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There's Gold in Country Music at Her Majesty's Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Gold Gold Gold…. And some platinum, too.

 Sample ImageThe big moment has almost arrive and if you haven’t got tickets you won’t be coming,  I guess.

Country Gold is all about the golden hits of country music and it will be banging away at her Majesty’s this Saterdee. I shall now hand you over to the blurb but before I do, I should point out that it is nearly filled up! Check out the list of suspects on the bill and you may decide it’s pretty good value.

Country Gold brings a glittering haul of heartbreakers, contemporary classics, ballads and bluegrass and multi-award winners to Her Majesty’s Theatre on Saturday 15 August, in a three hour music event spanning the decades.

 The cream of established South Australian acts share the stage in a stellar celebration of Country Superstars, armed with more than forty 100% certified Gold hits.   The massive star-studded line-up for this sensational country night out in the city, is headlined by multi-awarded Amber Joy Poulton and Sandra Humphries, who will be joined by –

•    Jim Hermal & Runaway Dixie

•    The Sherrahs

•    The Holy Men

•    Gary Daniel

•    Charlie McCracken

•    Graeme Hugo

•    Taylor Pfeiffer (The Banjo Girl)

•    Gary Burrows

Don’t miss this concert extravaganza with the ultimate classic set list in tribute to Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, George Strait, Glen Campbell, George Jones, Alan Jackson, Slim Dusty, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Shania Twain, June Carter, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lyn and so much more. Country Gold is on sale now at Bass on 131 246!
Go here: http://www.mariomaiolo.com.au/country-gold-show


 AMC Sessions Number 10 -   Friday, August  21

Sample ImageThe Tenth AMC session this August has been the fastest selling show to date. Featuring for the first time in over 30 years 'Stars' (Mick Pealing & Mal Eastik), Celebrating over 50 years Ian Nancarrow and 'The Others' with singer/songwriter and fingerpicker Tom West and ARBA Memphis Blues Challenge winners 'Lazy Eye'.

AMC Session #10 is a Showcasing a wide variety of National/international  musicians who all hail from South Australia:
•    Stars - Formed from members of Adelaide bands such as 'Astra Kahn' , 'Flash' and 'Nantucket'. Their debut single 'Quick on the Draw' was a hit and by the time their first album was released in 1978 it peaked at No.11. Members Mal Eastik and Mick Pealing both have had successful solo careers and Andy Durant will always be remembered for his songwriting and guitar work.
•    The Others - Formed over 50 years ago, The Others have been a staple in the Adelaide music scene. With countless lineups, one member has always stayed at the helm - Ian Nancarrow
•    Lazy Eye - It has been a massive year for Lazy Eye. They opened the Clipsal 500 earlier this year and soon will be off to Memphis after winning the ARBA Memphis Blues challenge.
•    PLUS... Tom West  fresh from his EP launch and wrapping up his  'Oncoming Clouds' tour. His travels have taken him from Adelaide to the USA, Lima, Canada and wider Australia. Tom also opened a Neil Young show at this years fringe.

The SA Music Hall of Fame will be conducting their first band inductions with 'The Others' and 'Stars', while also recognising the individual achievements of Mal Eastik, Mick Pealing, Andy Durant (posth) and Ian Nancarrow.  Presented by the one and only radio legend John "Pembo" Pemberton.  
M.C for the night will be member of 'The Rustlers' and 'The Boys' - Gary Burrows.

AMC Session #10  -  Friday, August  21, 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)   Purchase Tickets - Friday 21st August AMC Sessions








Gigs... reviews... interviews:

 Sample Image



Sample Image   Gigs at the Wheaty: http://wheatsheafhotel.com.au/gigs




Sample Image  Gigs at the Gov.: http://www.thegov.com.au/index.php/gig_guide  

  REGURGITATOR - The Gov | Sat 5 September



 Sample Image The Gurge (left) not to be missed, eh?

   Tickets: $40 + Booking Fee
   Doors open @ 7:30 pm






Sample ImageThursday August 20 – the Gilbert Street Hotel presents a warm evening of hot double voodoo blues and roots music with Sweet babyt James and Rob Eyers. Get along for a feast for the tummy and the tappy toes. Good victuals at the Gilbert.







Sample ImageAdelaide RnR Club presents THE BARSTOOL PHILOSOPHERS’ at the Westward Ho Golf Club - August, 22,  2015

Book early for this great show/dinner and dance band. See poster thing for details.















Sample ImageThe Semaphore Workers Club, Sun. Aug. 23rd presnts:  PAPA LEGBA

They play The blues, B.E. --- (Before Elvis.)

