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Yeehaa! It's the Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show for Variety SA Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 October 2014

The Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show for Variety SA this Saturday October 11 at St Luke’s, Whitmore Square.

Sample ImageHere we are, only a couple of sleeps away from the big show and we would love to see you there among the other supporters of Variety SA., the children’s charity.

The Krusty Cowboy Klub  variety show for Variety promises to be more fun than a burst colostomy bag at the Burnside Pool. We have Matt Gilberton (Hans the haughty cowboy) hosting the evening, we have Don Morrison dropping in to regale us with tales and tunes from the paths less travelled, we have A Little Bit of Magic from Daniel and I believe there will be some dude doing an extremely dangerous and possibly stupid whip-cracking demonstration. There will be stuff to drink, there will be raffles, dancing, singing and joy will be unconfined… yes, she will be let loose on the joint.

The Joint being: St Luke’s Hall (behind St Lukes church in Whitmore Square, Adelaide) Some off-street parking is available for early uptakers. That other street has plenty of spaces.
The Date: Saturday October 11
The Time: Doors open at 7:30; shit starts happening at 8.00 pm.
The Cost: GOLD donation at the door. You will be goaded into buying raffle tickets as part of the FUNDRAISING activities for Variety SA who is the prime host of this event.
Wear: whatever you want to … but a cowboy/cowsheila hat is acceptable at ANY high-class event like this.  So are duds… by the way; please wear them. And cowboy/cowsheila boots,  but they are not obligatory; it’s just for getting’ in the mood. Red Indians are also welcome, be they Cherokee, Bigfoot or Blacktooth or whatever.

Get a crowd of fun-loving folk and get stompin' - or get some miserable bastards and bring 'em along to show 'em what a good time is at the Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show for Variety SA this Saturday, October 11, at St Luke’s, Whitmore Square, the city.







Sample ImageAMC Session 5 with Glenn Shorrock

Also with Chris Finnen, The Beggars, Brillig and Sam Britten

Ticketed seating available at:  

















 Sample ImageDon Morrison






Sample ImageThe Texettes Mackenzie Highway single launch at the Goodwood Institute

Sunday October 19 the Texettes launch a new single: MacKenzie’s Highway at the Goodwood Institute. Supported by An Acoustic Scandal, it will be scandalous if you don’t come along for the fun. 3-6 pm, ten bucks at the door, bar facilities and an earful of good music. What more could you want? Ok…. don’t tell me, I have already thought of a couple of things that would put a smile on my miserable dial.  But don’t let that stop you from coming along to the Goodwood Institute, 166a Goodwood Road, Sunday October 19, 3pm – 6pm.














Sample ImageROOTS, and Folk'n Blues at The Gov

I get excited every time I see the list of artists. Book. Go. Have fun.






















Nietzsche’s Nazi Ninja Nits.

Deep in the mass of hair on Frederick Nietzsche’s noggin, a gathering of Nazi Ninja Nits was taking place. The leader of the deadly assassins, Adolph Nagato, called the crowd to attention with a secret sign… a rotating orange light on top of his zukin ... and stepped up to the microphone to speak.
“Herr Daichi,” he whispered to an aide, “ … is the echo machine switched on? You know I can’t make a rousing speech out in the open without the echo going boing boing boing… It is? Arigatō. Now I speak…
“Kohm-bahn-wah, mighty Ninjas Nits. Life has been very good for us here in the tall forest on Nietschze’s dome. We have purified our race and grown strong and plentiful.  Our government and our economy is exemplary and is a model for all states in Nietzsche. But, I have travelled to the very edges of our realm and have seen discord, impurity beyond our borders,  and a lack of the Right governance.  Some of you know of what I speak. Yes…. The eyebrows of Nietzsche are unruly and a threat to our way of life. And though  Nietzsche’s hairline is receding somewhat, there is historical evidence, being written as I speak,  that in earlier times, the eyebrows were an extension of this glorious quiff which protects us. Herr Ninjas, If we were to take back this land that will soon be listed as formerly ours, we will be at the very FOREFRONT of Nietschze’s noggin!”
Crowd of ninjas: “yay, jawol, Hai-hai, Omoshiroi, etc.”
“Mein Ninja nits… I need an army of the stealthiest and strongest of you, special Snowstorm Nazi Ninjas, to abseil unobserved... invisible ... down the vast, bare expanse of the upper frontal area of Nietschze’s noodle and overcome the inferior race existing in Nietschze’s eyebrows, to lay open the path for our occupation!!”
Crowd: “yay, yay, jawol, Hai-hai, Omoshiroi, sayounara frauline, etc.”
Nagato’s officers gathered a fanatical squad of abseiling ninja nits who were expert at white-out-with-a-bit-of-flesh-tone camoflague and the invasion was quickly under way.
Sonn, Adolph Nagato called another gathering for a second address: “Herr Ninja Nits, we have succeeded in occupying the eyebrows and routing the inferior inhabitants. It waits only for my triumphant march into these new – but formerly old – lands of ours. What is it, Herr Hiroki??? Excuse me, my loyal subjects, while I listen to a message from the front.”
“Gotten Himmel, what is this????? Mein Ninjas, it appears that by annexing the eyebrows of Nietzsche we have aroused the enmity of the Mild-mannered Moustache Mites who have somehow discovered that we have future plans for also occupying their lush homeland. They are readying a squadron of Mosquito Midges to repel our forces.   My Ninja Nits, I do not fear these Mild-mannered Moustache Mites and their Mingy Mosquito Mites;  they are weak, they live in the shadow of the hideous nose and exist on the mucus of the nostrils. We will overcome them; we will fight to the death; that which does not kill us makes us stronger, mein parasitic pediculidae!!  Nazi Ninja Nits will prevail!!!”
Crowd: “yay, yay, jawol, Hai-hai, Omoshiroi," and especially: "Sayounara, mien frauline, rooks rike I go to war, kamikaze style… etc.”


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