Old Clarendon is the weekend's hot spot
Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Here we are into the last weeks of January –already! – and the gigs are getting thicker on the ground.


Sample ImageFriday night, January 24, the Steve Brown Band will play the Semaphore Workers Club, Semaphore. If you have not tried the Workers Club for musical entertainment I suggest you make 2014 the year to step outside the regular quadrilateral. The Semaphore Workers Club, situated on the high side of the Esplanade at the Semaphore Foreshore, is The Home of Roots and Blues music in South Australia and is a wallet-friendly venue.  Live music starts at 9:pm.



The Bondi Cigars float into town.

Sample ImageThey are without doubt an Australian musical institution and 25 years deserves to be celebrated so get along to any of these three gigs (listed below) and join in the celebration with the Bondi Cigars.

Friday 24 January, Old Clarendon Inn, Grants Gully Rd Clarendon SA; Ph 8383 6166





Sample ImageSaturday 25 January: THe Bondi Cigars play the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel

59 Port Rd Hindmarsh SA; Ph 8340 0744.  Doors @ 8pm;  Tix $25 plus b/f (oztix)



But wait, there's more... the Bondi Cigars are also at:

 South Augusta Football Club; Conroy St, Port Augusta SA on Sunday 26 January, with The Hooligans. Doors @ 7pm. Tix $25 from venue;  Ph: 8642 4565



Sample ImageSaturday, January 25, SWEET BABY JAMES & ROB EYERS at the The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton – Free (8:30pm)







Sample ImageSunday, January 26, THE RED HOT BLUES BAND play the Old Clarendon Inn, Clarendon

Red hot and swinging blues with the Mighty Davo Blighty, James Sweet Baby Meston, Robert not-so-keen-on-cricket-any-more Eyers and Denis the Preacher Surmon.  Free (Doors open at 3:30pm; live music from 5-9 pm).





Sample ImageBig Smoke is playing at The Fed at Semaphore January 26th - 8pm FREE

And keep a weather eye out for the next Big Smoke flare-up: Big Smoke is returning to its roots at The Gov on Saturday 22nd March 9-11.30. FREE







Chair for sale. Yes it’s a bit like the classifieds section but up in the main pages ... Peter ‘Danger Man’ McIver has an executive chair for sale. If you are a chairless executive standing around the boardroom or just some heap of manure who wants to feel a bit like an executive read this:  

Sample Image‘Dear friends,

This desk chair ( still in its box ) needs a home.

$100 which will be sent to my brother in Africa. ( see below for website )


First in gets the best seat in the house!




 Hmmm... he says it's still in it's box but, in that photo above, it appears not to be! Still... anyway.... well, you know.... must be magic.



Sample ImageThe Port Rocks 2014, Sunday February 23.

Don't forget to put this date in your diaries, bands include The Memphis Suns, Lady Voodoo, East Texas, The Satellites Australia, Dead Lucky, The Rustlers and more to be announced. Classic Car display, Chics clothing, Port Princess Dolphin Cruises, crazy food trucks...and MORE, MORE, be there or be L7  go to: https://www.facebook.com/semaphoremusicfestival






Sample ImageSurfing with Scissors plays the Whitmore Hotel (city) on Friday January 31.  Always an event Surfing with Scissors plumbs the ocean depths for its watery soul and the scrapes the coral reefs for its twangy, stingy – er… stinging - guitar sounds. Come and have some fun –it won’t cost you nothing’!






The Fringe:  Pastor Cash and the Ministry of Money Revival Show

Sample Image1932... the great depression hit hard making easy pickings for unscrupulous preachers, snake oil salesmen, and, coupled with prohibition of the sale of alcohol, organised crime spiralling in the USA.

Pastor Gimme (“That's Jimmy with a 'G'”) Cash passes himself off as a good, wholesome preacher travelling the backwaters with his slick looking crew, using the good book to justify collection of money from his flock (through ‘faith’ healing), encourages drinking and gets the whole congregation dancing – using his version of biblical stories.

