Put a little Blues in Your Soul...
Sunday, 27 May 2012

What else can you do on these cold winter nights but warm up yourself by dancing – and drinking – and more dancing?  Who knows… you might get good at dancing, you’re probably already pretty good at drinking!

Sample ImageSo…. Friday night, June 1 - first night of Winter 2012 -  get a little Blues in Your Soul at Adelaide’s Sample Imagehottest social Dance Party! Hosted at the Caledonian Hotel, North Adelaide (219 O’Connell Street) and featuring the Red Hot Blues Band with the Mighty David Blighty, Sweet Baby James Meston, Rob Eyers and The Preacher Denis Surmon – hot music to warm your soul. See the hot chilies over there? That's what it's gonna be like. Kicks off at 9 pm, $15 to get in and don’t fukken complain about it! You don’t get stuff this good for nothing.

 Get yourself into dancing - Swing, Jive, Ballroom, Latin at:  http://www.thirdfootadelaide.com.au


Sample ImageFriday June 1stThe Chris Finnen Electric Band at The Semaphore Workers Club.

Band starts 9:15 p.m.


Australian Songbook, Featuring The Beggars and Trev Warner

Sample Image.   Saturday June 2 you can catch the Beggars and Trev Warner at Guthries, Prospect  Town Hall, Prospect. And you’ll have to pay a cover charge there as well. Same thing – good music, great performers.  TICKETS: www.dramatix.com.au/folkfederation or 8344 4421


Sample ImageSaturday June 2 and it’s the final gig for the Magill Club with Sweet Baby James Meston and Rob Eyers taking it out. The Magill Club is a fine venue and a great sounding room.  Be there for an 8.30 kick off - $10 entry. 

And on Sunday May 3 The Semaphore Workers Club has the dynamic duo (SBJ and Rob Eyers) on stage from 5.30 till 8 pm. The Semaphore Workers Club is The Home of Roots and Blues Music in South Australia.


Sample ImageGo here:  http://wheatsheafhotel.com.au/gigs   for live music at the Wheatie




Sample ImageGo here for live music at the Gov: http://www.thegov.com.au/gig-guide.html



Out in space no one can hear you curse.

I was driving a B-double starcruiser back from deep space – really deep space where they had the high dive platform – with a brick on the accelerator I leaned back in the seat, turned down the George Thorogood tape and reflected a little on the mission I was just completing.

I had been away from home for 4 light years, 13 dark months and an unspecified number of grey days but it was worth it – I had been searching for the elusive space vacuum and I was returning home feeling mighty pleased with myself.  

My long search had taken me out past the star system of Ursula Undress and into the frightening fringes of the galaxy of Labia Major and that’s when I saw it – the giant Houver-Douver Space Vacuum – with attachments!

It had taken just a couple of parsecs to scoot out in my space tray-top and bring the Space Vacuum into the B-double, rip off a giant space U-ey and head on home.

Back home on Earth, I unpacked the marvellous Space Vacuum; my household chores would no longer be a drudge!

So, you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered the fukken thing had trouble picking up the dog hairs offa the carpet and couldn’t lift the cat hairs off the sofa cushions.

The cobwebs off the ceiling got stuck in the brushes and then the upholstery nozzle got clogged because the aperture choked on a couple of batteries from the remote.

Then the plastic hose-grip cracked where it plugs into the silver tube - had to gaffa the thing - and the retractable power cord business got jammed and wouldn’t retract.

The bag filled up in one pass through the fukken joint, turning on the overload light, and when I went to buy some new bags it cost me 30 bucks for a box of four.

No wonder space is full of junk! The Space Vacuum is a dud. I have chucked the useless thing out on the footpath for some hapless scavenger to swipe. I just wish I’d seen the Made in China fine print on the bottom of the fukken thing before I bothered bringing it home.