Swinging the lead.. I mean, blues.
Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sample ImageBlues Avenue Duo at Regattas on Friday September 27.

Come on down to the arse-end of the convention centre for a wind-down drink and a listen to Sweet Baby James and the Preacher as they swing their way through a swag of sweet and savoury blues songs. And stuff. It starts early-ish – 5 pm – so dig into your flexi-time (if there is still such a thing; it’s been so long since I did any real work I can barely remember what a café-bar coffee with ‘whitener’ tastes like) anyway, use flexi-time or just get retrenched and come on down!




Sample ImageTHE CREW at The BARTLEY TAVERN this FRIDAY!!!at 8.30 pm.





Sample ImageThe Dirty Roots Band featuring 2 drummers this Friday @ the Semaphore Workers Club. Doors @ 8, band on 9.30pm for 2 sets







 Sample ImageFor the whole month of October on every Thursday night, the newly formed ADELAIDE ROOTS & BLUES ASSOCAITION (ARBA), and in association with Gravy Train Promotions, will be holding the new “Blues Heats” competition @ The Gov’s “GUMBO ROOM”.     First heats start Thurs 3rd of October from 8pm till 9.45pm with the remainder of the night open for jamming.  All artists to register @ the following email address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Each registration automatically gets you a free 12 month membership to ABRA. NOTE : REGISTRATIONS END ON THE 30th SEPT midnight.    COMPETITION DATES: 3, 10, 17, 24 and finals on 31st Oct.

Artist registration costs for the “BLUES HEATS” are as follows and payable on the day of their performance.

  • Bands $50
  • Duos $30
  • Solo Artists $15

There are 2 winner categories

  • Best R&B Band (1st & 2nd prizes)
  • Best Solo or Duo (1st & 2nd prizes)

1st Prize for each category includes:-
Automatic entry to the 2014 “DEEP SOUTH FESTIVAL” and a Derringers Voucher.

2nd Prize include some recording time:-
A studio day for “Solo/Duo” category and a live recoding for the “Band” Category.

Also please note audiences and non-competitors can become ABRA members on the day for a special price of $20 (on the day only).Please also join and like us on facebook for all updates……



Sample Image  John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew are off the Wintermoon Festival in Qld (Mackay – slightly south of the about-to-happen sludge dredging and Great Barrier Reef destruction programme). Go here for Wintermoon guff: http://www.wintermoonfestival.com.   

  Wintermoon is so conservation-conscious (in contrast to the mining industry up the road) they even included a cute Freudian slip in the website blurb: “Campers are welcome to set up on Saturday 28th Septimber…” ‘Sep-timber’. Ha fukn ha. Still...  Anyway, you’d think that it would be a simple thing to get musicians up to a music festival these days - after all, there are more festivals than there are freckles on Fergie’s tits – it should be as easy as poking a greasy stick up a dog’s quoit. But not when you fly with Virgin;  you need to know the Mason’s handshake and the answer to the da vinci code. Did you hear about the spy that had to stop spying and go to the doctor because he had a code in the nose?  No? Well, there was this spy… Jeff or Derek … I can’t tell you his real name because that would blow his cover – not his nose, we’ll get to that later.  Anyway,  this spy guy Jeff Postlethwaite woke up all clammy one morning with a pounding ache in his sinuses and his breath smelled really bad and etc etc…








Sample ImageBig Smoke are playing at The Federal Hotel Semaphore on October 5th 8-12pm FREE.  This show is part of the Semaphore festival.










You might like this: 

Sunday 13th October 2013, Wolf Mail plays The Governor Hindmarsh.

 Sample Image

One of the world’s most unique bluesmen, Wolf Mail returns to Australian venues this September to celebrate the release of his sixth album ‘Above The Influence’.

“The Montreal-born, California-raised Blues-rocker has arrived at a blues guitar style all his own, sparked initially by childhood idol Elmore James and polished on thousands of stages in over 20 countries during a nomadic career spanning 27 years. That being said, ‘polished’ is not entirely the best word to describe Wolf Mail’s contribution to the blues. His world-renowned guitar tone gives voice to an entirely honest, earthy and personal approach to phrasing and writing, and this is matched with a gravely, instantly recognisable vocal style, sometimes rough around the edges (and all the better for it).”


My comment: On the stuff I heard from the new album … Fat, warm and beautiful blues guitar. Solid and in yer face. Gritty voice - sings like he means it, uncluttered arrangements….  Makes you want to hear more.

Tickets:  $20 + BF presale, $25 door;  www.thegov.com.au


 Also, go here for sound and vision of Wolf Mail: 





What else...?

Well, other gigs are/may be happening but I am working under a ‘sovereign border’ policy so I won’t tell anyone what the gigs are before they happen. However, I may give a press briefing when the gigs have been and gone – maybe a monthly round-up in review, so to speak -  and tell you that they were all good; really, really good and some were fantastic; too bad you missed them and no human lives were lost overboard.


Hunting the ferocious feral Tofu

Occasionally I let drop my veneer of genteel refinement and intellectualness and give in to my real nature; the nature that is in the heart of all animals… the hunter. Often it’s just to slay other living creatures and leave them bleeding on the turf or perhaps to rip out their teeth or other stuff like dicks and that and make carvings and love potions to sell to phuquewhitts. But this time, the most recent time, it was for a good cause. International Rescue alerted me to a crisis in an Indochina village where some domesticated tofu had broken out of their enclosures and gone feral.  Straight up, mate! It happenes. This relatively common problem is exacerbated when the usually accommodating tofu - long domesticated to enable it to develop the coveted soft white, creamy flesh -  is crossbred with the wild tivipi which produces a nasty and ferocious offspring called seitan. Seitan, a vigourous hybrid, often inbreeds again with the tofu to produce and even nastier piece of schitt that has a malevolent tempeh. The people of this particular village had let the matter get out of hand and rapid cross-breeding by a massive rogue, red-eyed tivipi was producing gangs of murderous seitan that were violently rooting escaped tofus, smashing down village bamboo fences like they were made of nothing but bamboo, eating children and slow adults and putting firecrackers in letterboxes. It was both nasty and naughty.

I took my Uzi; no point fukkin around with brain-fried tofu and bad-tempehed seitan. My Tofu hunting outfit is jungle green with vertical green stripes so I can blend in with the bamboo trees. I drag behind me a 1.6 metre diameter cable spool with 5 kilometres of continuous bullet belt wrapped around it. Like I said: no point etc etc. I was slurping along the mosquito-infested banks of the dirty Toy Lett river when a hideous noise froze my step. In a clearing not 50 metres away I saw a blood-chilling sight. A huge hump-buttocked tofu was being cruelly raped by the crazed red-eyed tivipi and the tofu was hollering and screaming. This wasn’t rough sex, mate, it was date-rape of the worst kind. There wasn’t  a picnic blanket or a bottle of wine in sight. I racked the Uzi’s magazine and fed in the belt. The racking noise made the tivipi look up and glare ferociously at me. Then the fukker charged with the tofu still pronged underneath. Both of them charging at me… I had no choice. It was bloody gruesome but, gee, it was lots of fun, too. I shot the crap out of both the tivipi and the tofu and marched back into the village with the heads of both of them mounted on bamboo stakes.

I was a hero; they gave me chinese-made ‘rolex’ watches and 'levi’ jeans. The watches rusted to death in half an hour and the jeans rotted off me before I got on the plane home. Still, I do have some very nice photographs of me holding aloft the two mutilated and bloody heads of the vicious tivipi and the surprised tofu. So… if you need any work like that done I am happy to revert to a nature-boy and kill anything for practically nothing.