Get in the swing with some of the best in Roots and Blues this week
Monday, 07 January 2013

Sample ImageThursday January 10 and it’s Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers at the Gilbert Street Hotel. The Gilbert is a little hotbed of rootsy music and turns out a very good plate of food – especially the Buffalo Wings which are so popular you may even have to pre-book your 1kilo bowl of the little buggers! James and Rob supply the Double Voodoo Blues.





Sample ImageBlues Avenue Duo, Regattas,  Friday January 11 – city slickers, you can cruise on down to the Regattas bar after your hectic week of selling off assets and infrastructure to wealthy foreign countries and enjoy the jumping sounds of the Blues Avenue Duo. It swings, it shakes it shuffles… it’s acoustic blues with a swing. 5.30 kick off.





Sample ImageSunday Jan 19 The Beggars are at the Wheatie for a night of acoustic goodness.

  Sample Image


 Roll up; roll up for the greatest show this year.  John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew take to the stage at the Space Theatre during the Festival Centre’s Session season. 

Sample ImageYes – I know you remember Redgum – had the same problem myself and sorted it out with some antiseptic mouthwash – but let me tell you… allow me to inform you  that there is more to this character than you hear once a year on ANZAC day.  Shooey and The Vagabond Crew trot out a sugar-bagful of powerful and uplifting songs  - and a couple of cheeky ditties - not only from his Redgum days but also from Behind the Lines; Lawson; Gelignite Jack; Etched in Blue and True Believers. Yes… you’ll probably hear A walk in the Light Green but with different ears. Older, for a start. And you’ll hear a whole lot more from the crusty, peripatetic balladeer and his band of menstruals, Minstrels:   the Vagabond Crew, which is now a well-travelled versatile band that boasts some mightiest Australia rock/pop heavyweights. You’ll love it – I do.  Book through:



Sample ImageFringe events – a couple to consider


It’s getting closer and the good shows sell out fast. Here is a couple that have sold out in previous years and my suggestion is to book now.

 Hit the Fringe Website and check out new venues - The Depot has two venues in one location and plenty of action!





 Honky Tonk Angels - The Story Of Loretta Lynn & Friends

  Sample ImageA Musical Cabaret treat - Loretta Lynn (played by *Amber Joy Poulton), shares her favourite songs and stories from her life as country music's most loved performer. You won't be able to sit still as she performs a string of country mega-hits plus the songs of her girlfriends Tammy, Dolly, Patsy and more. It's country music heaven at the Regal Theatre (Kensington Rd).

Blurb: LORETTA LYNN, PATSY CLINE, TAMMY WYNETTE, DOLLY PARTON;  They were Friends, Queens of Country Music & Real Women….
In 'Honky Tonk Angels', Miss Loretta Lynn, (played by look-alike Country Queen, Miss Amber Joy Poulton), comes to town & shares some of her favourite music & stories from her life & times as one of country music's most loved performers.   You will hear the songs of her girlfriends, Patsy, Tammy & Dolly & you will not be able to sit still as this country legend performs her greatest hits as well as a string of knee-slappin' country mega-hits, from hill-billy to city-slick. 'Honky Tonk Angels' relives the amazing story of this remarkable woman, her friendships, her contribution to music & the progression of the country as well as the city.

Some of the songs: You're Lookin' At Country, One's On the Way, The Pill, Don't come Home A' Drinkin' With Lovin' On Your Mind, Fist City, You Aint Woman Enough To Take My Man, I Fall To Pieces, Crazy, Silver Threads And Golden Needles, Jolene, Nine To Five, These Boots Are Made For Walkin'.  Honky Tonk Angels Is Country Music Heaven!

Sessions:   Saturday February 16 (7.30 pm) and Sunday February 17 (2.00 pm)

AT:              The Regal Theatre,  75 Kensington Rd,  Kensington Park

Seen around Australia Honky Tonk Angels is always a sell out – Book Now!!!

 Sample Image*Amber Joy's debut original album, Taking Goodbye, full of traditional Australian country music has launched her career & reputation as a serious singer & song-writer.  Since its release, the album has received two song-writing awards for Best Traditional Song, four songs have entered the Top 30 of the Australian Country Music Charts and Amber Joy has just landed herself a TIARA Award 2012 for Best Vocal Collaboration for duet, Close Enough with Doug Bruce.  She has spent over 40 weeks in the charts with the album & her biggest hit yet, Break Even spent over 18 weeks in the charts & made it all the way to Number 5 nation-wide!  She is now appearing on Foxtels CMC channel with her new film clip, "Show Me".

As well as her original material, Amber Joy has toured the country with her touching tribute to the first queen of country in Honky Tonk Angels - The Story Of Loretta Lynn & Friends.




Sample ImageA Journey Through the Past is one hour of musical theatre with a twist. It is based on the book “Neil and Me” by Scott Young (1918-2005), a well-known sports and novel writer in Canada but perhaps less known here as the father of Neil Young ,one of the most influential figures in popular music.

A Journey Through the Past stars Patrick Frost as Scott Young who engages the audience with an intimate dialogue.....he is the narrator of the performance...  slowly revealing many thought provoking insights into the parallels between his own fascinating life and times and that of his more famous son. It’s Scott’s story!...his feelings , his regrets, his guilt, his feelings of connectedness with his son as a chance- taking maverick, his musing on his absence as a father affecting or even propelling Neil to be a great, original/non compromising artist (like father/like son !).

