The Texettes and the Six Tits in one body ... of work
Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Slept-ember and yes, I’m yet again on about the paucity of gigs in this tired and sleepy town. But it’s only because I don’t have many and I’m going broke. Still…..

Sample ImageThe Texettes are championing the cause of roots music this Thursday night, September 20 at the Exeter on Rundle. The Texettes will be supported by a little-known outfit going under the moniker of The Six Tits but if they do another gig they are going to get a proper name, honestly. I know we all love the safety of listening to cover songs but if you like original music even just a little bit get along to the Exeter on Thursday.



Sample ImageRobby. I’m putting in this item not because it is a gig as such, but Robby (singer/songwriter) is recording her new album in three gig-like events at the Promethean with David Grice on the knobs.





Sample ImageFriday night, September 21 and it’s Blues Avenue Trio at the Whitty. Put on your dancing pants and your high-stepping shoes and get yerself ready to swing the blues. Do you like that? Doggerel, I think it’s called. Anyway, Jimmy Meston, Robert Eyers and the Preacher will be in fine form. Come a bit early and feed your face; the food at the Whitty is pretty good.




Sample ImageThe Wheatie has Don Morrison’s Lonely Cosmonauts on Friday September 21.






Sample Image

The Screaming Believers: 3D Fundraiser

 Sample ImageSun 23 September,  6:30 PM ... Legendary Adelaide 80s band, The Screaming Believers, are set to headline a massive Three D Radio Fundraiser Gig on Sunday 23 September, supported by the rockin' 60s garage / psychedelic / surf sounds of local bands Ride Into The Sun, Diesel Witch and Slingshot Dragster.

Ticket Price: $20 + BF; ($25 at the door)
Doors Open: 6:30pm




Sample ImageGurthries: Nick Charles CD launch & Workshop Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd September.

On Saturday 22nd September at Guthries, Nick will launch his latest CD "Into the Blues".

On Sunday morning, Nick presents "The Art of Acoustic Blues & Roots Guitar", an interactive 2 hour workshop covering various playing styles including flatpicking, fingerpicking and slide. 


In a long and critically acclaimed career, Nick Charles has released a dozen albums on the major Australian and US roots music and guitar labels. Averaging nearly 150 shows a year in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, his music encompasses an eclectic mix of acoustic roots including blues, folk and early ragtime jazz. With his trademark dazzling fingerpicking on 6 and 12 string guitars, stinging slide and a lifetime’s stories and songs from the musical highway it’s a show that sees him labelled by The Age as “Australia’s virtuoso of acoustic roots and blues” and by Australian Guitar magazine as “an awesome talent!”



Sample ImageSample ImageWatch for  these gigs at the Semaphore Music Festival… The Dunstans, Saturday, September 29 (Semaphore Hotel)  and Amber Joy Poulton and The Holy Men (featuring Pete 'Jumpin' Jenkins on geetar)  at The Foreshore on Sunday September 30. Go here for program:


Sample Image Amber Joy Poulton



‘Pumpin’’ Paul Hay and Jan Preston present:  Boogie Woogie Down Under House Party

Sample ImageOn Saturday the 6th October on the grand piano at the home of Andre and Susan Skujins, Australia’s Queen of Boogie Woogie, Jan Preston will pay tribute, along with special guest, Paul ‘pumpin piano’ Hay, to some of the great blues players of the last 60 years as well as remind everyone that the tradition is still a vibrant and active part of the blues world.

When : Saturday October 6th 2012

Where : Jikara Drive – Glen Osmond

Ticket Price : $20 advance or $30 at door

Phone for Bookings  - limited places available. Boogie Woogie Down Under House is a Variety Club initiative by Susan and Andre Skujins




Sample ImageGet tickets now for the Backwater Blues & Roots Festival October 19 - 28. Go here: for info. Go here for program:


Backwater is also hosting the 2012 SA Blues Awards at the Queens Theatre, Sunday October 16. Go here for promo Vid:

Go here: for piles of Blues Awards info:


Sample ImageAnd ... watch out for this at the Gov…. tribute to British supergroup Cream on Thursday October 18. Get in NOW! Tickets here:








I was recently given pause to recall the time I was a ghost, and included in that was the recollection at how fukken good I was when I was a-haunting. I was the best moaner and wailer of all my ghostly associates having earned the black feather for scaring the freckles offa Princess Fergie. She was in the bathtub dreaming she was getting her toes sucked off by some sleek Latin lover and when she woke up she saw it was me and she had her toes stuck up my ghostly arse. She screamed blue murder and all her freckles flew off and stuck on the wall. Then I screamed; under those freckles she is all kind of bluey-white and it, quite frankly, gruesome. It scared the hell out of me.

Anyway, all my associates said I was so good at the moaning and stuff because I was an incurable moaner and whiner when I was alive and there’s no doubt that could account for some of my soul-rending howling and shrieking but the truth is that I was not very well. I was nearly always feeling a bit crook and sometimes the crookness would flare up something awful and I didn’t have to try very hard to be a blight on anyone’s life or afterlife. That being said it was no surprise when even my worst best friends packed up their chains and put their heads back on their shoulders and left me.

I haunted on for a bit by myself and had some success but I was eventually terrifying myself more often than I was scaring the pigtails off some kiddy skipping across a cemetery to and soundtrack of  tinkly piano music because I was feeling worse and worse. Eventually I had to take myself to the quack.

When a ghost is feeling a bit on-colour, you know: in the pink, green, black in the face or just feeling blue, we usually go to a witch doctor because that’s what all the jokes say but this was far more serious than a juvenile jest and I ended up in the hospital following a series of exhaustive tests and scans and all sorts of stuff liked that. I was in awful pain, moaning and groaning when the doctor emerged from his office with a sheaf of papers and film negatives.

“Is it serious, Doc” I arksed.

“Very. And it’s no wonder you’re in pain, my good Spectre, you’ve got the worst case of ghoulstones we’ve ever seen!”