Black Chook and AMC sessions 2 getting closer
Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sample ImageAmber Joy and the Holy Men off and running – again – this time through country Victoria in preparation for a more extensive jaunt to north Queensland later in the month. Amber Joy is enjoyng chart success with Foolish Things while the Holy Men are tickled pink to have Two Rats at Tobruk get into the top ten of ReverbNation's chart. Now for the big time!!!!!







Sample ImageFriday May 8, Blues Avenue at Regattas – the Convention Centre, overlooking the taking-forever footbridge thing. Early start for workers – 5 pm.






Sample ImageFriday May 8 the Funhouse of Blues plays the Wheatie.

 Sample Image





May 10 and 11 – the Black Chook Blues Festival.

Sample ImageJoin music lovers from around the world and across Australia at the Black Chook Blues Festival Saturday 10th May - Sunday 11th May 2014.

To celebrate the 2nd SA Festival, Black Chook Blues is being staged on 10th – 11th May at Penny’s Hill Winery outside of McLaren Vale. More than 20 musical acts on two stages will perform during the festival. One stage will serve the big – name acts, while the second stage is reserved for promoting emerging artists. Music genres that will be represented include Blues, Rock, Soul, Jazz and Folk. The line-up will include Mason Rack Band, Richard Perso, Gail Page, Funhouse of Blues, Tribute to Cream, the Mondlarks 3B Trio, Blues Casters, the Harmonics, Black Fedora, Ciaram Granger Trio, Jacqui Walker Band.
Bands to watch for are: Let it Roll – Saturday 9 pm; Tribute to Cream on Sunday 1.00 pm; Funhouse of Blues Sunday 5 pm and the Steve Brown Band Sunday 6 pm.

Here is the whole Black Chook Blues program:

Saturday 10th May 2014

12.00pm - 12.50pm Black Fedora
1.00pm -   1.50 Jacqui Walker Band
2.00pm -   2.50pm Keith Hall Band
3.00pm -   3.50pm Gail Page Band
4.00pm -   4.50pm Richard Perso
5.00pm -   5.50pm Lazy Eye Band
6.00pm -   6.50pm Howlin Steam Train
7.00pm -   7.50pm Ciaram Granger Trio
8.00pm -   8.50pm Blue Eyes Cry
9.00pm -   9.50pm Let it Roll
Sunday 11th May 2014
11.00am - 11.50am Bonnie Gallea Band
12.00pm -12.50pm Bluescasters
1.00pm - 1.50pm James Meston & Tribute to Cream
2.00pm - 2.50pm Chris Finnen Band
3.00pm - 3.50pm Mettaphor
4.00pm - 4.50pm Mason Rack Band
5.00pm - 5.50pm Funhouse of Blues
6.00pm - 6.50pm Steve Brown Blues Band
7.00pm - 8.00pm Harmonics

Also….. Black Chook Blues Master Class

Sunday 11th May 2014, 12.00am - 1.00pm Chris Finnen presents Connection to Blues Music & Folk Lauric Music past and present.
BOOKING ESSENTIAL Only 30 pax; Fee $20

Go Here:   and:

BIG NOTE for readers of Blue Ring Website: Black Chook organisers have activated a code --  “BASS07” .  This code will ensure the recipient gets 35% off the listed ticket price when booking.  The code will expire on the 22nd April at midnight. GET IN NOW!!!!!



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Adelaide Music Collective Sessions Number 2 at the Goodwood Institute on Friday May 16

The 2nd AMC Sessions is taking bookings at:

What a great line-up on stage and 6 Hall of Fame inductees. Read on:

The second round of the AMC Sessions at The Goodwood Institute commences  in May with Kelly Menhennett (below right), The Timbers (below centre), The Brewster Brothers (John & Rick from The Angels) leading the charge.   There will also be Hall of Fame 'live on stage' inductions for Rockin' Rob Riley (Rose Tattoo), John Schumann (Redgum), Ray O'Conner (The Penny Rockets). Barrie McAskill (60's music icon) and John & Rick Brewster from The Angels.....


 Book NOW for this great night of music entertainment.

Tickets now available through









Sample ImageLocal Internet radio - Try this one:






Sample ImageAnd,  COMING SOON - The Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show... Somewhere, sometime in June.


But, you have been warned and we are looking for variety acts to join us on stage. Variety Acts. 




10 Foods you need to try during

Tasting South Australia ...

