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We're goin' up the country where the water tastes lke dust.... Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sample ImageAmber Joy Poulton and the Holy Men go east this weekend to stir up some trouble along the border… Wentworth, Burooga (wherever the hell that is!), Wagga plus Wagga!







Sample ImageBSide Magazine....  local music, CD reviews and entertainment guide. 

BSide magazine is now distributed to more than 250 venues in Adelaide. Pick it up at a venue - check out the $60 band/entertainers' ads.

See:   http://bsidemagazine.com.au/contact/
Other contacts: (08) 8346 989;   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



Music Music and more Music.

WHAT - Arkaba Record & CD Sale

WHEN - Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th of November, from 9am to 5pm

WHERE - Arkaba Hotel, on the corner of Fullarton Road & Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton

HOW MUCH - entry is FREE.

Two music traders from New South Wales will offer over 50 tables of reasonably priced, quality secondhand records, plus an array of CDs and memorabilia. There’ll also be a selection of extremely desirable collectables.
Working from the slogan “something for everyone, bargains & collectibles”, Revolve Records from Sydney and The Vinyl Junkie from Byron Bay are well known to Adelaide record fair customers and music fans, as reliable & respected suppliers of fine audio entertainment.
The music on offer will include - alternative, blues, boogie, club, country, disco, folk, hip-hop, house, indie, jazz, metal, pop, prog, punk, reggae, rockabilly, trance, world music, etc.


 AMC SESSIONS #6 - the Mixtures!  Friday November 21

Sample ImageFeatures the boys from the Mixtures (remember the Pushbike Song) Evan & Idris Jones; the Baker Suite, Laura Hill and Peter Coombe.

  Use the link to book seats:













Sample ImageFriday November 28 Red Hot Blues band will be burning up the semaphore Workers Club

Ohhh yes….. it will be Red Hot and Rockin! 9 pm kick off.







 Two Photographic Exhibitions:

Sample ImageWomen in Music part 1 (photo far left), Photographs by Peter Tea. Wheatsheaf Hotel Thursday December 4

And this one: Thursday Nov 27 at the Gov.

Sample Image




WESTWARD HO GOLF CLUB INC. Presents the Barstool Philosophers, November 29.

Bookings Essential -  8356 7220
Bar Facilities Available - NO BYO
Entry $8.00 - Dancing 7:30 pm
Military Road, West Beach S.A.

Adelaide Rock and Roll Club present a Christmas Special at the Westward Ho Golf Club on DECEMBER 20.


Where:   Military Road, West Beach SA
Time: Doors Open 6:00pm
Date: Saturday December 20th 2014;  25.00







Sample ImageGigs at the Weaty: http://www.wheatsheafhotel.com.au/gigs




 Sample ImageThe Gov: http://www.thegov.com.au/index.php/gig_guide

 The gig that lights up the board for me is C.W. STONEKING - Fri 21 Nov

CW is touring with his band to promote his third album – Gon’ Boogaloo -  with a series of shows nationally on the ‘Gon’ Boogaloo National Tour’. He lobs at the Gov on Friday Nov 21. Tickets: $35 + Booking Fee ; Doors open @ 7:30 pm




 Sample ImageDeep South at the Gov November 28, 29 and 30.
























Sample ImageMore Amber Joy Poulton: Friday, 5th Dec - Amber & Anthony acoustic at the North Haven Surf Club!

Saturday, 6th Dec – Amber Joy and the Holy Men at Underdale Bowling Club 7:30pm kick-orf.






