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All aboard the magic Bus with Amber Joy and the Holy Men Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sample ImageAmber Joy Poulton and the Holy Men embark on a unique adventure – a bus tour of the Yorke Peninsula. THIS WEEKEND!

Here is the guff:  The Friday event at The Pines has sold out, the Saturday 30 show at Port Victoria is looking almost as full as Nigella’s tank top and the Sunday event at Minlaton is half way there.  This is a rare treat for the Yorkies as not much entertainment finds its way across the Gulluf these days.


For tickets call 0411 239822





Some great shows are threatening rather than looming on the Horizon. The first is the AMC Jazz Awards.

Sample ImageHere is the poster and blurb:

Friday May 27, The Adelaide Music Collective and SA Music Hall of Fame present a night of the finest Adelaide jazz with inductions into SAMHF for Mike Stewart (p), Hal Hall, Bob Jeffery, Bob Hower and Bill Polain...plus performances from the MSBB -Mike Stewart Big Band and featuring Bob jJffrey...also playing will be new Cabal, Marmalade Trio and Bill Polain...a very special evening hosted by Keith Conlon...not to be missed and in the magnificent heritage-listed Goodwood Institute.

Go here: http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=129864













 Pan!c the band is running a series of Geek Pop Quiz Nights for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival Fringe.

Sample ImageSEASON:  4 & 18 June at 9pm; 19 June at 10pm @ La Boheme, 36 Grote St, Adelaide.

Get in here: http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=133682






The Krusty Cowboy Klub takes its horsey rootin’ and shootin’ musical nonsense to the Marion Cultural Centre for one night only on Friday, June 12. 

 Sample Image

This is a rare opportunity to be with the Krustys and enjoy some cowboy musical magic and stupidity.  And here is everything you need to know about The Krusty Cowboy Klub @ Marion Cultural Centre show:

Event Focus:  Cabaret, Music, Singing
Price: $30 --- yes! We are worth it!
Concession:  $25 --- ok.
Dates: 12/06/2015--- one night only… too much like hard work!
Start Time:  8pm
End Time:  10.30pm --- shit!!!! We’ll have to do repeats.
Location:  Marion Cultural Centre
287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park SA 5046
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Other: 08 8375 6855

Tickets can be purchased from the Box Office at the Marion Cultural Centre either by phone with Visa or Mastercard or in person with cash/EFTPOS. Open Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.


Rock and Roll at the Westward Ho Golf  Club  with the Party Cats – May 30.

See poster for details.

 Sample Image


Sample Image

The Wheaty; Saturday May 30:  Don Morrison's Raging Thirst

Sample ImageSongwriter, singer, guitarist and guitar maker Don Morrison has shared the stage with many of the biggest names in Australian music, like Midnight Oil, Hunters and Collectors, Billy Thorpe, Joe Camilleri, Australian Crawl, Men At Work, Stephen Cummings, Ross Wilson and a hundred more in more than thirty years in the music game.   He’s done gigs from Bridgetown to Byron Bay, from Sydney to San Antonio and released ten CDs of mostly original songs under his own name and that of his many bands such as The Bodgies, The Elmores, The Lonely Cosmonauts, Prawnhead and the latest incarnation: Don Morrison's Raging Thirst.  http://www.donmo.com



 Sunday may 31: Neil Murray + The Yearlings at the Wheaty

Sample ImageOne of the country’s finest and enduring song men - Neil Murray- a founding member of the Warumpi Band and the man behind such classics as  “My Island Home”, “Blackfella Whitefella”, and “Good light in Broome”, will perform solo at the Wheatsheaf on May 31st along with the Yearlings.   His latest album “Bring Thunder & Rain” has been garnering critical acclaim. His latest film clip -“Whispering Casuarina” is a song in which Adelaide and inland South Australia feature prominently in the lyrics.





Sample ImageSemaphore Workers Club presents the Red Hot Blues Band – Friday June 5

June 5 at the Semaphore Workers’ Club will present a top evening of entertainment with the Red Hot Blues Band because they – the Red Hot Blues Band – are hot, and they play bluesy music in the Workers’ Club.   The Semaphore Workers Club is the Home of Blues and Roots music in South Australia. And you can get Coopers Pale on ice! Yes… real old-fashioned ice made with the recipe only granny remembers.




