Return of Skiffle to theWhitty
Monday, 06 May 2013

Sample ImageRoll up…. For the return of the Skiffle cats.

Friday evening, May 10,  at the Whitmore Hotel the Cat’s Pyjamas in sniffle… er, skittle…. fukken Bluetooth keyboard…. SKIFFLE mode, part acoustic and part vegetable for a rollicking good time. You can dance if you want to, ‘cause it’s safe to dance to skiffle music. I think.  Anyway, the Cat’s PJ’s undo  the pyjama cord at 8.30 pm. And there’s good food and booze at the Whitty at the top end of Whitmore Square - in the city.









Sample ImageFriday, May 10, SWEET BABY JAMES & ROB EYERS  at the Wheatsheaf Hotel – 9pm (Free). Get along for a monster serve of double voodoo blues.

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Friday night, May 10, Amber Joy Poulton and Sandra Humphries are staging a huge country music show at the Encounter bay Footy club. Go to these pages for more info:








Sample ImageThe Gov: Thursday May 9: They Might be Giants!!!

 Sample ImageThey Might Be Giants are John Linnell on keyboards and accordion and John Flansburgh on guitar, and their barn-storming live band includes Danny Weinkauf on bass, Marty Beller on drums and Dan "Solder" Miller on lead guitar. Linnell and Flansburgh became friends as kids in school in Massachusetts but only formed the band after moving to Brooklyn, New York.

With their minimal stage show and innovative Dial-A-Song service, They Might Be Giants were prime movers in the mid- '80s explosion of visual art, music, and performance art that put New York's East Village scene on the cultural map. "We're fully aware of the musical worlds both to the left of us and to the right of us - we've heard avant garde music, we've heard popular music," says Flansburgh. "That's given us the notion that we can be as original as we can be and still make worthwhile songs."

For tickets and info, go here:




Sample ImageSaturday 11 May, 8:00 PM - Bill Jackson


Sample ImageBill Jackson is fast becoming known as one of Australia’s finest songwriters within the country folk genre. Think Dylan, Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt all wrapped up in his most recent release – the critically acclaimed ‘Jerilderie’. His previous full-length release ‘Steel & Bone’ was awarded Folk Alliance Australia ‘Radio Presenters Album of the Year’ in 2008 and he was invited to tour the US alternative country hotspots later that same year with his Acoustic Orchestra (Peter Fidler / Ruth Hazleton).

Tickets: Adults: $20, Conc. $18, Members $16

For more info go here:


Sample ImageSaturday May 11 The Healers return to live performance, trotting out some True Blues at the Whitmore Hotel. be there for an 8.30 kick-off.








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THE STREAMLINERS at The Semaphore Workers Club - SUN 12 MAY; 4.30 PM.

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Testing times

Suburb, somewhere.

Knock, Knock!

Eventually the door opens.

“Whaddya want?”

“Good morning, Ms. I want to talk to you about your children not being included in the national numeracy and literacy testing scheme.”

“Yeah… well… are you from the gubamint?”

“Not as such… the school.”

“Yeah, well, yuh see,  as for the number of me kids, when the inspectors come round I borrow a few from the mob over the back… you know… to keep up me claim. I put down for seven kids. And I know mine are illiterate but I don’t know about hers’ back there. She had a bloke once and he was a basher but I dunno if they was hitched. Some people don’t bovver; they just bash wivvout a licence. ”

“It’s not about the welfare money or your marital status,” said the bloke at the door, “It’s about this….!”  he continued, waving a copy of the NAPLAN test in front of her.

“Ahh….. Ahh, yeah; that.  Well, I’m a bit sorry about that. I seen that bit of paper but I weren’t gunna put me hand up fer it. Caws…. Well, it was for the nits, y’see;  and I’d run out of kero so I thought a bit of napalm would do the trick. Suppose I shouldn’t’ve been chuffing when I done it but they wasn’t burned too bad.”

“Right; well…. Good morning to you Ms; I’ll let you get back to what you were doing.”

“Yeah, ta. Celebrity Splash was on the shit pump and it’s funny as.”