Fringe is getting in my eyes!
Thursday, 17 January 2013

I had a bit of a tussle with technology in my previous mail-out but this time I am using the old system that I know works….. Blue Ring News says fuk the new crap, the email that my dad used in the ‘60’s was much better than the Chinese-made crap that falls apart in two days. There. Now:

Sample ImageSunday at the Gilbert Street Hotel:  The Gilbert Street Hotel features Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers – the gurus of the double voodoo blues – on Sunday arvo!  Get in for good times, good food and great music.





Sample ImageJohn Earl Walker + JJ Fields Friday January 18 The Wheatsheaf Hotel

Sample ImageGuitarist, lyricist, and vocalist John Earl Walker became enamoured with the blues at age 13, after being exposed to records by legendary guitarists of the genre such as Albert King, Magic Sam, T-Bone Walker, and Freddie King. By his 16th birthday, Walker had already begun playing guitar at local events and in clubs whenever possible. In 1967 he formed the blues-rock band the Plastic People, which included bassist Pete Harris and guitarist Joey Tremelo. Three years later the Plastic People changed their name to Plum Nelly, recorded several albums for Capitol Records in the mid-'70s, and gained national exposure opening shows for B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Alice Cooper, and Iggy Pop, to name just a few. Following the breakup of Plum Nelly in 1976, Walker formed the first of several incarnations of the John Earl Walker Band. See:



Sample ImageThe Beggars Saturday January 19 at the Wheatshef Hotel

'The Banjo Song' from their The Beggars sound is often compared to legendary Australian group the seekers. Their debut 2006 album “Beggars” caught the ears of European DJs and yielded the hit songs 'Preacher I Have Sinned' and 'Kangaroo'.

2009 album “Desert Flower” gave them their first European Country Music number 1 . 'Turn Turn Turn' and 'The Whale' from the Dreams and Australian Songbook Albums have made multiple entries onto the iTunes charts in Canada, Germany and Australia.


COMA Summer Sessions: Sam Leske + Aaron McCoullough Quartet Monday January 21 - the Wheatsheaf Hotel

The legendary C.O.M.A Sessions have been a fixture at The Wheaty since 2005. C.O.M.A is a musician-led, musician-focused, member based not-for-profit association. It presents a unique opportunity for the creative development and artistic endeavour of a broad range of Australian composers and performers. It is committed to presenting and raising the profile of original music in Adelaide, and indeed Australia.   See:


 Sample ImageStart thinking about this now:   

Joanne Shaw Taylor Australian Tour 2013

This is what Joe Boungiorno or whatever said about Joanne Shaw Taylor: There are a lot of great guitarists and singers in the blues today, what I see in Joanne Shaw Taylor that sets her apart from the rest is the ability to write a great song. Not only is she a killer guitarist and singer, but you find yourself walking away from her shows singing her songs as well.” Joe Bonamassa


Sample ImageSo it was Joe Bonamassa that said it.  Anyway,   what he said is spot on. Dynamic and exciting blues player, lusty vocals, and appears to have a very nice collection of guitars. I particularly like the Tele with the neck humbucker. Find her in youtube - don't bother with the appearance with that sheila from the Eurythmics... sort of just a positioning statement - check out the clips with her band. And here’s the date to look out for:

Joanne Shaw Taylor,  Monday 18th February (The Adelaide Fringe Festival)

The Governor Hindmarsh, Hindmarsh, SA

7:00pm, $25 + BF presale, $30 Door or: Tickets:



Sample ImageGetting serious now – tickets are moving and it would be a shame to miss this show:   John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew on stage at the Space Theatre (during the Festival Centre’s Session season.)

AT the drop of an Akubra Shooey and The Vagabond Crew can trot out a sugar-bagful of powerful and uplifting songs  - and a couple of cheeky ditties - not only from his Redgum days but also from Behind the Lines; Lawson; Gelignite Jack; Etched in Blue and True Believers. They have been travelling around the country and overseas for the past couple of years peddling the message that Australian music is good music and they are going to do it right here in li’l ol’ sleepytown.  Book now through:



THE FRINGE - It’s getting closer than Grandma’s chops for a slobbery birthday kiss and the good shows sell out fast. Here's a couple that have sold out in previous years and my suggestion to you is to book now.


 Sample Image

Honk Tonk Angels - The Story of Loretta Lynn & Friends

  A Musical Cabaret treat - Loretta Lynn (played by Amber Joy Poulton) shares her favourite songs and stories from her life as country music's most loved performer. You won't be able to sit still as she performs a string of country mega-hits plus the songs of her girlfriends Tammy, Dolly, Patsy and more. It's country music heaven at the Regal Theatre (Kensington Rd).

