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Krusty Cowboy Klub likes Variety Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sample ImageThe Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show for Variety SA 

I know I keep reminding you of this event but that is because some kind of stupid snobbery prevents most Adelaide people from even looking sideways at something that they consider might be ‘country music’. Let me tell you again, the Krusty Cowboys do not play country music – they play cowboy music… and most of it is funny and fun! And this KCK variety show will be funner and funnier than anything you have seen in a while. We have Matt Gilberton (Hans the haughty cowboy) hosting the evening, we have Don Morrison dropping in to regale us with tales and tunes from the paths less travelled, we have a little bit of magic from Danny and I believe there will be some dude doing an extremely dangerous and possibly stupid whip-cracking demonstration. There will be stuff to drink, there will be raffles, dancing, singing and joy will be unconfined… yes, she will be let loose on the joint.

The Joint being: St Luke’s Hall (behind St Lukes church in Whitmore Square, Adelaide) Some off-street parking is available for early uptakers. That other street has plenty of spaces.
The Date: Saturday October 11
The Time: Doors open at 7:30; shit starts happening at 8.00 pm.
The cost: GOLD donation at the door. You will be goaded into buying raffle tickets as part of the FUNDRAISING activities for Variety SA who is the prime host of this event.
Wear: whatever you want to … but a cowboy/cowsheila hat is acceptable at ANY high-class event like this.  So are duds… by the way; please wear them. And cowboy/cowsheila boots,  but they are not obligatory; it’s just for getting’ in the mood. Red Indians are also welcome, be they Cherokee, Bigfoot or Blacktooth or whatever.

 Get a crowd of fun-loving folk and get stompin - or get some miserable bastards and bring 'em along show 'em what a good time is at the Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show for Variety SA.








 Sample ImageBSide magazine






Sample ImageSemaphore Music Festival-October 3 - 6








LSample Imageots of music going on this Sunday for the long weekend, especially at The MAGILL CLUB which has to be seen to be believed. For all the right reasons. Eclectic. Relaxed. Real. And yes…. they've got a beer garden. Lazy Sunday Afternoon with Gumbo Yaya at the Magill Club, Uren St, Magill.










Sample ImageOctober 3 - The Hurtin' Four at The Yankalilla Hotel

Kick off your October long weekend with some honky tonkin' music and welcome guest band The Hurtin' Four to the stage on Friday, 3rd October!












Have a Spring Affair at Maxwell Wines.

Sample Image
For this inaugural food and wine festival Maxwells have joined forces with Paxton and Coriole so gather some friends enjoy the sunshine with some of Tom Boden's delicious food along with new release Maxwell wines on offer, plus live music from The Happy Leonards all day.   Sunday 5th October, 9.30am - 5.00pm
Tickets are $20 each and includes entry into two wineries, entertainment and a wine glass to keep.   Maxwell Wines,  Ph: (08) 8323 8200



Sample ImageCome on down to one of the grooviest places in town and let Lady Voodoo and the Rituals hit u up with some of the grooviest RnB tunes from the 50's and 60's,  at Casablabla - 12 Leigh Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000








Adelaide Rock n Roll Club

Sample ImageNEXT CLUB NIGHT -  7TH OCTOBER 2014 at the Anzano Club, 2 Chief Street Brompton
Featuring the Party Cats with DJ Ray
Book now for “That’ll Be The Night Extravaganza” featuring Sweet Rock (Melb), the Lincolns (Adel) on 8th November 2014
Don’t miss OUT! -getting your tickets early WILL GUARANTEE A SEAT IN THE HOUSE because
this show is selling fast… Limited numbers.  Tickets from Carole 0450 403 779.
Goin’ up the country??? Tickets for Berri Dance are still available for late runners! 17- 19th October 2014

Tickets from Carole 0450 403 77




AMC Session 5 with Glenn SHorrock

Sample Image Also with Chris Finnen, The Beggars, Brillig and Sam Britten

Ticketed seating available at: 























ROOTS, Blues and Folk at The Gov

 Sample ImageThis show gets bigger and bigger the more you look at it. Follow it on facebook, get your self some tickets to the whole things or whichever bit appeals to you.
























Sample ImageThursday November 27 - the Bridgeway Hotel & FOCUS Promotions are proud to announce a killer line-up of rock bands featuring Existential Deception, Thursdays Friend, PJB - The Pete Jenkins Band, Dirtyfrank, & @Luke Marshall of The Clever Trees.

















The hobbit

I’m reading the Hobbit again. And this time through it seems a whole lot better.  My new girlfriend Zalenka has got a tattoo of the Hobbit. Not the hairy little rodent himself… the whole fukn book… all over her body! I have never enjoyed reading a kiddies’ book sooooo much.
I started reading on the smooth and silky White Downs before wandering into the gently undulating South Downs. From there I literally tripped up the ol' North-South Road to the glorious twin peaks of the northerly Ettenmoors. And it is fair to say that had I tarried longer there I certainly would have etten more than I could swaller!
From the tips of the Misty Mountains I scaled down the High Pass and Carrock put in a timely appearance. From there it was a short trip along the Old Ford straight into the dark, bristly Mirkwood. Forewarned by folklore and intuition, I kept to the northerly regions of that mysterious, sometimes fearful and foul forest, aware that I am not quite ready to venture into the unknown Brown Lands at the extreme lower end of Mirkwood.
For the nonce, however, it is unlikely I will get to visit that interesting place as I am seriously trapped in Mirkwood with a fight on my hands.  First, it was the magic of the Mistress of Mirkwood, Zalenka, who could make the dreamy Old Forest river ebb and flow at will with its mesmerising perfume; a perfume that dulled my senses so that I did not notice the blasted forest was infested with 8-legged arachnoid parasites.  I woke up suddenly to find I had the little bastards all over me. I drew out my trusty sword Kerasene, and struck and slashed, and stabbed and parried…. And sloshed.
And, as we leave this episode,  I am fighting a mighty battle to destroy the last of these vile, creeping, crawling  buggers and hope that, should I overcome this pestilence, I will still have the strength and will to keep going,  to find that dark, ancient cavern in the Lonely Mountain d’venus. I know that will not be the end of my reading pleasures, for I have heard that an old, cantankerous dragon guards that deep, fusty fissure. Well, I have dealt with such creatures before… and have most always lost. But, I will read on; intrepid, bodacious, brave but stupid, ever hopeful for a dip in the Long Lake after a bash at the resident dragon…. confident that my mighty weapon, Goodprod the Clitmasher,  will cleave a path to the dragon’s den.
My mind had wandered off the reading a bit then, but… it’s nearly lights-out time so I will have to resume the story tomorrow. I will let you know how the ‘book’ turns out.


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