Best Gigs in Adelaide
Monday, 23 June 2008

Sample ImageWhat a weekend! Friday night, June 27, will see the three little pan!c piggies stoking up the fire under the kettle at the Daniel O'Connell Hotel North Adelaide, hoping to boil the big bad wolf's butt. Pinky, Perky and Porky pan!c will be drawing straws, picking up sticks and dropping bricks from 9-midnight. Be there or the three little pan!cs will come around to your place and smear poo on your doorknobs. If you were not planning to go the the Dan on Friday please send your name and address to pan!c so they can sneak around later to do the poo business.

Speaking of poo... The Grouse will scare you poo-less on Saturday night, June 28 at the Norwood Hotel.Sample Image After the scandalous, near fatal hangnail incident of Friday the thirteenth, the band has shored up its fitness, practised playing the ball, taken a good look at itself and drawn a line under the bottom line at the very, very end of the day and said: "let's try to put this behind us and move forward." Live music starts from 9, goes to 1.

Sunday, June 29, and the Grouse will be waiting to croon for you at Mick O'Shea's Hotel down Hackham way. Yes, yes. The Grouse. Again. They're everywhere, they're everywhere.

 Sample ImageBut... somehwere they will not be on Sunday June 29 is at the Semaphore Workers' Club, Semaphore, because those blasted bastard sons of the reckless pioneers descendents; those noisy scions of the soil in which is grown - for some strange reason - artickokes; those harbingers of mayhem; harriers of the hairless and cardigan-wearing, be-slippered bewildered; those outcasts of rock; pariahs of pop (I'm getting a bit lost here but it feels ok); those defenders of analoague - Paladins of the pentode (hmmm... losing it a bit there); those... those ... them guys who put their duds on one leg... yes folks, one - fukkin' - leg  - at - a - fukkin' - time..... DOUBLE fukkin' WAMMY!! will be there instead, plastering the walls with their unique brand of Power-Soul (registered trademark) and generally making a noise. Noise starts around 5-ish and goes to eight-ish. Might be loud-ish but definitely good-ish.