d rather you didn’t, Watson. Just put the Schnauzer Pincher on the fukn bus.”
Long into the night at Baker Street Holmes questioned the dog with no result.
“Holmes, it’s 2 am,” groaned Watson. “We are getting nowhere and I need to sleep. Goodnight and goodbye; I will see you in the morning.” And he took a not-too-handsome cab home.
Dawn. 6:30. Watson’s phone rings.
“Hello, I say....  hello. John Watson here.”
“Watson? Holmes. I urgently need your invaluable expert medical opinion in a matter that I have now called the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. Come at once!”
Watson shat, shaved and shoved some shredded wheat down his gob and was standing in Holmes’ rooms 90 minutes later.
“Thanks for taking your fukken time to get here, Watson. Don’t bluster, Man; I need to task your broad medical knowledge and your extensive experience in wider worldly matters to understand this problem.”
“The problem being The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, eh, Holmes?”
“Exactly, Watson. And it surely is curious to me. Now… observe and you will see all the related facts before you, the same as I, but, while I am smarter than a rocket scientist at some things like cigarette ash and taking drugs,  I have limited knowledge of medical and, in this particular case, possibly veterinary sciences, to develop a sound thesis. Can I have your considered opinion on this, please, Watson, Old man…..?”
“On the, er…  Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, you mean?”
“Well….” Watson dithered.
“ ‘Well’ what, Watson?”
“Well… It’s a dog turd, Holmes. Nipper has done a shit on your rug during the night,” said Watson, pointing to the object of their attention lying on the Axminster.  “That’s what it is, My Good Fellow. You should have let him outside for a while.”
“Curious,” muttered Holmes as he stared at the coil of canine excreta.
“Yerrss," droned Watsdon. "It is a contradictory conundrum that the British dog beastie can comfortably make a pile of politicians and sometimes even a lawyer every day while the common British human subject is hard-pressed to squeeze out a pungent prime-minister once or twice a year… and not without some difficulty and trepidation, I might add.”

“Yes.  And it looks like he’s done a piss up against your couch, too, Holmes. Did he bark to get let out?”
“What? No, Watson. He never said a word.”
“Hmph! Curious, eh, what?”


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