Great Expectorations by Charles Dicknose

ON his way home from bible reading one evening, young Pipsqueek is accosted by a wino who breathes cheap muscatel fumes over the terrified lad and sez: “Hey, mate…mate…. Mate….!!  You got a cigarette? A Ciggy... just one…eh? eh?”
“I am sorry, Sir," replied young Pipsqueek, “But I don’t smoke cigarettes… I can’t afford to.”
“What??? Y’re fukn kidding….” Exclaimed the wino…. “You’ve never had a fukn durry?”
“No Sir…. Never.”
“Well, here. Have shot on this then,” the wino sed, pulling a sloppy white cylinder with one burned end from behind his ear.  “It’s still a bit damp from being in the bottom of the trough but that’ll make it a bit smoother….”
Young Pipsqueek tried the durry.
“Sir… I don’t mind that, at all,” replied young Pipsqueek as he rather expertly performed the Scotch drawback “In fact, I quite like it; do you have any more….?”
“Nah…well., not yet. But come back later …  I might have found a few others dahn the public loos.”
“I will if I can sir,” said young Pipsqueek, cheerily,  “… and thank you for the introduction to the pleasures of smoking tobacco.”
Pip never got to go back to see if the dero had any more ciggies for when he got home his sister spoke to him quite sharply and smacked him over the ears with a wooden coathanger.
“You’re late, you dozy little constable, We’re s’posed to be going to meet our long lost Uncle Bumcock and his Daughter Estelle!”
“What for…?” whined young Pipsqueek.
“So we can ingratiate ourselves into their family circle in the hope that they will adopt you and get you off my fukn books!”
Well, as it turned out, Uncle Bumcock was as mean as cat’s piss and wouldn’t give the lad the smell off his shit but his daughter, Estelle….. Whahayyy! Was she stacked??? Yes! And could she wiggle???? Yes, she could! And she wiggled her way onto little Pipi’s list of desires.
But Uncle Bumcock was on the ball and spotted them going down behind the bike shed and quickly sprung the pair of them just as they started a steamy game of doctors and nurses.
“You won’t be putting your filthy stickoscope anywhere near my daughter’s claviticle until you've got enough money to pay for it!”  roared Bumcock. “Now fuk off, you pimply little constable!”
Then, as in all these dopey, convoluted human nature type of stories, fate took a hand in matters. Pipi pulled down 20 quid off a scratchie.
All of a sudden, Estelle was standing by his side.
“What are you gonna do with all that money, my little Pipsqueak?” she crooned in his cute little wax-filled ear.
“I’m gonna marry you, bang you up the duff and start smoking cigars,” replied Pipsqueek, snappily.
“Oooh. You don’t have to wait until we’re married, Pipsqueak…” she giggled and wiggled her frontal areas. “We can buy some cigars right now!”
“Whooopteeefukndooooo!!!” shouted the little lad, excitedly.  And so Pip and Estelle bought a box of Cuban cigars and went down behind the bike shed to smoke ‘em.
It’s funny how it’s hard to stop when you find something you like doing; things like eating salted cashews, drinking beer or gin 'n' tonics, masturbating or ….smoking cigars.
Pipsqueek quickly became hooked on the taste of Cuban cigar smoke and began to puff his way through the whole box.
“Pipsqueeek, my little choof-choof train,” Estelle said sternly. “You must have a rest from smoking cigars. You might get ill or smoker’s cough or something. Shall I get you some patches or nicarettes, eh?”
“No way, hon,” Pipsqueek wheezed, greenly. “… I’ve waited a long time to acquire a nicotine habit and I’m fkn going for it.”
And go he did. However, as he was lighting the last cigar of the box, Pipsqueek started coughing. And then... he couldn't stop; and it got louder; and then he started hacking and choking…… and choking and hacking, and bits of green stuff flew out of his gob.
“You Ok, Pipsqueek?” enquired Estelle with kind concern.
“Yeah… just a bit of phlegm, I reckon. Excuse me while I hoik it up.”
And so Pipsqueek coughed some more. Then he coughed and hacked and gasped and then his face went red then blue and then purple. Then his chest started to burble and his coughing got harder and the flying greenies became flecked with red. And he hacked so hard it sounded like he was going to cough up a boulder…. And he hacked and he coughed and hacked and…..  PHLOOOOPPHH!
He hacked up an 'orrible red mess that lay pulsing weakly on the ground.
“What…. What is that, Estelle?”… he gasped weakly.
“Looks like your lungs, Luv. Yeah... you’ve hoiked up yer lungs, Pipsqueek!”
“Oh!  And… and what’s that little round thing attached to them by a sort of red string thingy?”
Estelle examined the object.
“We’ll, you might find the going a bit tough from here on, Pipsqueek.… that’s yer ringpiece you’ve hoiked up. I toldja to give the smokes a rest.”

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