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Blues Blues and More Blues, happily Print E-mail
Monday, 27 October 2014

Sample Image

 Sample Image   Wednesday October 29, Royal Oak Hotel North Adelaide

 Sample Image   SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1.... at the Wheatie. 9pm.


 Sample ImageTHURSDAY NOVEMBER 6 - at the Gilbert Street Hotel.  7 pm.




Blues Avenue and Lazy Eye are appearing on the rather extensive bill at the upcoming Bendigo Blues Sample ImageFestival.

About the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival

The brainchild of renowned Bendigo musician and promoter Colin Thompson, The Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival enjoyed it’s inaugural appearance in November 2011, and after a successful festival in 2012 it returns once again to fill the streets of Bendigo with music on the 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th November 2014.

Sample Image

The Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival is a four day event of Blues and Roots performances and workshops throughout Bendigo and surrounding towns, the highlight of which is a day long family friendly concert featuring 16 acts over two stages in the picturesque Bendigo Civic Gardens on Saturday November 8th.   Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival Inc. is a not for profit community organisation headed by a dedicated committee and backed by an army of volunteers. In the coming months we will showcasing a variety of events leading up to the festival. This site (see end of par.) is the best place to keep up to date on all that is going on with the festival and to follow our journey so far:  http://www.bendigobluesandroots.com.au/lineup.php 





 BSide Magazine.... pick it up at a venue - check out the $60 band/entertainers' ads.Sample Image



(08) 8346 989;   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

 BSide magazine is now distributed to more than 240 venues in Adelaide





Sample ImageOn Sunday November 2 you can catch Hoy-Hoy! at the HAMPSHIRE HOTEL CITY.








The Moment - MAPS Photography Exhibition opening night

 Sample Image

2014 MAPS Film School Photography Exhibition showcasing work by diploma students in the areas of street photography, typology and portraiture.
November 5 at 6:00 pm,    Marion Council - 245 Sturt Road





Radio Birdman, one of the pioneers of the high energy rock ‘n roll scene in Australia, return to the stage for a limited number of shows, stopping at The Gov on Saturday, November 8.  these shows will be a unique opportunity to catch this legendary Australian underground band whose flame has influenced a multitude of current contenders. To make things ever better the band will be reissuing their formidable back catalogue, the demand for which never ceases.








Sample ImageNovember 9 at Caledonian Hotel in North Adelaide,  Rumours – The Fleetwood Mac Show.

RUMOURS performs the music of Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 – 1990 Nicks/ Buckingham/ Mc Vie / Fleetwood period from classic albums Rumours, Fleetwood Mac, Tusk and Mirage.









 AMC SESSIONS #6 - the Mixtures!

 Friday November 21

Book now through Trybookings.com/101851Sample Image
























Sample ImageFriday November 28 Red Hot Blues band will be playing the semaphore Workers Club

 Red Hot and rockin! 9 pm kick off.







Deep South at the Gov November 28, 29 and 30.

 Sample Image





Adelaide Rock and Roll Club present a Christmas Special at the Westward Ho Golf Club on DECEMBER 20.


Sample ImageBOOKING ESSENTIAL   -  THROUGH ‘WESTWARD HO’ p hone:  8356 7220
   Military Road, West Beach SA
Time: Doors Open 6:00pm
Date: Saturday December 20th 2014








Lost in translation

I’ve got a new job... well, nothing too grand, it's more like a 'turn' in a cabaret revue. And I got the job because of one of the ironies of getting older. That being the puzzling paradox of the wasting away of the hair on top of your head while it proliferates on the rest of your body below the eyebrows.
In my case, the hair started falling out wholesale, driving me to take immediate reparative measures. And what do you do when you need to know something - anything?? The fukn internet, of course....!  I got on the internet and discovered that consuming doses of some special hormones can stimulate hair growth. Really and truly. And, you know, if it’s on the interweb it’s true and that’s good enough for me.
I bought a wheelbarrow full these hormones and started guzzling. And the hair grew... and the more hormones I guzzled the more the hair grew. It was unreal the way it grew all over my body - but not on my head! Not one strand grew on the naked pate.
In two weeks I looked like a new species of gorilla.... a bald-headed hairy-backed variety.
My back was like a mammoth-skin rug. My arse was so hairy when I put my undies on it looked like they were full of huntsman spiders.
Freaked, I stopped taking the hormones. But the hair remained; tenaciously remained.
I could sort of put up with the hairy back but not the hairy arse, that was disgusting. Then I had an idea - I decided to get me hairy arse skin peeled. A friend recommended a surgeon who could do something for me on the cheap. The job was simple enough.... just peel the hairy skin off me arse. But then I had the idea that it might be good to swap it with the skin on me head... which would be peeled off and transplanted onto my arse. And I figured that if it worked, all would be well. Well.... well enough; as long as I ended up with a hairy head and a bald arse.
Did I mention the quack was Russian? Well... he was. Or maybe Ukraine or Siberian; I don’t know. But I quickly discovered he wasn’t great with our local lingo… especially the English/Oz-Russian translation bit of it. Or any of it, really. Oddly enough, it turned out that I wasn’t too good with the Russian language so we had a tricky communication problem and I had to sort of mime demonstrate the procedure I was requiring. It took a lot of miming and energetic hand-waving and pointing, and a lot of puzzled looks but eventually he nodded – “Vell… ok. сума ublyudok!”

Whatever he meant by that I now believe he was suggesting that perhaps I should have hired an interpreter because something definitely got mixed up in the miming and the translation of same. After the operation I ended up with my whole - entire - arse transplanted onto my head and my bald head transplanted onto my bummal area!   My arse looks sort of okay.... I’m slowly getting used to the fact that it doesn’t have a bum crack. But the payoff is having my entire hairy arse on my head; every time I fart my hat does a somersault. That’s what got me the job in the cabaret. It makes the kids laugh, I tell yer. And now I also do this thing where put on a bowler hat with a hole in the top and when the hat fills up with farts I light the gas as it comes out the hole and boil the kettle on the blue flame. Now I’m entertaining and useful for the first time in me life!


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