Blues and roots music galore in Adelaide this month
Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sample ImageBlues Avenue Duo at Regattas, Friday August 29. 5pm to 8 pm. Two dudes swinging the blues for youse…. Hmmm.

 Regattas - in case you didn't know -  is at the arse end of the Convention Centre, overlooking the Torrens petrie dish and that bridge thingy.




AMC Session No 4.  At the Goodwood Institute Fri 29 August 7:30pm

Sample ImageShowcasing a wide variety of outstanding Adelaide musicians

•    Rockin' Rob Riley (who doesn't know Rose Tattoo!) and friends

•    Doug Ashdown Remember Doug’s world-wide hit, 'Winter in America'? (appearing with John Baker).

•    The Shaolin Afronauts - Internationally acclaimed Afro-soul   

•    Kaurna Cronin - currently playing a 42-date tour in Germany will be back in time for this show

 SA Music Hall of Fame Awards will be presented to:  

•    Doug Ashdown

•    Max Pepper (recording studio legend)

•    Mark Meyer (drumming legend, 'Moving Pictures' etc)

•    Carol Sturtzel (country music Queen)

•    Bob Francis (media personality)

This session is sold out but there may be a few spares put aside for non-attending members!



Sample ImageThe Shuffle Kings,  Friday August 29 at the  Royal Family Pt Elliott Hotel. Down South. At the seaside.

 seaside - shuffle.... !






ROCK ‘N ROLL Dinner Dance with The Wild Ones!

Sample ImageDine & Dance the night away at …. Westward Ho Golf Club, MILITARY ROAD, WEST BEACH S.A., August 30.

Bookings essential  - 8356 7220 

Bar Facilities available — No BYO

 NEXT  ROCK ‘N ROLL DANCE held  on September 27 featuring the RHYTHM CATS




GT Stringer - Saturday August 30 at the Wheatie

 Sample ImageATENCIONE!!!...   Le “GT STRINGER” is appearing @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel sporting some new tunes and the full line up of Tristan Andrews, James Biege, Trevor Ramsey, Dennis Kipridis, Gil Atkinson and Nick Kipridis.

Come and hear some of the coolest Diablo-instro tunes this side of Semaphore Spit!!!





September - the Krusty Cowboys Ride again --- Wednesday Sept 10 at the Brunswick Hotel, City.  YEEEEHARRRRRRR!

Sample Image



Amber and Sandra

Sample ImageSunday, 21st September. Wine, Women & Song with Sandra Humphries & Amber Joy Poulton at Victor Harbor Bowling Club at 2pm.

$20 prebook ($22 at the door). Songs about plonk, chicks & good music. Wine, Women & Song! Book now with Geoff on 8552 1745






 Sample Image50th Anniversary Tour  THE ANIMALS & FRIENDS

The Gov | Fri 12 Sep

After 13 years, the Animals return to Australia for the 50th Anniversary Tour. Direct from the UK

Featuring Original Drummer: JOHN STEEL The Animals 1957 - 2014

MICKEY GALLAGHER Keyboards - The Animals 1965 - 2014

PETE BARTON - Vocals, Bass, The Animals 1990 - 2014

DANNY HADLEY - Guitar - Animal & Friends 1999 - 2014

The Animals & Friends are Mickey Gallagher and John Steel with Friends Pete Barton, & Danny Handley. They were one of the most important British bands of the 1960s. The group is widely considered the raunchiest, the dirtiest, and the most authentic and uncompromisingly raw band of their time.

Tickets: $50 + Booking Fee

Doors open @ 7:30 pm



Sample Image

 Vincent's Chair Sunday 31 August at the Wheatsheaf Hotel.


ISample Imagenfluenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Sting, Paul Simon and Pat Metheny, Vincent’s Chair produce music from gentle bossa novas to jazz ballads, African township grooves to haunting melodies.

Park your date on Vincent's Chair at the Wheatie on Sunday August 31, from 4  pm.





Sample ImageBlack Fedora @ Hotel Royal see:






Sample ImageSelling Now: Deep South Roots, Blues and Folk festival over November 28, 29 &30.


Sample Image3 days of great music.

 Day 1 start with: Sheilas Sing the Blues.... Zkye, Gail Page and Carla Lippis

 Day 2: Read the poster, because I still couldn't be bothered typing it all out but the  Steve Brown Band is in there somewhere and that’s all that matters to me.

 Day 3: Up close and personal

 Plus some great interstate guests.

Book Now!!!   Tickets at Oztix

More Blues and Roots Gigs: Link: ARBA







 Adelaide Roots and Blues Association gig guide:

hSample Imagettps://








Make your hovel a home….

I often look back with a smile on the time when I used to live in the zoo. It was a pretty good life. I was a drongo. Or was it a dingo….? A dingo, that’s it! And our zoo home was what I like to think was a model of a multi-cultural society operating under reasonable constraint.  I had my own pad, you know. Well… let me explain.
“Hey, Drongo….” called Kenneth the orang-utan at my front doorway.
“Umm… I’m a dingo, Ken.”
“That’s right;  a dingo whose name is Drongo.”
“Umm…oh. Well, ok. What... then?”
“Well, I just thought I’d pop in to see your new place after your… er… split with Jennifer.”
“Yeah.. thanks, Ken. In retrospect I don’t think that cross-species integration was such a good idea.”
“Drongo… It’s really not that Jenny was a polar bear, it’s just that she was a bi-polar bear.”
“Yeah. So I found out when I was having a, er... chat with that fur seal, Pauline. Fuk… Didn’t Jen go nuts. Still… they’ve got a new seal on order…. And now I’m a free agent.”
“Yeah. And the good thing about that is that you also now have your own pad! But, mate…. It looks a bit shitty. What’s with the Ikea crap… is that shelf thing s’posed to be a bookcase?”
“Yeah. I needed somewhere to put my book….”
“It’s not really a book, Drongo… it’s a magazine…”
“Well… I still needed something to make the hovel feel like home.”
“Drongo… I feel for you. A lone dingo like you needs a nice place to come home to after a busy day a snatching babies and eating kids’ lunches. Lissen….there’s a bloke over at the lake who is good at this stuff; the interior decorating and whatever – even does the feng shui bit if you let him. He made my place look great. You know how good my joint is, don’t you?”
“Yeah, yeah, I've heard it’s cool. Orright. Bring him over, then.”
Ken returned shortly with a penguin in tow.
“Drongo, meet Steve; Steve, meet Drongo. Righto, Steve; this is what we’ve got… what can you do?”
Steve took in the room with a long glance. “Hmmmmmm.” Then he looked at it head akimbo. “Hmph!”  Then he tapped his foot with one flipper on his hip and the other scratching his chin…. “Uuuummmmm…… yeeessss….”
I took Ken to one side: “Ken…  this dude’s just a penguin; what would a penguin know about interior decorating and design?”
“This one kows quite a bit, old son,” said Kenneth. “Steve’s a fairy penguin!”
Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I will be here all week, twice on Saturday.