Each monologue segues into a song by Neil Young, chosen for its lyrical content echoing Scott’s revelations. Be aware that A Journey Through the Past is NOT a Neil Young tribute show. The songs have been re-interpreted, re-arranged and presented in a fresh and dramatic light as a natural continuation and extension of the narrative.

A Journey ThroughThe Past plays:    MONDAY 18TH FEBRUARY 2013 (7.30PM) and TUESDAY 19TH FEBRUARY 2013  (8.00PM)  at THE PROMETHEAN-116 GROTE ST ADELAIDE

 This show was a sell-out at the 2012 Fringe and will be one of the must-see items in this year’s line-up.  Book Now online through Adelaide Fringe Website(   or phone Venuetix(


 More good stuff:

Sample ImageGuthries: Friday February 8 – Remembering the Legends.

Three exciting entertainers bring you their own unique styles of Music & fun.

The show features South Australia's own Nathan Bruhn, our very own "Rising Star of the Future";  Kinta “The Southern Songbird ”, who  is well known for her fine performances and bubbly personality, and the internationally acclaimed Craig "Mr Versatile" Giles.  Craig is both a Nationally & Internationally acclaimed multi-award winning recording artist with a string of successful singles & albums to his credit. Craig tours extensively, including his annual “Music Tour of America” each October.

Book/buy tickets:

 Go Here:  for more Guthries events... Rory McLeod coming soon!



Sample ImageSaturday, 09 February:  

Ronnie Taheny - A Kind of Homecoming ....  Supported by Georgia Germein Sisters

Sample ImageAfter 18 years of globe-trotting, Ronnie Taheny returns to take a short nap and set up more permanently in Adelaide. “I just got tired of the Teutonic high forehead and intelligent blue eyes.” she quips. Ronnie will deliver a couple of new tracks plus a range of satire-driven gems from that period in one cracking set. Multi-instrumentalist, Jarrad Payne will contribute his 5-star talent and taste to Taheny’s songs before the night is over.




Hair today….

A good idea needs a certain number of components to be successful. Get one wrong and….

To be successful it first has to fill a need:  I see the need every day… baldies; Nude-nuts; Skinheads; Chromedomes…. they all need hair that is not perilously affixed to their bonces with double-sided tape.

The solution needs to be unique; radical; a stroke of genius: Well… to an inventor of my calibre, the solution I created is naturally all of those things.

The solution needs to be fairly readily available and replicable:  That was the genius of it; the method is explained further down the page.

And it needs to be relatively free of problems for the majority of users. That’s the key to success; one that’s not easy to find. Allow me to explain. Being of mature years I notice – with some misgivings – slightly annoying changes in the automatic physionominical-ishy thingummies that are often at odds with each other. ‘Somewhat polarised’ is what us scientifically-minded boffins prefer to call it. An example being that while the hair of your head falls out easily and does not return,  the stuff appears to grow at an exponential rate and quantity in other places like your earhole, your arsehole and … your nose!

It’s the nostril hair that drew my attention. Mere days after ripping out the fukken stuff in an ‘orrible, painful eye-watering procedure, it returns more vigorously and persistent than before; strong, long and poking out all over the joint like spider legs out of a webby hole. Resilient, fast-growing hair;  just like what any bald-headed coot would wish as a replacement for his departing thatch!

Now, here’s the genius bit. I deduced that, as the nose is a part of the head in many people, I  could simply get a hold of it with a pair of pliers, turn it inside out and pull it back over the chrumus-domus (medical terminology) and superglue it into  place to allow the nostril hairs to stick up on top of the head like a porkebine’s quims – I mean, quills.  I then merely cut a couple of slits in the membrane where it covers the eyes for those who still wanted to look at TV and stuff and there you have it – the fastest growing, guaranteed hair replacement operation…. in a few minutes.

I must say that the procedure is relatively painless to me and I could easily perform the operation a number of times a day with no ill effects.

The drawback to realising riches from this discovery was that I was perhaps 70 or 8o years too late getting it onto the market. It appears that the vogue for slicked and gleaming hair has been and gone; and that was the issue.  Being nostril hair, it was continually lubricated with a layer of mucus that gave it a brilliant, glistening sheen which seemed to be all the go in the old black and white movies last century.  But these days it is – sadly for me -  not so desirable, and the absence of antimacassars – a once handy and necessary device that has fallen into disuse of late because of a foppy change in hairstyle fashions – meant that the head-rest of the Jason recliner ended up in a right slimy state.  

A handkerchief large enough to blow your head to clear it of the mucus was as large as a bath towel and if there was a high pollen count you might need a rucksack to carry 3 or 4 or the fukkers.  Night times are also a bit tricky: My beta-test subject was able to somewhat reduce the clogging up of his pillow with mucus by taking large doses of Sudafed.  LARGE! Nearly dessicated him. He had to use a crowbar to effect his only bowel movement for the week and he’s a bit unhappy around the date at the moment but…  his hair has such a lovely shine. My dear old grandma would love it.

But Granny is not here, she’s up on the mantelpiece in a tea caddy, and I guess I have to consign another great idea to the back burner and go back to buying lotto tickets.