Cut to the Fringe!
Friday, 07 February 2014

What’s on, Watson, as the clever Victorian detective said to the humble MD. Well….

Sample ImageThe Rhythm Cats is at the Lighthouse Tavern, Sunday, February 9, from 4 – 8 pm. Rock and Roll!







Sample ImageFringe event: Pastor Cash & his Ministry Of Money Revival Show launches on Saturday February 15.

Ingot we Trust presents A New and Original  SA music/theatre production at the Prospect Town Hall

Preview Sat 15th Feb @ 4 pm
Opening Nite16th Feb @ 8pm

Sunday 16th Feb @ 4pm
Thursday 20th Feb @ 8pm
Friday 21st Feb @ 7.30pm
Saturday 22nd Feb @ 9pm
Sunday 23rd Feb @ 6pm
Tuesday 25th Feb @ 8pm
Friday 28th Feb @ 7.30pm
Sunday 2nd Mar @ 4pm
Friday 7th Mar @ 8pm
Friday 14th Mar @8p

For Tickets and info go here:


Sample Imagepan!c has been let out of school but it's a private showing so it doesn't really count.'s good to be back!

Sample ImageFringe event:  Let it Roll presents: the Soul of Rhythm & Blues at the Prospect TownHall

Adelaide’s own award winning masters of Rhythm & Blues, LET IT ROLL combine forces
with Australia’s queen of blues and soul GAIL PAGE (“The Voice” & winner of 3 Chain Blues Awards) and LIZ STOCCO, to present a pow-erhouse 90-minute show paying homage to the legends of Rhythm & Blues and Soul Music

Show Times & Dates:
Friday 21st Feb @ 9pm
Sat 22nd Feb @ 3pm
Sat 22nd Feb @ 7pm
Sun 23rd Feb @ 3pm
Go here:

Sample ImageSunday, February 23, SWEET BABY JAMES & ROB EYERS at the Old Clarendon Inn, Clarendon

Go for dinner or just a snack - the Clarendon Inn offers a range of special dishes, tapas as well as a selection of 'classics'. Then there's the pizza! Very good pizza.

And there's plenty of great entertainment coming up ths month; get on the mailing list to find out what's on next: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it





8.15pm  Tickets $12/10 at the door
For more than a decade the Texettes have written, recorded and toured their original style of Roots music to a growing band of eager supporters. The Texettes were mostly Terry and Helen. In 2011 The Texettes grew to become a 6 piece outfit with Denis Surmon (bass), Sam White (keys), Dave Rhodes (lead Gtr) & John Appleby (drms) who have been exciting audiences with their own brand of haunting ballads & catchy, danceable & cool country rock songs. Go to:


Sample ImageThe Beggars – SING!

go here:





Sample ImageA battle Royale - Bob Dylan verses Neil Young:

Stuart Day has been channeling Neil Young since “Tonight’s the Night” knocked his socks off in 1975. Since then there have been plenty of new socks, but only one Neil.   Aussie Bob was ‘groomed for the position’ of carrying Dylan’s music to the public. “He sounds more Bob than Bob does,” said one Fringe blogger last year. “I’m now addicted to Aussie Bob” said another.  Go here:





Sample ImageRobby Bowler - Inside Out:

Imagine Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell and you have Robby Bowlers show 'Inside Out'. This singer songwriter is an unforgettable performer with presence that's relatable and natural in style. With previous sell out Fringe shows you don't want to miss this fun, soulful true performer. Accompanied by Jeff Clarke.  Go Here:






Sample ImageThis could be big - Don Morrison:







Sample ImageHallelujah 80 years of Leonard Cohen:






Sample ImageRolling Thunder -Bob Dylan in the 70's

The music of Bob Dylan in the 70's, presented by a 10 piece band fronted by Luke Ashby, recreating the random, ramshackle spontaneity of Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue of 1975. This concert performance will highlight music from 'Blood On The Tracks' and 'Desire, along with a selection of classic Dylan songs in a 75 minute show featuring songs including 'Hurricane', 'Idiot wind', 'Tangled Up In Blue' 'Sara' 'Like a Rolling Stone', 'Highway 61 Revisited' and many others.  Go here:






And during the Fringe, at the Prospect Town Hall venue, look for:  


Sample ImageThe Krusty Cowboy Klub,    

Cowboy music at its most dubious – COWBOY  music… not country and western. The Krusty Cowboy Klub is a lively show peppered with bulldust and cowshit at the Prospect Town Hall, Wednesday March 5, 8-30 pm. Wear a cowboy hat, pull your chaps on, sing and dance and make a right Greg Hunt of yourself at the Krusty Cowboy Klub. Tickets Ten Bucks at the door. Don't bring the kiddies unles you bring something to cook 'em in. An' some sauce to go with 'em.




 Sample ImageThe Cat’s Pyjamas’ 'Life isn’t all beer and skiffle but it should be!'