Yes, if you understand it correctly, Papa Legba (anagram of Bagel???)  the blues Elvis Presley stole to start his career. You will hear this stuff: ARTHUR “BIG BOY” KRUDUP ( THAT’S ALLRIGHT ); RTHUR GUNTER ( BABY LETS PLAY HOUSE ); ITTLE JUNIOR PARKER ( MYSTERY TRAIN )
Doors open at 4; live music starts around 5.
The Semaphore Workers Club is The Home of Blues and Roots Music in South Australia.



Lenny Kravitz’ Knob

On August 3rd, 2015, Kravitz’ leather pants split down the middle during a performance of the song “American Woman” at a concert in Stockholm, Sweden. Immediately after, several photos and video of the incident began circulating online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNIrnHIoE5E
Well…. Photos schmotos… blue ring records got the real thing, an exclusive interview with Lenny Kravitz’ knob shortly after the photos hit the web.

BRR: So, what’s with the hanging out at the festival, then?
LKK: Frankly, mate, it was a freedom bid.
BRR: What... a break out?
LKK: Look , mate… why do feet stink? They stink because they is stuck inside leather shoes all fukkn day long. And I had been stuck inside Lenny Kravitz’ leather duds for fukkn hours on a fukkn sweltering hot stage. And then he goes leaping about like a fukkn lemur with St Vitus’ Dance and I was dripping with sweat, and chafin’ an’ everything.
BRR: Unpleasant…
LKK: That wasn’t the fukkn ‘alf of it; I distinckly merember Lenny’s Mum say in ‘to him before he went out: ‘Len… have you got nice clean undies on? I don’t want you embarrassing me if you get run down by an herd of ephelants and killed and taken away in the meat wagon with untidy underwear’. I heard her say that and I also distinckly heard Lenboy say: She’s apples, Mum!’ Well… he fukkn Eric Bibbed, din’t he? He’s wearin’ no fukkn underdaks, splits his cowskin duds and there’s me as nekkid as the day I was borned splashed over the fukkn interweb.
BRR: well… you didn’t look too bad, what with the bling and all….
LKK: Well, it’s all right to say that now, somewhat down the track a bit but I can give you the oil that getting’ the bling in-fukkn-serted didn’t ‘alf bring a tear to my fukkn eye!
BRR: I am sure it seemed an unreasonable penance at the time but surely it’s been worth it and continues to keep you in ...er … hot muffins… so to speak….?
LKK: Look, there’s no denying we got ourselves into some tasty crumpet over the years and that bling has been what you might say is the icing on the cake in many of our after-concert adventures…
BRR: I suppose it looks pretty good, nestling in that err…. Brillo pad shrubbery arrangement Lennie has down there….
LKK: Oh, Yer… it’s shiny enough, and it still rings the devil’s doorbell on the traditionalists….
BRR: Traditionalists???
LKK: Yer, the ones that still like the traditional missionary style of folk dancing. And let me tell you, that’s becoming a bit more the regular these days  because, well, the fact is, Ol’ Len’s getting on a bit; he’s been bashing away for nearly 30 years or so and now he's become sort of M.O.R. and …. well…. so is the audience! And truth to be told, me and my gonad mates find that we’re bangin’ up against a lot of old badgers these days. Not that I mind the greybeards, mind you, some of the MILF is quite doable – and the occasional GILF can give you a bit of a surprise, too -  but while I still got me strength I’d rather hang about with a younger set. So that’s why … well,  I s’pose I’m a bit of an opportunist … but that’s why I am talking to you now, as part of my freedom bid, to sort of let some younger rock god know that I am up for a tour or two and I won’t be needin’ any vi-fukkn-aggra to help me stand to attention.
BRR: do you have any …um… particular host in mind?
LKK: Nah, well… maybe one of them blokes from the Wombats… or British India… I’d rather stick with a guitar slinger…. don’t fancy me bollocks banging on a pianner bench all night… and it’d be a bit like a tropical cyclone in a drummers dunghumpers. Don’t want to waste me time with a ‘orn player, you’d spend almost every in with Rosy. Nah, I’ll stick with a gitar player. If it’s a mutual agreement, of course. An’ I’ll do the job good an’ all. Won’t do kinky, though. Well… I might.
BRR: Are you really a British knob?
LKK: Nah, Nar… I'm in disguise, mate, so Lenny don’t get the jump on me. Don't blow me cover, will yer? If he knows I'm tryin' to get me a younger blood supply he might up and trade me for a whanger like Kanye West… I know he’s been sniffing around for gorilla's arm like West's got; something that’s more 'V12 diesel' than 'straight 6 leaded fuel' model like me - I'm more suited to yer white boy pop gods. Anyway, I’ll be pretty safe with your readers, eh? Them two won’t blab this to Len, will they?
BRR: Doubt it.


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