Chook gets chop
Thursday, 08 May 2014

Big bad news is the Black Chook Festival got the chop.

Sample ImageSlow pre-sales is the reason. Adelaide fans didn’t book tickets so show gets cancelled. Seem to have heard something like that before.





Sample ImageFriday May 8  Blues Avenue Duo at Regattas – rear of Convention Centre – on this Friday afterworknoon.

Blues starts swinging at 5 pm; gives you a bit of time to swing by after your hard day at the desk.




Sample ImageFriday May 8 the Funhouse of Blues plays the Wheatie.

 Sample Image






Amber Joy and the Holy Men - hell on wheels!

Sample ImageAmber Joy and the Holy Men done good last weekend with better than expected gigs at Nhill (full house), The Sphinx Hotel Geelong, The Cobden Golluf Club… great crowd and good cd sales and the big surprise gig was at the Naracoorte Town Hall. Great people; great response. We’d go back in a flash.  However, instead of that we are going to North Queensland for what we hope will be a barnstorming tour. Fingers crossed. If you know anyone who lives in north Queensland tell them... well, just alert them to the fact that we might be coming their way and that they might - or should - get along for jolly evening of toe-tapping, knee-knocking, thigh-slapping, buttock-buttering, love-handle tweaking good old country music fun.




Adelaide Music Collective Sessions Number 2 at the Goodwood Institute - Friday May 16

Sample ImageThe 2nd AMC Sessions is taking bookings at:

What a great line-up on stage and 6 Hall of Fame inductees. Read on:

The second round of the AMC Sessions at The Goodwood Institute commences  in May with Kelly Menhennett (below right), The Timbers (below centre), The Brewster Brothers (John & Rick from The Angels) leading the charge.   There will also be Hall of Fame 'live on stage' inductions for Rockin' Rob Riley (Rose Tattoo), John Schumann (Redgum), Ray O'Conner (The Penny Rockets). Barrie McAskill (60's music icon) and John & Rick Brewster from The Angels.....

 Book NOW for this great night of music entertainment.

Tickets now available through











John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew are also dusting off their travelling gear for a mini-tour through central Queensland.

Sample ImageThere’s no doubt about it folks… Queensland is where the action seems to be. Imagine what a joy it would be to see a fat and healthy listing of gigs in country SA.










Sample ImageDon Morrison and Raging Thirst at the Wheatie Sample Image , Saturday May24.









Sample ImageAnd we haven’t forgotten about the The Krusty Cowboy Klub Variety Show... it is coming to you Somewhere, sometime in June.  Hopefully.  We're working on it.









On the piss

These harsh times and belt-tightening threats have sent me back to the workbench for another burst of creative inventing.  I have expounded on this before but inventing is in the family gene pool. And even though I can’t swim I still have the inventing bug in me. When I was a younger kiddie and inventing things like a foot operated catapult that could throw a dog turd into the next yard with a hands-free operation, my dear daddy said to me: “Pawpawhead, the reason you have such a fertile mind is because it is full of horseshit.” Then he’d tousle my unkempt curly hair and smack me across the ear with a dead mullet.
I invented the car that runs on piss. Yep. Don’t know why it hadn’t been thought of before. It’s a near-at-hand ever-renewing source of fuel! I am taking it up to the oil barons and squirting on their boots no longer – I’m squirting it into my car.
And it works like a dream. First thing in the morning I go out and get the paper and piss in the car. That’ll run it for a hundred kilometres.  I have even incorporated a F.U.D attachment to allow ladies to fill ‘er up.
It’s bloody marvellous; especially at the end of a party of a night out – I get the tank filled up for nuthin’! When I’m the designated ‘dry-ver’ I have a clever catch-cry for this: Micturate or ambulate! Ha-ha.
By beta testing, or whatever, I have developed a formula for mileage or kilometerage, as the young folk say these days. if you just want to go to the shops or to work or something close, drink a cup of tea or coffee and turn on the car air-conditioning flat-out cold. For longer trips take a six pack.  It has put fun back into motoring for me. Of course, there is a bit of a downside. I figured I would need a slab to get to Melbourne and I got picked up for a number of offences including DUI while belting through Horsham at 185 kph singing khe sahn at the top of me lungs. But when I get out of jail and get my license back I will be right back behind the wheel of my Piss-Powered Peugeot. Car. I don’t really have a Peugeot; it was just a poor alliterative device.