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The Krusty Cowboy Klub holes up at the Brunswick Hotel Print E-mail
Monday, 04 August 2014

Sample ImageThe Krusty Cowboy Klub at the Brunswick Hotel Wednesday August 6 - Tonite!!!

The Krusty Cowboy Klub launches what it hopes will be a regular rash of shows that will fall on a recurring Wednesday of each month until we get kicked out or lose interest. Come on down (or up or across) to the Brunswick Hotel in Gilbert Street for a 7.30 pm kick off of the Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show which promises a variety of stuff. I hope.  But you will be assured of cowboy singing and dancing, stupid stuff and a mighty good time.

Our Featured Artist this month is the man with the insatiatable raging thirst - Don Morrison. Songwriter, Singer, Raconteur, Voyeur.... Anyway.... come along and have some fun with DonMo and the Krusty Cowboy Klub at the Brunswick Hotel Wednesday August 6.
To register an interest in the talent quest or for entertainment performance email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
See:     Sample Image The Krusty Cowboy Klub: https://www.facebook.com/KrustyCowboyKlub?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark
See:     Sample Image  The Brunswick Hotel: https://www.facebook.com/thebrunswickhotel


Morpheus at the Whitmore Hotel - Friday August 8.

Sample ImageThe original Morpheus rises again - phoenix like - at the Whitmore Hotel this Friday. Carl Pink Scott Bradley and special Guest - a bloke.











Fiona Boyes and Nick Charles in  SA for three shows.

Friday August 8 at the Semaphore Workers Club on Fri 8th (music 9-12) and HATS Auburn Courthouse on Sat 9th. They are also appearing at a sell-out house concert for Jeff Parham (formerly Japeg).
Victorian blues artists Fiona Boyes and Nick Charles have performed (separately) at gigs and festivals in South Australia many times and at a number of house concerts in other Australian states, USA, etc but not ever in Adelaide (and in combination) before. Now is your chance to see them perform together.

Sample ImageNick is a 'musician's musician' .. he writes for 'Rhythms' and 'Trad & Now' and is highly regarded by peers.


Sample ImageFiona is a w.w.w .. a "wonderful woman of the world"! Her guitar-playing is supreme and folks are sure to enjoy her (often) 'hot mamma' vocals and becoming wit.
See various sections at http://www.charlesguitar.com and http://www.fionaboyes.com
for biography, discography, tributes, tour dates, audio samples, etc





Sample ImageSweet Baby James and Rob Eyers grind out the Double Voodoo Blues at the Royal Oak Hotel (North Adelaide) on Wednesday August 20.






Sample ImagePan!c get out in the big wide world again with a private show on Saturday August 23. Just thought I’d keep their ball in the air because  pan!c is not gone or forgotten; merely in flux.Up to their nut in it, ackshully.







Sample Image The Wheatie, Friday August 15 - Don Morrison's Raging Thirst

Sample ImageHe’s done gigs from Bridgetown to Byron Bay, from Sydney to San Antonio and released ten CDs of mostly original songs under his own name and that of his many bands such as The Bodgies, Raging Thirst, The Elmores, The Lonely Cosmonauts, Prawnhead and the latest incarnation: Don Morrison's Raging Thirst. Catch him at the Wheatie, Friday August 15





Sample ImageGigs at the Gov: http://www.thegov.com.au/index.php/gig_guide





Sample ImageBlues Avenue Duo at Regattas, Friday August 29. 5pm to 8 pm.





AMC Session No 4.  At the Goodwood Institute Fri 29 August 7:30pm

Sample ImageShowcasing a wide variety of outstanding Adelaide musicians

•    Rockin' Rob Riley (who doesn't know Rose Tattoo!) and friends

•    Doug Ashdown Remember Dougs world-wide hit, 'Winter in America'? (appearing with John Baker).

•    The Shaolin Afronauts - Internationally acclaimed Afro-soul   

•    Kaurna Cronin - currently playing a 42-date tour in Germany will be back in time for this show

 SA Music Hall of Fame Awards will be presented to:  

•    Doug Ashdown

•    Max Pepper (recording studio legend)

•    Mark Meyer (drumming legend, 'Moving Pictures' etc)

•    Carol Sturtzel (country music Queen)

•    Bob Francis (media personality)

These sessions sell out quickly so get Tickets now!: http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=76535




The Swiss Detective

A suspicious death at the alpine spa in BadRagz, Switzerland, and a call has gone out to the local canton police who sent their best detective Eberhardt Grunhelmut to investsigate. The small crowd in the spa day room is suprised by the bold entry of a visitor.

