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Blue Ring Library

 Welcome to the Blue Ring Library where you can read or download a limited selection of rubbish. Not that we think it's rubbish... we think it's 'writing and stuff' (which is subject to copyright).

First items are the early instalment of The Razz, a serialised story that first appeared in Teen Age News in the early 90's.   The story follows a bit of the life of the central character NIgel (The Razz) Roobottom and falls loosely in the category of Teen Fiction. There may be swear words in it - and adult concepts - but the swearwords will be mostly childish and the adult concepts dealt with in an equally childish manner. 

Nothing to fear so... read on.

Until we re-order the page structure of this site we will proceed with this as the main Blue Ring Library page. Changes will be made later.

Chief Blue Ring Librarian

  • Mr Pointy  ( 1 items )
    Stories will be drip-fed to these pages.
  • The Razz  ( 23 items )
    This is a serialised story that first appeared in Teen Age news sometime in the early 1990's. Teen Age News was put out of production by a stupid but ambitious politician who decided teenagers didn't need to know any more about what they already knew. The demise of the paper caused a hiatus in the saga of The Razz.
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