The return of the Cat’s Pyjamas in Skiffle mode. Don’t know what Skiffle is??? Neither do the Cat’s Pyjamas but they have a mighty good go at it presenting some iconic Skiffle tunes and a bewildering catalogue of gnarly and nutty tunes in a bright and lively Skiffle sort-of acoustic mode.
Here’s the blurb; it’s veracity is true and can be vouched for: Just before the birth of Rock Roll the water broke and that was SKIFFLE!    It’s home-made; It’s a little bit untidy; It’s rowdy and a little bit of fun and it’s at the Prospect Town Hall!
The Cat’s Pyjamas is: ‘The Preacher’ Denis Surmon on vox, guitar and string bass; Jeff Algra-Rhythms on drums and noisy bits; David Rocky Rhodes on acoustic and other guitars and vox, and  Peter Martin on bass, guitar, vox, harmonicas and animal noises.
ONE SHOW ONLY Fri Mar 7 @ 9.30pm
Tickets only $10 at the door! More fun than the time grandad fell off the roof and broke his coccyx. And his tailbone.




Ahead in March

Sample ImageThe Texettes and Acoustic Scandal at Bangor Bushfire Relief Concert.

Raising funds for the bush fire appeal

An evening of entertainment on Saturday March 1 (2014), main event 4pm– 10pm

Entry adult$10; children under 15 free

On the oval Main North rd, Wirrabara in the Southern Flinders Ranges

Featuring the award winning South Australian country music artists The Texettes with Acoustic Scandal + Soulfire  and a line up of local and non-local talent
Food and refreshments activities for the kids
Bring your own blanket or seat and support your community
Inquiries Kev Sizer: 86684238; mob 0400598651
Andrew Trott mob0427684127









Corrugated iron Man – Christ, he’s noisy!

When a car load of coppers or a wagon full of wallopers is not enough, call for corrugated iron man! He makes a bit of a racket in a hailstorm!

At a meeting of the New Pigs in Charge of the Farm  – a bunch of double-dealers going under the moniker of the League of Ignorant Bigoted Egotistic Rich Asinine Leeches - concern was mounting.
“Fellow hogs, independently wealthy pigs, and the token sow or two,” droned the top Old School Tie pig, “…there’s been a new spate of global warmings reported from around the country and we want to sweep them under the carpet before the lefties and the greenies start whingeing again.  We need some cheap-working expendables to go out to the dreary country and piss on the hot spots.”
“What sort of idiots would want to try to save the country?”
“HA HA…I’m with you, my fellow Boar, it’s not the country that I would waste time and effort saving but there are some Idealistic fukwits out there. And the first one that springs to mind is the Champion of the underground front and back tunnels, Wombat Man.”
“But there’s bits of that global warming stuff all over the place; he can’t do all of it by himself.”
“True;  but he’s got a bunch of do-gooder mates who can help… they’re also stupidly idealistic to want to try to save the country.”

And so it was that a grouse team of crack Orstryan Superheroes gathered to take on the challenge of hiding outbreaks of global warming from the excitable public: Wombat Man, Galah Man, The Mighty Brownish Bilbyman, Public Service Woman, FairGo Man, Tally-Ho and Stubby – together they made up The Union of Aussie Underdogs.

“This is gonna cost yer…” Wombat man growled as he fronted the Big Pigs. “A thousand bucks and a slab of Coopers…  each!”
“We think that is overpaying you. We could get some Third World imports to do it for a dollar a day… and they’ll be happy to get that!”
“Goodoh. Get ‘em. Good bye.”
“Hang on a bit…. Let’s not be too hasty…. Perhaps we could re-consider your offer….. but you’ll need to sign our new IR agreements.”
“You’ll need to sign the fukken cheques or do the job yourselves - now pay up or fukup.”
“He’s got us over a barrel, we’re rooted…”
“If I had any of you dopes over a barrel I wouldn’t root your with Little Johnny’s tadger. Now pay up or start packing your Louis Vuitton luggage for a trip to the bush.”
So, they paid up and put in a ‘personal expenses’ claim to the public purse.

“Mates…” said Wombat Man to his fellow superheroes,  "it’s going to be a bugger of a job out there in the bush so we need Brown BilbyMan to tell us how to deal with the local conditions.”
“Well, ahh, er, um… I don’t know; I usually just hide under a mallee tree thingy….”
“Jeezuz… fukn wept,” cried Stubby. “He’s useless…”
“Leave him alone,” sed FairGo Man. “He’s just a little Bilby.”
“I know someone who could help,” said Galah Man. “He’s the forgotten hero of the bush: Corrugated Iron Man. He’s a proper bushie but he doesn't get around much so he’d be happy just to be doin’ something.”
CORRUGATED IRONMAN…. He’s noisy as fuk!