SA written, produced and conceived, this show is something completely out of the square - and with plenty of toe-tapping tunes and comedy, a great cabaret experience is assured.

Enjoy a pre-show drink in the licensed Shindig Lounge - or stay after the show and feel the serenity with plenty of 30s swing tunes to cool your soul!

Go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/697184140315695/



Also in the Fringe, look for…

The Beggars – SING! http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/sing/08ddd76d-ea59-492d-b1ca-2235cf94dfd9

A battle Royale - Bob Dylan verses Neil Young: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/a-battle-royale-bob-dylan-vs-neil-young-with-aussie-bob-and-young-neil/4371366c-df19-48cd-9468-be7e021da16a

Robby Bowler - Inside Out: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/robby-bowler-inside-out/15dc2e23-effb-4dc2-90a5-eb195da73891

This could be big - Don MOrrison: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/this-could-be-big/455c7150-3e1c-42d0-9a83-636f712a5979

Hallelujah 80 years of Leonard Cohen: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/hallelujah-80-years-of-leonard-cohen/41d329e9-4a92-4474-a979-5b14687fdaaf

And during the Fringe, at the Prospect Town Hall venue, look for:   The Texettes; The Krusty Cowboy Klub and The Cat’s Pyjamas’ 'Life isn’t all beer and skiffle but it should be!'.


The call of the Psychic….OOOooOOoOoOOooooo000oooooooo

Sample ImageI can't keep away from these psychic fukkers, I love 'em. I especially love ‘em after I hear about some twat or other who did a past life regression and discovered they were the Handmaiden to Cleopatra or the sister-in-law to the Dowager Fullmuut of Fallopia or somewhere. So, off I went again, staring into the crystal ball after passing over a small-ish remuneration to the shyster.

Back, back away back in time I went, back to the days of ancient Greece -  the Golden Ages of old Greece -  and what does the magic fish bowl tell me????  Well -- as I stare all dopey-like into it,  it tells me I was a dogsbody nobody in the Casa de neigra of Krappipus Aggati, property developer for Ruins R Us in Athens – ancient Athens. And through the magic imparted by the marvellous crystal doohickie I suddenly found myself right there on the spot when Krappipus called for me to run an errand, for that's what I was - Dogas Grigoropoolos, the lowly errant boy. Er… errand boy...  in some middle manager's 2-storey Greek tradgedy.  My master was worried; "You look pensive, Master," I fawned. "Is there something I can do for you to alleviate this ill-humour? May I chew your fingernails for you? Cover myself with honey and lay on an ants' nest? But, no... it was none of the usual debasing rituals I must perform.  Instead,  my Master entrusted me to skedaddle with a very important message:  a question for the ‘Wise One’.

Down to the market place I hotfooted in my earnest haste to please my employer and dashed into the largest deli in the town square. The deli was pretty chockers and the staff were slinging animal heads and guts all over the place and I had to wait long-time to get served. And when I did get attention from a serving staff I politely explained that it was waiting to be served by Aristotle, the owner of the Deli. None but he.

But, he was busy, said the staff, stiffly.

Well, this is an important job for my master; I can fukkn wait, I returned poltely.

So I waited and I waited and eventually,  Aristotle was ready to serve me.

"Oh, fuk, no!" he moaned. "Not you again,"  he sed. "Whaddya want this tme?"

"Mr Aristotle, I am here on an important errand for my master; as you know he is having a big party this weekend end for the all-in Greek Wrestlers' Club and he has cleaned the barbecue, stocked up the cellar with amphoras of plonk, washed and perfumed the goats and shaved their arses for the 'dancing',  and now he wants to know if the good weather is going to hold till Sunday?"

Well, Mr Aristotle went red then purple and then he shouted....

"Your master did not send you to ask that question of Aristotle at the deli... he told you to go ask the Oracle of Delphi! Now fuk off, you idiot!!"

When I returned to the psychic's presence I was struck by the feeling that, over the generations I have lived since then,  not much has changed with me.