Blurb: LORETTA LYNN, PATSY CLINE, TAMMY WYNETTE, DOLLY PARTON;  They were friends, Queens of Country Music & real women….
In 'Honky Tonk Angels', Miss Loretta Lynn, (played by look-alike Country Queen, Miss Amber Joy Poulton), comes to town & shares some of her favourite music & stories from her life & times as one of country music's most loved performers.   You will hear the songs of her girlfriends, Patsy, Tammy & Dolly & you will not be able to sit still as this country legend performs her greatest hits as well as a string of knee-slappin' country mega-hits, from hill-billy to city-slick. 'Honky Tonk Angels' relives the amazing story of this remarkable woman, her friendships, her contribution to music & the progression of the country as well as the city.

Sessions:   Saturday February 16 (7.30 pm) and Sunday February 17 (2.00 pm)

AT:              The Regal Theatre,  75 Kensington Rd,  Kensington Park

Seen around Australia Honky Tonk Angels is always a sell out – Book Now!!!


A Journey Through the Past...

is one hour of musical theatre with a twist. It is based on the book “Neil and Me” by Scott Young (1918-2005), a well-known sports and Sample Imagenovel writer in Canada but perhaps less known here as the father of Neil Young ,one of the most influential figures in popular music.

A Journey Through the Past stars Patrick Frost as Scott Young who engages the audience with an intimate dialogue.....he is the narrator of the performance...  slowly revealing many thought provoking insights into the parallels between his own fascinating life and times and that of his more famous son. It’s Scott’s story!...his feelings , his regrets, his guilt, his feelings of connectedness with his son as a chance- taking maverick, his musing on his absence as a father affecting or even propelling Neil to be a great, original/non compromising artist (like father/like son !).

Each monologue segues into a song by Neil Young, chosen for its lyrical content echoing Scott’s revelations. Be aware that A Journey Through the Past is NOT a Neil Young tribute show. The songs have been re-interpreted, re-arranged and presented in a fresh and dramatic light as a natural continuation and extension of the narrative.


A Journey ThroughThe Past plays:    MONDAY 18TH FEBRUARY 2013 (7.30PM) and TUESDAY 19TH FEBRUARY 2013  (8.00PM)  at THE PROMETHEAN-116 GROTE ST ADELAIDE.  This show was a sell-out at the 2012 Fringe and will be one of the must-see items in this year’s line-up.  Book Now online through Adelaide Fringe Website(   or phone Venuetix(


 Sample ImageUpcoming at Guthries:

The Moor Rose - Saturday 2nd February, 8:00pm

The Moor Rose return to Guthries with their Acoustic - World - Folk - Fusion for a concert with special guest Sasha Louise (from Sasha &The Dawnhorse) performing her gorgeous, poetic songs.  This will be a great night, including the awesome rhythms of percussionist Anne Harrington (Akoustic Odyssey) playing with cellist David Rose and singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Stuart Rose.

 Rich, raw, deep and resonant - Rory McLeod (UK); GUTHRIES, Wednesday 6th February. 8:00pm

The fabulous Rory McLeod returns to Australia for his first tour since 2008 with his latest album ‘Swings and Roundabouts’.  Rory is a truly unique modern travelling troubadour weaving his Cockney spruik into highly rhythmic Latin/ reggae/ blues inspired music, a one man soul band and once seen never forgotten.

His truly unique performance style includes using tap shoes, acapella, harmonica, guitar, trombone, spoons, finger cymbals, and whatever else he can get his hands on!. Rory has played harmonica and guitar with MICHELLE SHOCKEDANI DI FRANCO, BUTCH HANCOCK, MICHAEL FRANTI, TOWNES VAN ZANDT, with the West-African guitarist ALI FARKE-TOURE and TAJ MAHAL.


Sample ImageAn entertaining two-part show starring "Mr Versatile"himself - Craig Giles (photo right); the "Southern Songbird - Kinta; and "Rising Star of the Future"- Nathan Bruhn.

These three exciting entertainers will bring you their own unique styles of Music & fun and then present tributes to three of the “greats” of country music. JOHNNY CASH,  JUNE CARTER & PATSY CLINE.  This will be, a show to remember !  Book your tickets now!




Hairy pothead

You don’t hear much from Harry Potter these days, do you?  I suppose he doesn’t get out much now that he’s married with children. Maybe he’s put on his cardigan and slippers and living in Adelaide, writing letters to the council about the noise coming from the witches coven up the road, whingeing about the racket they make in the broomstick park when screeching off after a session of spelling and myths. If you are feeling the lack of some illogical wizardy stuff I recommend you read:

Hairy Pothead and the Brown Paper bag.

 Hairy Pothead, Ron Measley and Whiney Hymengrinder have spent a year or two pointlessly wandering in some joint that looks like outer Mongolia looking for some bits of spoof or something that belong to that whitish-looking bloke without a nose. Now read on.... or back click to eBay or the porn site you were on before thisturned up in your inbox.

“Hairy… when are you going to find the missing bits of Lord Volvodriver so we can put an end to this boring blblical analogy of wandering in the wilderness?”

“Give it a rest, Whiney, I’m trying to look worried. Ron …can’t you do a magic spell to make me look more worried.”


“Measley, that’s disgusting. He meant make a magic spell .... with your wand.”