Somewhere out past Lake Harry they found Corrugated IronMan….
“Crikey; thanks mates… Strewth,  I’d do anything to get away from this joint for a while,” he sed, rattling his loose roofing nails with glee.
“Righto,” chivvied Wombat Man. “Let’s get this job done and get outside of a few beers,”
“Hang on,” sed TallyHo. “I’ll be with you in a mo. I’m just rolling a durry.”
“Jeezuz. Ok.”
So… in ten minutes plus travelling time the Union of Underdogs arrived at a global warming hotspot somewhere out in the bush.
”Shit, it’s hot,” sed Stubby. “Wish I had some icy-colds.”
“Water will do for this job,” shouted Public Service Woman. “But what have we got to carry it in?”
“Well,” said Corrugated Iron Man, “I could make meself into a corrugated iron tank and youse could fill me up with water…”
“We’ll need to rewrite your job specification for that and arrange a different pay scale…” sed Public Service Woman.
“Nah.  You won’t need to do that; I’m not in the union or anything…”
“NOT IN THE UNION???” shouted Public Service Woman.” You can’t come onto this site….”
“Shut the fuk up with the bureaucracy stuff. We are contract labour and responsible to ourselves for OHS and super and stuff so….” shouted Wombat Man. “Let’s just find a fukkn creek and get Corrugated Iron Man tanked up.”
A creek was found, Corrugated IronMan filled to the brim and the team returned to the global warming hotspot.
“Now…” said Corrugated Iron tank man.  "I’ll just pull down me duds and open me tap to take a leak on the hotspot….”
He did so.  But all that issued was naught but a dribble.
“Bugger. It’s me prostrate -  been playin’ up a bit lately.”
"Har, Harr," laughed Stubby, That's not a tap... it's stopcock!"

“Have you seen a doctor?,” asked Public Service Woman.
“Nah. What do they look like?”
“Orright!” interrupted Wombat Man. “We need some WD40…. That will unfreeze his stopped cock. Galah Man, can you fly back to the nearest Mitre 10 and get a can of WD40 and a tap wrench?”
“Yeah, But it’s pretty late; the shops'll be shut by now.”
“Fair enough; we’ll wait until the morning.”
“I could do with a beer or three," sed Stubby
“Yeah,” agreed TallyHo, sticking his hand in the carton. “But they’re a bit warm.”
“Tie a rope around a couple of six packs and drop 'em into Corrugated IronMan’s tank,” suggested Wombat Man. “That’ll take the warm off ‘em.”
This they did. Then the team settled down for the night. Soon, however, they all began slapping themselves into a frenzy.
“Fukken mozzies…how’d they get out here!!!” they shouted.
“Er… It might be me,” sed Corrugated IronMan with some embarrassment. “I think the mozzies are breeding in me tank.”
“Christ! Tip some paraffin in there,” yelled Wombat man. “… that'll skittle ‘em.”
“We haven’t got any paraffin,” complained Brown BilboMan. “ Got buckets of kero for the lamps, but."
“That’ll do. Top Corrugated IronMan up with kero so we can get a decent snooze.”
They tipped twenty gallons of kero into Corrugated IronMan's tank and the mozzie problem backed off enough to let them sleep.  Next morning at daybreak they got a text message from galah man – he was returning with the WD40 and the wrench.
“Should he be texting while he’s flying?” queried Public Service Woman.
“Give us a fukkn break, woman, I’m sure he’s using wings-free…” groaned Wombat man.
“Oh well, might have a drink of yeasty water for breakfast…,” said Stubby. “Them bottles should be cool by now.”
“I’ll have one, as well” … “Me too!”,  “Me Three…” rang the dawn chorus.
The team enjoyed refreshing breakfast ale while they waited. 
Then they had another.
The sun rose and global warming started in with a vengeance.
“Crikey…. It’s hot as a microwaved pie….” said Stubby.
They had another beer.
Another text came in.
“WD40 will be here in ten minutes,” sed Wombat Man. “And not a minute too soon. It’s as hot as Miley Cyrus in a g-string.”
“Ten minutes, eh?” mumbled TallyHo. “Just enough time for a durry.”
In a few minutes, Galah Man could be seen closing in, a can of WD40 in one claw and a tap wrench in the other.
“Righto, mateys,” called Wombat Man. “Let’s get this job done and get out of here;  there’s a slab of Coopers with my name on it!  Stubby… collect those bottles and bury them. TallyHo… make sure you dispose of that roach carefully; it’s dry as Bronwyn Bishop’s humanity bucket out here.”
“Right-ee-oh!”  said TallyHo, flicking the durry butt into Corrugated IronMan’s tank.
“NO!!” shouted the rest of the bunch.
“What??” queried TallyHo.
The kero floating on top of Corrugated Iron Man’s tank caught fire. Up it went with a frightening whooomp!
Corrugated IronMan screamed. “Help! Help me… I’m on fire!!!”
“Jeezus fukn wept… Oh... the humaniuty....” moaned Wombat man as Corrugated Iron Man ran screaming in a panic,  sloshing burning kero out of his overflow spout and onto the parched ground.
“This’ll be a bit of a disaster, for sure...”  mused Wombat Man as the grass and scrub, tinder dry, ignited with alarming enthusiasm. Within seconds a bushfire was raging.
“Ahh, shit!” said Wombat man, as the fire raced away on the wind. “That's fukked that. Oh well, somebody knock Corrugated Iron Man to the ground before he boils and see if there is any beers left.”