“It is being me, Eberhardt Grunhelmut, the Swiss detective," yodelled a healthy specimen in lederhosen and a William Tell hat. "Now, vot is the matter mit dis dead guy? You…. Herr Schitferbraynes... you tell me.”

“Hmmm, well, briefly,” stumbled Mr Shitferbraynes, “…  the dead chappie, Gascoyne Metre – I believe he’s a Frog -  ordered breakfast in bed instead of having it in the dining room with us and it appears he, er, died there. In his room. Breakfast time-ish, I s’poze.”

“Goot. Goot. And you, Frau Myteenorks, what say you?”

“I have nuttin’ to say, Applecheeks,” replied the nicely-uphostered dame, “ …  but I have a question:  Is that an alpenhorn in your pocket  are you pretty happy to meet me?”

“Ho Ho, Frau Myteenorks … I always keep der horn ready iffn case I can blow it for a delicious-looking cow, like you. Undt you do have soch lofferley big undt squishy titties; may I squeeze der milch out of them?”

“Settle down, cheesegobbler; you’re liable to over-wind your wristwatch clambering over my snowy peaks. Why doncha quit botherin’ us an’ go inspect the dead guy yourself, you bein’ the defective an’ all.”

“Goot idea, Frau Myteenorks…. I vill be bach.”

Grunhelmut departed and returned sometime later.

“Vell,” he said, addressing the group of spa guests, “...it seems he has die from nuts in his muesli.”

“Goodness gracious,” said Mr Schittferbraynes. “I didn’t think he was he allergic to nuts!”

“Vell, no… undt … in a way … yah!  He had no problem  mit der peanuts undt der vallnuts undt stuff,  but somebody had put Gascoyne’s own nuts in der porridge! His test-icles!!!”

“Oh, mah Gawd,” shouted Hank Yankeedoodle. “His goolies! Gorne!! How Gawdarfull.”

“Yah. It spoiled a nice bowl of birchmuuseli, dat’s fer sure. Now, to look for der culprit me. Can anyone tell me whom der victim was pissing off around here?”

“Well, Wun Hung Lo, the kitchen hand didn’t like to deliver food to the private bedrooms,” said Hank Yankeedoodle. “ Ah heered him tell the Frog thet he wazzen’t a poirsonal servant to a snail-mugger. They had woids….”

“Ha! Yah! What sort of woids did der fellows haf?”

“Well, I reckon one was ‘get’ and another might of have been ‘fukked’,” said Hank.

“Yars,” drawled Lady Rodarse Windybutts. “And I think there might have been an ‘I will speakay voo to le manager about voo…’ as well…! But I know the manger didn't like Gascoyne because he did a poo in the bidet and clogged it all up.”

“And he annoyed the Spanish gardener…” piped Penelope Pudenda. “He did a wee in Manuel’s garden. Manuel said: ‘don’t piss on my flowers’ and the onion-bagger said ‘the world is my toilet; and your little patch of weeds is my urinal’. Manuel was very cross.”

“Ho, ho!  Vell…” said Eberhardt, donning his William Tell hat. “I haf enough information to begin my investigation to discover der rotten guy.  I vill be bach.”

The guests amused themselves playing nude twister until the now overly-familiar yodel heralded the return of the Swiss detective.

"Helloooo0oo0oo0o0oo0ooo... Vell, I haf brung mit me der Chinese cook undt der Spanish gardener undt the German manager undt ve vill all get togezzer for der ending off dis business. Yah???  Vell…. I haf discovered whom was der murderer of the froggie-diddler. Der case is closed.”

A minute passed.

“So….” entreated Lady Rodarse Windybutts. “Are you going to tell us who murdered Gascoyne, Mr Grunhelmut? Was it the disgruntled Chinese guy... the pissed-off Spaniard.... or someone else?”

“Ho! you know, of course, that I know who dunnit, but I vill not be telling which is der bad guy."

"Why not?" came the chorus.

"Vell, I’m Swiss… I vill be remaining totally impartial. Zank you."


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