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Texettes at the Goodwood Institute Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sample ImageThe Texettes launch McKenzie Highway – new single release – at the Goodwood Institute this Sunday, October 10.

Supported by An Acoustic Scandal. 3-6 pm. Ten lousy bucks at the door, bar facilities. Good music…. Texettes music is all original, none of yer covers there. And you get that other band too… it’s like a ‘show’! See you there….3 pm kick off.

 PS: If your ten bucks is louse-free it will be accepted as legal tender, by the way.









Sample ImageBSide magazine


BSide for bands: $60 advt puts your gig in front of your potential audience. Think about it. Call BSide:  8346 9899



 Sample ImageThe Gov  - THIS THURSDAY it's "Heat 3" of the ARBA "BLUES HEATS”!!!!

Starts 8pm @ The Gov's Front bar @ "Gumbo Room" Blues Jam

Come along & see who wins round 3 & also get a special year "ARBA" year membership for only $20 in October only...spread the word!!!!






 Sample Image Don Morrison's Raging Thirst, this Friday at the Semaphore Workers Club, The Esplanade, Semaphore. 9.00 pm.


Sunday. Oct. 26th at the semaphore workers club it's Mutu Vudu -  bold and sassy to the max.

Mutu Vudu brings something old and something new to the live music scene…. Fervent soul and vibrant blues. Lara sings and her hand-picked band features Adelaide’s best players. Lara Mutu on vocals, Steve Smith on guitar, (ex Hiptones) Jesse Dean Freeman on keys, Frank Lang on bass and Mario Marino on drums.  t's soul infused funk R&B at the Semaphore Worker’s Club, the esplanade, Semaphore. Sunday from 5 pm.

Ahhh. I remember when I had my own little R&B band, the Flared Nostrils; every boogie was hand-picked.



Sample ImageGumbo ya ! ya! at the Magill Club on November 2. 5pm.

 Uren St, Magill. (Behind the Tower Hotel)






Sample ImageAMC Sessions number 6 – Book now

November 21 features the boys from the Mixtures (remember the Pushbike Song) Evan & Idris Jones; the Baker Suite, Laura Hill and Peter Coombe.

This series has been a raging success and shows sell out.  Use the link to book seats.














Sample ImageROOTS, and Folk'n Blues at The Gov






















  Sample ImageThursday November 27 - the Bridgeway Hotel & FOCUS Promotions are proud to announce a killer line-up of rock bands featuring Existential Deception, Thursdays Friend, PJB - The Pete Jenkins Band, Dirtyfrank, & @Luke Marshall of The Clever Trees.















Sample Image


The upcoming national tour for The Screaming Jets is going to be something very special, for fans and the band alike. The iconic rock band, originally from Newcastle, will be celebrating 25 years – yes, a quarter of a century – of great Aussie rock. THE SCREAMING JETS, The Gov | Fri 24 & Sat 25 Oct

Tickets: $39 + Booking Fee;  Doors open @ 7:30 pm



Sample ImageRADIO BIRDMAN @ The Gov


Radio Birdman, one of the pioneers of the high energy rock ‘n roll scene in Australia, return to the stage for a limited number of shows, stopping at The Gov on Saturday, November 8.  these shows will be a unique opportunity to catch this legendary Australian underground band whose flame has influenced a multitude of current contenders. To make things ever better the band will be reissuing their formidable back catalogue, the demand for which never ceases.




When I was an obituary writer…

I lived for the death of all the biggies…
Like the time I had to rush out to the death watch of Lord Muck for the London Times. Lord Muck had a reputation for demanding punctuality… mainly of everybody else. He couldn’t care two hoots if a fifty pence rise in pensions didn’t get put through on time; didn’t give a fuck if contractors didn’t get paid on time; was decidedly jolly if tax returns didn’t get sent out on time. But other stuff…. where other people were serving him… they had to be on time or cop hell. So it was with great delight I received the commission to go to the hospice and interview him on his death bed. Love it when the grim reaper calls on the grandees; they might consider themselves great in life but, when the axe falls, a table waiter is no more dead than a peer of the realm.
Anyway… I couldn’t park near the hospice because of all the Rolls Royces and Bentleys and then I had to fight my way through a crowd of well-heeled parasites pretending to mourn for the fat autocrat.
“You’re a bit late,” he mumbled. “S’posed to be here half an hour ago.”
“Yes. Well, there were no car parks within cooee and…”
“You lower classes are always full of excuses. What are you doing with a car anyway? Public transport is good enough for the leftie likes of you, now get on with your job!”
My job was to listen to the drivel he spouted while he was supposed to be dying.  
I had been in there listening to his self-glorifying prattle for four hours when he caught me looking at my watch.
“What’s the matter with you? Do you have to be somewhere that’s more important than taking down my final words? Well???”
“It’s just that… well, the newspaper deadline is getting close.”
“Well… you should have thought about that when you were busy getting here late…!! Typical! Can’t get to your job on time, can’t get your work done on time.”
“You are right, Sir. From this moment on I am changing my ways. I will make that deadline!” And I shoved a pillow over his face and held it down until he stopped squirming.  Lost my notebook on the way back to the office but I made deadline with a picture and one line caption. Good, job;  now I’m thinking of reverting back to my old ways again.


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