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Blues from Here to Maternity... I mean Goolwa Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 December 2014

Sample ImageDouble Double Voodoo Blues this week with Sweet Baby James  and Rob Eyers shouting out the blues, spilling their guts at the Royal Oak (north Adelaide) on Wednesday December 10 and then again on Thursday December 11 at the Gilbert Street Hotel. Just to make sure you don’t miss something… The Royal Oak gig starts at 8.30… for all you night owls… and the Gilbert Street gig starts at 7 p m… for all you early risers. And if any of you are eaters there is pretty good scran at both of those joints. And beer… lots of lovely cold beer.






 Sample ImageBSide Magazine....  local music, CD reviews and entertainment guide. 

BSide magazine is now distributed to more than 250 venues in Adelaide. Pick it up at a venue - check out the $60 band/entertainers' ads.

See:   http://bsidemagazine.com.au/contact/ ; Other contacts: (08) 8346 989;   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




Sample ImageFunhouse at the Wheatie

This Friday 12th Dec.... The 'Funhouse of Blues" with the amazing Gail Page...at the Wheatsheaf Hotel....9pm....it's going to a hard groovin' boogie, swing and soul filled funk experience....you won't be able to resist dancing. Unless you've been cut off at the waist... that would make it tricky to do the boogaloo.



Rockin at the Magill Club

Sample ImageSome of Adelaide’s finest are playing a gig at the Magill club on Saturday December 20.  This is a pub/party type gig so put on your drinking hat and your dancing shoes and support these fine musos and this great club. Hosted by Gumbo Yaya, Eric, Charlie, Chris, Robbie, Richard, and Friends will see you there !

 Sample Image



 Brown at Goolwa Yacht Club

Sample ImageThe Steve Brown Band is doing some gig somewhere… sometime soon. I think it is at the Royal Goolwa Yacht Club or something…. On Sunday December 21. Is it a Royal yacht claub ...? Dunno. Maybe.... if so, I wonder if that princess sheila will be there... the one who has the sister with fabulous arse…???  Anyway.. I will try to find some more information about the show; it could be pretty good.









Sample ImageSyn @ Sunset with The Satellites on Saturday December 27,
Leconfield Wines McLaren Vale - 439 Main Road McLaren Vale
6pm – 9pm  Ph: 8323 8830








Sample ImageAdelaide Music Collective

75 days until AMC Sessions in the Mortlock Chamber (Library)...

 This is a biggie... it has (reading from the poster)  The Masters Apprentices, the Twilights, Bev Harrell, Doug Ashdown, Heidi Eiderdown (Nah.... just made that up), John Brewster, Shooey, Rockin' Rob Fukken Riley, Peter Combe, Nit Comb (made that up, too), Chris Finnen, The Timbers, Vincent's Chair, Vinnie's Clothes Rack (I can't help myself), The Baker Suite, The 3-pce Lounge suite (Stop it!), The Beggars, The Buggers (Sorry, really sorry.) and Brillig. 

Thank Christ that's over.

I know it seems like we're getting in early but, read this (from the promoter): 

98 tickets (from 120 available), remaining and no door list, door tickets or comps on this one,  sorry....  It will sell out quickly... it is a unique event...in an unique setting.













Schrödinger's cat

This is a story that has an unfathomable mystery attached to it. I got a temp job to earn some Christmas money. It’s sort of …well… what it is… my job is to get underneath airliners when they land at the airport (of course, not at the library) and undo the plug on the septic tank to let all the crap and stuff out into a drain thing. And because I am on call for when a plane comes in full of shit I decided to move closer to the airport, so I have been living at my second cousin’s joint which is five minutes from the airport. Cousin Nev …. Neville Schrödinger (Dad's cousin married a champion Austrian yodeller) … lets me bunk down in an outer part of the house - that is known as the sleep-out - because sometimes I get a bit smelly if I am not quick enough to move out of the way after I pull the plug. Anyway, I wear a cap to keep the shit out of my hair and it is in this cap that Schrödinger’s cat – a sort of ginger marmalade-looking thing – it is in my cap this fkn cat done a crap. I complained to Nev.
“What’s the problem?” Nev countered… “the cap is covered in crap!”
“Only on the outside!” I sed. “I don’t want crap getting in me hair; I just washed it last Easter.”
“Hey…it’s a cat. Who knows when it wants to crap and who can stop it…???”
Well… I can put a stop to it, I sez to myselluf.  So I set a trap for the bastard. When the cat sat in my hat to do a crap, its weight tripped a rigged-up bucket which dropped down over it. I reached in and grabbed the little ginger shitter, shoved it in a box, taped it up and posted it to a place I know to Sydney.
The next night I slept peacefully knowing the crapping cat had gone. I woke up to go to work, put on my hat and…. Splughtchthcght! … there was another crap in it.
How could that be... I thought. I checked the parcel receipt… I had definitely sent the thing. Checked the tracking… it was on the way to the cosmetic testing laboratory in Steak’n’kidney… probably being nicely vivisected as I stood and pondered. But there was a fresh crap in my hat.  It was a bit of a puzzle -  I sent the cat away and yet it still craps in my hat….! Something fkn weird was going on.  
So I set another trap. That night I slept. Not well, but well enough, considering I had one ear open for the bucket drop – which didn’t happen. So, the next morning I fugured, no cat in the trap - no crap in the hat.  I put on my hat and…. Splughtchthcght!
What the!!!!!! The cat is gone….!  I know that because I sent it away and it is not here and yet it still shits in my hat!!!  Am I going fkn crazy! How can it be getting vivisected and shitting in my hat??  What the fuk is going on with Schrödinger's fkn cat!!!!!

Meanwhile, down the back of the shed in the old chicken run, a marmalade cat was sitting, thinking: "Ok... that numpty got my twin brother Jeff. But Jeff was dim; he was bound to end up in the creek with a brick for a floatie.  The numpty won't get me with that stupid trap, though; I just done me poo in a soup ladle and tipped it in the big galoot’s cap. And I'll do it again tonight -  too easy.”


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