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Deep South Blues Roots and Folk Festival Launched Print E-mail
Monday, 11 August 2014

Sample ImageThursday August 14 Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers rollout the double voodoo blues at the Gilbert Street Hotel. Get on down to the Gilbert Street Hotel for a hearty bowl of their legendary Buffalo wings, an earful of smooth blues and a gutful of piss. Good times.






Sample Image The Wheatie, Friday August 15 - Don Morrison's Raging Thirst

Sample ImageHe’s done gigs from Bridgetown to Byron Bay, from Sydney to San Antonio and released ten CDs of mostly original songs under his own name and that of his many bands such as The Bodgies, Raging Thirst, The Elmores, The Lonely Cosmonauts, Prawnhead and the latest incarnation: Don Morrison's Raging Thirst. Catch him at the Wheatie, Friday August 15






Sample ImageSaturday, August 16  SWEET BABY JAMES & ROB EYERS (8pm-11pm) at the Whitmore Hotel, Adelaide


Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers grind out the Double Voodoo Blues at the Royal Oak Hotel (North Adelaide) on Wednesday August 20.





Sample ImageBlues Avenue Duo swing the blues at the Festival Centre on Friday August 22







Sample ImagePan!c gets out in the big wide world again with a private show on Saturday August 23. Just thought I’d keep their ball in the air because  pan!c is not gone or forgotten; merely in flux.Up to their nuts in it, ackshully.




Sample ImageBlues Avenue Duo at Regattas, Friday August 29. 5pm to 8 pm.






AMC Session No 4.  At the Goodwood Institute Fri 29 August 7:30pm

Sample ImageShowcasing a wide variety of outstanding Adelaide musicians

•    Rockin' Rob Riley (who doesn't know Rose Tattoo!) and friends

•    Doug Ashdown Remember Dougs world-wide hit, 'Winter in America'? (appearing with John Baker).

•    The Shaolin Afronauts - Internationally acclaimed Afro-soul   

•    Kaurna Cronin - currently playing a 42-date tour in Germany will be back in time for this show

 SA Music Hall of Fame Awards will be presented to:  

•    Doug Ashdown

•    Max Pepper (recording studio legend)

•    Mark Meyer (drumming legend, 'Moving Pictures' etc)

•    Carol Sturtzel (country music Queen)

•    Bob Francis (media personality)

These sessions sell out quickly so get Tickets now!: http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=76535










ROCK ‘N ROLL Dinner Dance with The Wild Ones!

Sample ImageDine & Dance the night away at …. Westward Ho Golf Club, MILITARY ROAD, WEST BEACH S.A., August 30.

Bookings essential  - 8356 7220

Bar Facilities available — No BYO
Dining Room :- Open from 5:00 pm—7:30 pm for Reasonably priced meals
NEXT  ROCK ‘N ROLL DANCE held  on September 27 featuring the RHYTHM CATS




Amber and Sandra

Sample ImageSunday, 21st September. Wine, Women & Song with Sandra Humphries & Amber Joy Poulton at Victor Harbor Bowling Club at 2pm.

$20 prebook ($22 at the door). Songs about plonk, chicks & good music. Wine, Women & Song! Book now with Geoff on 8552 1745






Sample ImageGigs at the Gov: http://www.thegov.com.au/index.php/gig_guide





  JSample Imageust Launched: Deep South Roots, Blues and Folk festival over  November 28, 29 and 30.

 And it's a biggie!!!!

 Day 1 start with: Sheilas Sing the Blues.... Zkye, Gail Page and Carla Lippis

 Day 2: Read the poster, I couldn't be bothered typing it all out but the   Steve Brown Band is in there somewhere.

 Day 3: Up close and personal - use a breath freshener for this one.

 Plus some great interstate binliners. I think that should read: headliners.

 Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Gerry Garcia, Jim Croce, John Denver and Jim Morrison

were all invited to appear at Blues, Roots and Folk but they couldn't come. However, you can make sure you are there to not see these great artists .....

By Booking Now!!!

 Tickets at Oztix








Occam’s Razor

“Oy!! Shitferbraynes! Get here inna da batharoom;  right now, Shitferbraynes, an’ look atta dis…!”
I had been expecting this.
“Yes, Mr Occam…”
“Lookit ma face, Shitferbraynes… juss look at it!” he screamed.
“Your rouge is running, Mr Occam.”
“Issa notta rouge, Shitferbraynes, issa blood…. Blood froma mah face; it issa scratched and bleeding to bukkery!”
“Well, I, for one, Mr Occam, am happy to know you have not taken to wearing rouge. It’s a foppy thing.”
Fok the fop!” he spat. “Juss looka atta mah fokkin razor,  Shitferbraynes… issa all chipped and grotty and fokked!!!  This issa da razor what must shave-a mah face and looka atta da state of it….!!”
“Yes, Mr Occam, it looks…  dreadful.”
DREADFUL??? Shitferbraynes…” he snarled, grabbing my leopard-skin lapels. “Issa blue fokkin murder onna mah visage. Now…. you tella me, boy…. who wassa use-a mah razor? Who wassa it…? Wassit you?”
“Well… not technically… no… -ish.”
“I guessa that one already. So then…. it was my wife….wasn’t it, Shitferbraynes? She hassa use-a mah razor….eh????”
“Well…. She did ask me nicely…”
“Shitferbraynes…. I haff told you a zillion times not to give mah razor to Gertrudis!!”
“Well… Mr Occam, to be fair,  her groinal area was looking like a gorilla’s back and….”
“It always looka like a grillum’s back….  Is like-a fokking badger on steroids down dere and da pubies issa like the copper wire, you ninny…  it issa jongle with da savage snapping beasties included!”
“Well… she did want to, er,  tidy it up a bit for your… anniversary… Mr Occam…”
“Then she musta use-a da tin snips and da oxy-acetylene cutter for da tidy up…. Not my fokkin razor….!!!”
“Well, you know, Mr Occam, she hadn’t done any yard work down there since last year and she did want everything …well… nice-ish… for your… er… anniversary…. In case you, er  …. You know….  So I let her use your razor for some of the clean-up work.”
“Shitferbyraynes….I tella you before an’ I tella you again ….  my razor Issa not for pruning of da steely wiry pubies of Gertrudis. Now look what she hassa done to my razor an’ mah visage; they both issa rooned….!!!! Sob, sniffle, boo & hoo…”
I had to leave.  It’s not that I didn’t like to see the gentleman cry, I just didn’t want to wait till he finds what Gertrudis used his toothbrush for…. In the clean-up down there!


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