Sample ImageCountry Gold brings a glittering haul of heartbreakers, contemporary classics, ballads and bluegrass and multi-award winners to Her Majesty’s Theatre on Saturday 15 August, in a three hour music event spanning the decades.

You’ll strike it rich as the cream of established South Australian acts share the stage in a stellar celebration of Country Superstars, armed with more than forty 100% certified Gold hits.
The massive star-studded lineup for this sensational country night out in the city, is headlined by multi-awarded Amber Joy Poulton and Sandra Humphries, who will be joined by –
•    Jim Hermal & Runaway Dixie
•    The Sherrahs
•    The Holy Men
•    Gary Daniel
•    Charlie McCracken
•    Graeme Hugo
•    Taylor Pfeiffer (The Banjo Girl)
•    Gary Burrows
Don’t miss this concert extravaganza with the ultimate classic set list in tribute to Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, George Strait, Glen Campbell, George Jones, Alan Jackson, Slim Dusty, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Shania Twain, June Carter, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lyn and so much more.
Country Gold is on sale from Monday 11th of May at Bass on 131 246 so avoid the stampede and get your tickets early!
Go here: http://www.mariomaiolo.com.au/country-gold-show







Krusty Cowboy Klub Adventures with Red Rash.

Of all the Krusty Cowboys Red Rash is the slipperiest.  He can disappear minutes after you hit town because no matter where we go – somebody knows him and has something in a little plastic ziplok to share with him.  The other week we tied our horsies up in a shithole of a town called Pusbucket Holler. Within minutes of our boots hitting the sidewalk some greasy looking grub yells out: “Heyyyy…. Red. How ya bin? Hey, lissen, if you want some good… etc.” and so he disappeared for three days. I eventually found him sleeping in a dried out horse trough. He didn’t look good.
“Red…” I sez,  “Time to go, bud.”
“Yeah, Yeah… when I wake up.”
“That might be another week or so judging by the state of your eyes. What the hell did you get up to with that dude?”
“Ahh...man... that  was Peyote Pete… he’s got goooooood stuff. Makes mescal seem like lemonade. You look like you is made of cheese spread with bacon bits…. Sky looks like jellyfish. I’m all insects and grubs all over….”
“Yeah… well…. Let’s get going. I’ll help you.”
I took him to the stable yard. “Find your horse and let’s git out of here.”
“Ummmm. Yeah… But I think I’ve lost the key to my horse….”
Say what?”
“Well, I had the key to mah horsie the other day when we hit town and I seem to have lost it…”
“The key to your horse?”
“Yeah… look at him…. He needs the key to git him started”
All I saw a collapsed bag of bones and leather. “He’s dead.”
“Nah, man. He always looks like that when we stop riding on the range; I just need the key to start him up. Now I lost it somewhere …”
“Hey…. Red!” came a familiar voice from outside. “You lost something, eh?”
“Hey, Pete! Yeah, Yeah… lost something important.”
“Well, man, dunno about important but you left your umbrella at the brothel…”
Hey…!! Mah horse key – that’s pretty important. Thanks Pete. I owe you then next time we come to town.”
“An umbrella is your horse key?” I  arksed of Red Rash.
“Yeah, yeah. S’wat I sed; it starts him up.”
“You’ve had too much mescal. Horsies can’t be started with umbrellas…”
“This one can.  Hey, Sleepy… help me do up the seat belt, will ya.”
“Why do you need a seat belt on your saddle?”
“I don’t want to fall off when mah horsie gets started.”
“OK. But your horse is not gonna get started; he smells dead.”
“Ahhh. No… he ain’t dead. That smell is mah grub steak marinatin’ in mah saddle bag. Should be done when the saddlebag flap starts singing. Now, I’m all belted in. Lift up mah horsie’s tail, will yer, Sleepy.”
I lifted up the comatose horse’s tail. Then Red shoved the umbrella up the horse’s date.
With a mighty whinny, the horse was on its feet and bolted out the door in a split second leaving only a clap of thunder in its wake. As it burned up the dusty trail I could see Red Rash’s arms and legs bouncing and flying in the air over the saddle.
“See ya at TurdsVille…” he yelled.
If nothing else, we have learned that we should always keep an open mind for something new, and seat belts save lives.


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