“That’s right. You only know two spells and both of them start with Abracadabra!”

 “Shut up, Whiney. I can’t because my wand’s fukked. I just upgraded the core bit to Windows 8 and it’s lost all me basic spells.  You’re pretty handy with the sillystick, Whiney… you do a spell.”

“I can’t either. I got the latest version of iWand and I have to buy a basic spell program with all the upgrades to make it work.”

“BloodyHell. At least mine still works a bit… watch this:"  Zoing! Zoing!

“Stop that, Measley! You shouldn't use magic to make my tits bigger!  POTHEAD! Do something!!”

“I am. I just heard from Dobber the Elluf, who has magically appeared beside me, that the last missing bit of Lord Volvodriver is living in a whore’s crutch or something. Thanks Dobber, here’s a used band-aid.”

"Mr Pothead is so kind and generous. I will magic up a vat of gringotts gold for him…”

“Hey... what about me…. I gave you something too!!!”

"Dobber did not need a boogie with ginger nostril hair, Mr Measley. Now I must disappear before I am asked to do something else with my far superior magic to help you succeed.”  Foof!

"Lucky old Volvodriver, eh?  Living in a whore’s crutch… Bloody Hell, Eh, Hairy?  And old Whiney over there won’t even let me touch her mouse’s ear. Again.”

"Shut up, Measely.”

“Shut up, yourself!  Here, watch this:  Biggus Tittus! “ Zoing Zoing!! “Biggus Tittus a bit more!”  ZOING ZOING!  snap!!

“You turd, Gingernuts. Now my bra is busted.”

“You wear a bra? Bloody Hell…”

“Will you stop it you two. Let's go to the Leaky Bladder, find that whore and catch Lord Volvodriver‘s bit up to its hubcaps.”

They magicked themselvs to the Leaky Bladder leaving dummoes like me wondering why they didn't just magic up the bits a long time ago and ... well... just leave it alone.  They kicked in the door of one of the Leaky Bladder's motel rooms and caught Lord Volvodriver's thingo at it. Whiney Hymengrinder grabbed it by the tail and yanked it out.


"Got it…."

"Great… now what do we do with it? Stab it with a digestive biscuit? Drown it in Botterbeer? What do you reckon, Hairy... after being at a top wizard's school for the past ten years....? You'll have a few clues, won't you?? Dong it with a wand and turn it  into ambergris...?"

"No… according to Dobber…."

"How the fuk are you getting all this stuff from  Dobber?   I thought he'd fukked off... where is the little treasure hunt? He can do some magic shit for me....."

“ACCORDING to Dobber,  he said Professor Stumblebum told him from the grave that the only person who can destroy the last bit of Lord Volvodriver is a dirty, slimy, greasy, untrustworthy, namby-pamby…”

Professor Snipe!” in chorus.

“You both get the medal.”

“But Snipe won’t destroy Voldemort’s bits…. He’s a Power-ranger or sumpthin. A crocksucker… A turd eater....”

“Ron…. Whiney….. It’s taken me two movies and about six hours of dead boring screen time but...  I have a plan."

“Big deal…. I have scabies.”

“You Bastard, Measely!!! So... that’s who I got them from!!!”

“Shut up, the pair of yez. Give us your lunch bag, Ron. Whiney, can that iWand of yours manage one spell without having to buy an upgrade for the fukken thing?"


"Right... Bring that bit of Lord Volvodriver and follow me."


" Bloody Hell, Hairy. What were we doing hiding behind the hedge at Professor Snipe’s joint?”

“And why have your put Lord Volvodriver’s dangly bit in Ron's brown paper bag on Sniupe's doorstep?”

“Be patient, the pair of yez.  Ron… use your wand to ring Snipe’s doorbell.”

Bing Bong Bing Bong… bong Bing Big Bong.

“Whiney… set fire to the paper bag with your wand - Now!”


A bare moment later Professor Snipe appeared in the doorway and shrieked when he saw the fire on his doorstep. Reacting as any proud but greasy-haired homeowner would he stomped on the burning bag to extinguish the flame.

“OWWW… EEEEEK…. ARRGGGH! Erk.“Oh no,” shouted Snipe.   “What have I done?”

“Ha, Ha… Ha, Ha!” shouted Pothead from behind the hedge…. “You’ve stomped the shit out of the last of Lord Volvodriver’s whore’s-crutches and you’re cursed for ever. At least… your shoes are because you’ve got the fukker's goo all stuck in the tread of your sneakers and it sticks like shit to a blanket, mate!”

“Ahhhhhhh… Noooooo…… my good house slippers!”

Well, folks. That’s it.  Released from his wanderings in the desert Potter wasted no time porking Measley’s sister – well..... having waited politely for her to reach the age of porkability, of course – and Whiney Hymengrinder downloaded the biggusdikkus app onto her iWand and smacked Ronald Measley in the groin with the magic stick.

“If I’m gonna get hosed out by that ginger-nutted crybaby I want something that touches the sides.”

The end, we hope.