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Thursday, 04 December 2014

Amber Joy Poulton – 2 shows this weekend.

Sample ImageAmber writes: "SA/Adelaide… don't forget there are two shows this weekend. My last for the year. Friday night at North Haven Surf Club with my trusty guitarist Anthony Stewart, and on Saturday with the whole band - The Holy Men - at Underdale Airport Bowling Club. There are discount prices for booking before Friday. Phone 0411 230 822 now!”











LAST Gig for the Year for Hi~Lo & Sebastian Scott at The Sussex this Friday, December 5.



 Grace Emily, Saturday December 6

 Sample Image




Sample ImageThe wheaty:  FRI 12 DECEMBER, FUNHOUSE OF BLUES,  9PM/ $10 ON THE DOOR





 Sample Image    Friday December 12,Hoy-Hoy! Music At the: SEMAPHORE WORKERS CLUB

Hoy-Hoy! - 28 years as part of The Adelaide music scene. The band celebrates with an evening of tunes, some original and some which pay homage to the songs the guys like to play. A little Texas blues, some R&B and some rockin’ blues.Trapper on drums, Mauri Berg on guitar and Frank Lang, Bass and Vocals.


 Sample Image Rumours – The Fleetwood Mac Show #2,   7 December

"Due to public demand after our sold out last show, we present to you again - RUMOURS - performing the music of Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 – 1990 Nicks/ Buckingam/ Mc Vie / Fleetwood period from the classic albums... at the Caledonian Hotel in North Adelaide, at 19:00 hours, sergeant!"





Sample ImageSyn @ Sunset with The Satellites on Saturday December 27,
Leconfield Wines McLaren Vale - 439 Main Road McLaren Vale
6pm – 9pm  Ph: 8323 8830








 Sample ImageNYE 2014 at the Semaphore RSL Sub-Branch -  The Crew - Classic Rock -  Get in Quick Tickets will sell out.... Tickets available at the club from this week!





The rise of the Monster…..

The screaming could be heard from the other side of the town… something horrific was going down in the city – Stuff was being torn apart; blood was being let and it sounded messy.
“What’s going’ on over there, Mate?” I arksed the bloke sitting next to me at the bar.
“Ohhh, sumpin’ went wrong at the Zoo… sumpin’ got out and got into sumpin’ else…. I heard.”
“Eh? Oh, yeah ... it created a monster.  Big monster… a mongrelised mutant….. Pretty fukn horrible. An’ it’s gorne mad or sumpin’.”
“What the….! It Created a monster?”
“Yeah. Apparently a gorilla busted out of its cage and rooted a kangaroo…”
“Oh, no! Not that!!!! ….And now we’ve got  …..”
“Yep.  Kangarilla. Half kangaroo, half gorilla and half night-club bouncer. Fukn ugly as well as grumpy.”
“What made it mad?”
“Well… you know the pouch that a roo has….?”
“Well, Kangarilla’s got one, but it’s at the back.”
“So…  ?”
“So… he was down Rundle Mall and got his wallet pinched by a pickpocket. A walloper said it was his own fault for carryin’ it there and Kangarilla went bunta. Started throwin’ shit around and when the copper told him to stop he gets the red mist.”
“Shit, eh? So… what are they gonna do?”
“Well… they reckon they’ve found another monster that can stop Kangarilla in its tracks... here… it’s on the teeva now…”
News reporter: “Buildings destroyed, faeces splattered over the humdrum 90’s architecture and blood in the streets… Kangarilla has been angered and its wrath is an outpouring of destruction. And poop-flinging.  Oh, the humanity!!  But… on a brighter note,  we have just heard that a monster capable of putting a stop to Kangarilla’s rampage is at this very moment being unloaded from a limousine at Rundle Mall. Stand back….  everybody stand back and don’t look. The word from Canberra  -  the home away from home with outrageous rent and travel allowances for the monster - the word is, if you look at Basilisk Bishop for even one second you will turn to balsa wood or polystyrene or a peanut or something.  She has a fierce reputation in the ACT and now… Basilisk Bishop is being herded towards Kangarilla in the hope she will turn him into a pencil case or a pair of slippers with her lethal boggle-eyed gaze. Her protective helmet is being removed and she is now staring extremely hard at Kangarilla…… Really, really hard.  Staring now…..”
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock….
“She is still staring really strongly at Kangarilla…..”
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock….
“And she is still staring… “
“Jeezus! what the fuk’s goin on with that wall-eyed salmon?… I thought she was s’posed to be deadly?” shouted an anxious onlooker.
“Yeah, well… I guess she can only stare really hard at politicians… And, anyway, Kangarilla can’t be bothered looking at her, so how’s the basilisk bit s’posed to work if you don’t look….” Responded a mildly interested by-bystander.
“What a fukn waste of space and time,” wailed the anxious bystander. “Oh…is there no one who can help us stop Kangarilla?
“I might have a shot," I sed to the bloke next to me at the bar. “Keep your eye on the teeva.”

News reporter: “As more buildings crumble and property developers circle like sharks, we  fear there is no way to stop Kangarilla now that Basilisk Bishop has given up and is looking for a low-level state politician or council  member to stare at. But… hang on a bit… what is this?????  We have a new arrival who is shovelling shit,  kicking away the bricks and dead bodies to challenge Kangarilla; he’s churning up the debris like a wombat in a compost heap. He has stood up to the monster and … he’s got a…. OH!… my word! He has immediately and unceremoniously struck Kangarilla with a metal object of some kind and the monster has skidded across the Mall and come to a stop outside the Reject Shop. It looks like it’s all over as the blowflies gather and wedge-tail eagles swoop down to pick the carcase clean. Sir… Sir…  you have struck a mighty blow for this city,  who are you?”
“Eh?  Oh… er…. Wombat Man…”
“And, what is that impressive weapon you used to stonker Kangarilla… with one blow?”
“Aww, nothing much; just the roo bar off me ute. Pretty deadly the old ones; made out of 3-inch galvo pipe. Now… I wouldn’t mind a root after that; Issat your offsider over there with the clipboard… is she a goer??? No…! well, then, what about your mum? I’ll bet she’s has a scruff or two in ‘er time…”


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