For the homeless or financially straitened

Times are hard for many and getting harder –  but not for the rich! And as these parasites keep getting richer they are more disposed to mimic the Golden Age of the  Roman Empire with groping over-consumption and gluttonous displays of greed and excess sprayed generously on themselves, particularly with fashionable festivals of eating and drinking. You, the poorer kind,  will never see a scrap of accidental largesse from this mob but don’t despair -  the hoi-polloi is still tossing away third-world saving piles of food every day so there is no need to go hungry if you are busted and homeless. Here are some handy suggestions for off-the-cuff al-fresco dining.

1 - Half eaten McDonalds burger. Popular and plentiful; the preservatives will keep what’s left of it intact for weeks and, if regularly included in your subsistence diet, will contribute to keeping you alive longer to enjoy the misery of poverty and rejection for many good years.

2 - Fast Food Franchise Chips/fries…. Full of preservatives, not really potato – it’s an edible but not digestible cellulose-plastic substitute so will keep a long time in a rubbish bin or skip. Not much nutrition, either, but surely you can treat yourself to a little empty starch, salt and fat every now and then.

3 - Unfinished pizza. Check every pizza box in the skip. There is often a piece left behind.  Follow a female buyer; they can never finish a whole pizza and oftentimes a cast-off pizza box can be a veritable Aladdini’s treasure chest. Snaffle every “high-end” brand box as these pizzas are sometimes more generously topped and the boxes are the most likely to have nice pickings of melted cheese and bits of ham, mushroom and capsicum glued to the inside.

4 - Half a sausage roll;  kept in a warming oven for two or three days sausage rolls become almost inedible and resemble compacted polystyrene wrapped in greasy cardboard and are often discarded after a bite or two, usually when the original purchaser has trouble swallowing the part-masticated lump. However, for you it is a good source of fat and more fat and some gristle and will surely drive away the hunger pangs. And replace them with bowel gripe.

5 - Lettuce. Nobody who has money eats lettuce, especially not the common iceberg variety and it is therefore discarded gleefully. Look behind restaurants and cafes, Try to get the stuff before it becomes too transparent and mushy. Good source of fibre and some essential vitamins if it hasn’t been left out in the sun for too long.

6 – Discarded yiros. Look for these up Hindley Street. A popular late night piss-purchase but many people get put off the garlic flavoured spoof half-way through the thing. Good source of protein as well as some salad tomato lettuce onion, and the pita will bulk out the feast. Try eating the wrapper if it has the garlic muck on it. It’s edible and produces a healthy bowel movement which, unfortunately, can be a little abrasive on the Sigmund Freuds.

7 – Rice. Always keep an eye open for this low-nutrient but important filler. People with money don’t eat the rice with their Mexican or Asian dishes so there are always buckets of it getting tossed in the skip at the back of these joints. Plain rice is always tossed out but you may be lucky to get some over-ordered combination fried rice. Stay handy to a venue; you may get some while it is still warm.

8 – Donuts. Bit of a luxury item but these are often discarded half- eaten because the toppings are so sickly sweet as to be nauseating. Avoid these if you have diabetic tendencies but otherwise they provide some vital bulking and a little sugar lift to get you through the chilly nights in the glorious parklands.

9 – Bread. The humble slice of bread should not be forgotten. Kids don’t like bread - a sandwich is often considered the poorer cousin of the Baguette or focaccia –  and whole sandwiches are often turfed out uneaten. Look for school lunches, often tossed away entirely or perhaps just the buttered bread pieces once the ham – formerly inside – is picked out. Watch for vegemite on white bread – a boring waste of lunch-box space for a student but an especially good source of B-group vitamins and thiamine for the more fortunate less fortunate. For those feeling they might be pregnant again the vegemite sandwich is a reliable source of folate.

10 – The luxury Italian feast. Requires a bit of patience, clever footwork and fair-to-middling hand-eye coordination. Hang around the alfresco dining area of a cafe and watch for the gen x and y diners. They often over–indulged and will not eat a whole meal but pick at a few choice bits before walking away from a $35 plate. You will need to move swiftly and carefully so as not to disturb other customers but a quick walk-by can often snaffle a half parmigiarna or pizza, sometimes a fair portion of a breakfast and, if you are quick enough, a slug of left-over wine. Take a hat to scoop up pasta and don’t muck around trying to slurp the can of soft drink, swipe the whole thing and stick it in your trench coat pocket. Also good for that extra 10 cents when you need a little nest egg to invest.
Bon Appetit!