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The Krusty Cowboy Klub do a variety show for Variety Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Sample ImageSweet Baby James and Rob Eyers at the Royal Oak North Adelaide Wednesday September 24. Feel the Double Voodoo Blues in your shoes… or something.







 Sample ImageBSide magazine






Sample ImageGumbo Yaya and Lucky 7 at the Gov - Friday September 26


 Sample Image












Sample ImageSeptember 27 - Black Fedora Jazz at Bar 180 (Hotel Royal, Torrensville) 

Enjoy a night of great tunes and lots of fun at one of the friendliest venues in town. From chilled dinner to dance your socks off...








Sample ImageSeptember 27  Dine & Dance the night away at the Westwward Ho Golf Club with  the  ‘RHYTHM CATS’

Bookings essential  - 8356 7220 - Bar Facilities available — No BYO
Westward Ho Golf Club - MILITARY ROAD, WEST BEACH S.A.







Sample ImageAMC SESSION # 5….

Make a big effort to get tickets. There has been a bit of a ticket dash for this one – Glenn Shorrock and all… not to mention the beggars. Shit!…I just mentioned them. Better not say any more....

















Sample ImageSemaphore Music Festival-October 3 - 6









 Sample ImageOctober 3 - The Hurtin' Four at The Yankalilla Hotel

Kick off your October long weekend with some honky tonkin' music and welcome guest band The Hurtin' Four to the stage on Friday, 3rd October!










Sample ImageCome on down to one of the grooviest places in town and let Lady Voodoo and the Rituals hit u up with some of the grooviest RnB tunes from the 50's and 60's,  at Casablabla -  

12 Leigh Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000








Northern Exposure

Sample ImageBridgeway Hotel & FOCUS Promotions are proud to announce a killer line-up of rock bands featuring Existential Deception, Thursdays Friend, PJB - The Pete Jenkins Band, Dirtyfrank, & @Luke Marshall of The Clever Trees.















 Sample ImageThe Krusty Cowboy Variety Show for Variety SA

October 11..... at St Lukes' in the city (Whitmore Square)

 There will be Singing, Dancing, Silly Stuff, Don Morrison solo, a Little Bit of Magic, Whipcracking demonstrations .... all hosted by Matt Gilbertson and the Krusty Cowby Klub band.

It is a huge fundraising event for Variety SA so dig deep for fun and for the best Children's Charity

















Sample ImageRoots deep south – the show just keeps getting bigger!























“Gino! Antonio, Marcus… git the fok in here! We issa gonna have a fokkin meeting…”
“Orright, Boss. Whatsa matter for you, eh?”
“Don’ get fokkn cheeky, Gino. Dis issa serious…. It’s dat fokkin Spiderman again. He’s-a come back inta da town and he’s a fokkin up all uv our fokkin biznis. He’s bin turning all our fokkin prostitooties into fokkin nuns and do-goodsies and he’s got all our fokkin crack sellers dishin out da fokkin pop fokkin corn at da fokkin moovies. He’s-a fokkin everything op!”
“Hey, boss… we know dat, but, you know, he’s-a like-a sooper hero guy and our bullets and pig stickers are useless aginst him….”
“I know dat, you stoopid fokkin fokkers, dat’s why I gotcha in dis fokkin meetin! To thing ‘bout what to fokkn do ‘bout dis fokkin soopa Spiderman basta!”
“Well, boss, I reckon only anudder super fokker can fight off-a da super spider Fokker… eh?”
“Gino… you is stoopid as a pasta hammer but dis time I thing you gotta da idea good-a. Now lissen here, you fokkers…. Get da fok out of here and bring me da fok back every fokkin superhero fokkin baddie or fokkin goodie and we’s-a gonna find-a da super fokker that will fok dis fokkin Spider-fokkn-basta!”
It took a while but, eventually, the boys rounded up every available super person in the whole of Shithole City and lined them up for the Boss to make his selection.
“Holy fokkin mother of dat Fokker on da cross…. Who’da fokkin thought dere would be so fokkin many super fokkers??? Well, what da fok! Gino… I’m-a gonna walk down da line of dese fokkers and you call outta their names and I will pick da super fokker who’s-a gonna rub out dat spider fokker. Gino…. Start walkin and start fokkin talkin!”
“Ok Boss…. First-a we have-a da Hawkman, den dere’s da the Flea, Public Service Woman, Wombat-man, Captain Koala , Howard the Duck, the Thing, The Red Bee, Thelma  Thunderthighs, Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Red Sonja, Ant-Man, The Gay Gorilla, Dober-man, Squirrel-Girl, Stinkfinger, Ratboy, Porridge-Man; Big-Butt-Bertha, Ferret-Fellow, The Carbuncle, Morbius, The Living Vampire, Fester the Pus-filled Pimple, Damon the Dead Dingo, The Blue Beetle, the Cheesy Foreskin,  the Green Hornet, Darkwing Duck, The Twat, Captain Canuk, the Crimson Bolt, The Big Tit, The Custard Cannon, the Tuna Taco, Mighty Mouse, Easily-Offended Woman, the Silk Spectre, Vampirella, Dickieknee- Man, Turnip-man, BloodRayne and The Haemorrhoid, The Maggot, Elast-Girl, Pocket Rocket Man, The Devil’s Doorbell, Plastic Bucket-Face Man, The Turd, Korporal Kiwi, Undecided Manboygirlthingy, The Sleepfarter, Bad Breath Man, The Snigger, Poindexter the Perfectly Puerile Ponce of the Prairie, Tally-ho the Rollie Man, The Stubby, The Stainless-Steel Surfer, Monkey-Man, Corrugated-Iron Man, Ambush Bug, The Leatherman, The Interior Decorator, Arm-Fall-off Boy, Bouncing Boy, Double-Butt, The Stained Quilt, the Brown Tornado, The Pap Smear, Rolled-…….”
“Fokkn Stop-a! Dis guy’s da one. What’ your name, super fokker?”
“Rolled-up Newspaper Man….”
“I tort so! Well, Mr Rolled-up fokkin Newspaper Man… you is da fokkin neme-fokkn-sis of dat fokkn Spider-fokkin-Man! Get out der and fok him flat! Go, ya Fokker! Git da fok outta here!”
They hurled Rolled-up Newspaper Man out the door to bring an unforseen but tragic destiny to the Spider Man.
Very shortly, however….
“What’s dat fokkin noise at da fokkn door, Antonio? Go and fokkin see what da fok is-a it….”
Antonio opens the door.
“Hey Boss… It’s Rolled-Up Newspaper Man… he’s back!”
“Has he kilt da fokkn Spider Fokker man already?’
“Have you kilt Spider fokkin Man already?”
“Ahhhh… no. Not yet. Didn’t get much of a chance.”
“Hey Boss, he says no; he didn’t get a chance to kill the spider man.”
“Well, what da fok is da Fokker doin back here, den??”
Rolled-up Newspaper man nodded his head in the direction of his slavering captor.
“Um… looks like Golden Retriever Boy brung him back, Boss.”
“Da fokk!!!!


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