Mr Brown at the Goolwa Sailing CLub
Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sample ImageSteve Brown Band at the Goolwa Sailing Club this Sunday – December 21 at 1 pm.

Yes, I know; most of us musicians will just be getting out of bed at that time of a Sunday so I spoze we’ll still be in our pyjamas. However, I’m happy to be seen in my pyjamas; they are patterned with Scottish tartan and splattered with porridge. Hang on… I don’t eat porridge…! So… what is that stuff?





BSide Magazine....  local music, CD reviews and entertainment guide.

Sample ImageBSide magazine is now distributed to more than 250 venues in Adelaide. Pick it up at a venue - check out the $60 band/entertainers' ads.

See: ; Other contacts: (08) 8346 989;   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




Producers Hotel –

TSample Imagehis looks interesting:  Coming up this Saturday night (December 20), the Producers Hotel is hosting the 50 Years of Mod End of year party!

Think The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Small Faces, The Stone Roses - and endless more mid 60's British bands with "The" in their names.   
Festivities kick off at 1pm with a whole stack of Adelaide's finest Mod Bands and DJ's providing the entertainment alongside some awesome visual displays specially commissioned for the day and loads of stalls with Vintage Fashion - Classic Records and all manner of Bits and Bobs












Sample ImageFINALLY, 15 years into her singing career the captivating Adelaide born Bonnie Lee Galea eleases her debut CD ‘Since I Fell For You’.
Kick back in a delightful, colourful atmosphere at The Jade Monkey & enjoy interpretations of songs & stories, drawn from Bonnie’s favorite female vocalists.
Joining Bonnie will be her band JAZZ in CHEEK with:
Quinton Dunne (double bass & vocals),
David Fitzgerald (keys),
Peter Allan (drums, congas & percussion),
David Burvill-Holmes (sax & flute)





Rockin at the Magill Club

Sample Image
Some of Adelaide’s finest are playing a gig at the Magill club on Saturday December 20.  This is a pub/party type gig so put on your drinking hat and your dancing shoes and support these fine musos and this great club. Hosted by Gumbo Yaya - Eric, Charlie, Chris, Robbie, Richard, and Friends will see you there !  Uren Street, Magill (Behind the Tower Hotel).



AMC Sessions at Mortlock Chamber February 9

Sample Image A big one for sure!! well, the poster is big enough. But that's so you can read it and I won't have to type in all the details. 

Oh... all right. I'll put in some stuff: 

It has The Masters Apprentices, the Twilights, Bev Harrell, Doug Ashdown, Heidi Eiderdown (Nah.... just made that up), John Brewster, Shooey, Rockin' Fukken Rob Fukken Riley, Peter Combe, Nit Comb (made that up, too), Chris Finnen, The Timbers, Vincent's Chair, Vinnie's Clothes Rack (I can't help myself), The Baker Suite, The 3-pce Lounge suite (Stop it!), The Beggars, The Buggers (Sorry, really sorry.) and Brillig. Then fine print fine print fine print some logos and shit.


I know it seems like we're getting in early but, read this (from the promoter):

Only 120 tickets available (er... much less now....) and no door list, door tickets or comps on this one. So, get a fukn move on....  It will sell out quickly... it is a unique an unique setting.











Orianthi  at  The Gov

Sample Image

Adelaide-born, platinum selling solo artist Orianthi is performing one show only at The Gov on Sunday, December 21.

BLURB: Living in Los Angeles since 2006, Orianthi is also known for lending her killer licks and solid rock chops to a number of high profile bands. She has been touring with Alice Cooper for over three years and more recently with former Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora. Last year, she performed with Chris Brown at the Billboard Music Awards and paid tribute to Carlos Santana, performing in the Kennedy Center Honors Gala for President Obama.
Her wrap sheet blah blah blah blah... come and see/hear Orianthi  at  The Gov | Sun 21 Dec. Tickets: $51 + Booking Fee | Doors open @ 7:30 pm.



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 The Wheatie

Sample ImageBoxing Day with a Configuration of Cosmonauts

The BLURB: Is it The Raging Cosmonauts, The Lonely Thirst or even perhaps The Thirsty Cosmonauts? We’re not really sure but the Boxing Day tradition at the Wheaty continues this year with Don Morrison’s Raging Thirst hosting a line up of distinguished guests from the previous hosts of this auspicious event, The Lonely Cosmonauts.  It will be a lot of fun but in a slightly subdued way that befits the date. Come and recover, forget or renew whilst opening your gifts! Friday 26 December
Time: 8.00 PM

          GT Stringer  ---   ATENCIONE!!!...

Sample ImageSaturday December 27 will see Le “GT STRINGER” appearing @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel sporting some new tunes and the full line up of Tristen Andrews, James Biege, Trevor Ramsey, Dennis Kipridis, Gil Atkinson and Nick Kipridis. Come and hear some of the finest Diablo-instro tunes this side of Semaphore Spit!!!







Syn at Sunset….

Sample Image

See the poster … keep rockin’ over the holiday break at Leaconfield (wherever that is...) with the Satellites.

 Syn @ Sunset with The Satellites on Saturday December 27,
Leconfield Wines McLaren Vale - 439 Main Road McLaren Vale
6pm – 9pm  Ph: 8323 8830












A new Dubble-Butt Horizon

The sun was late rising…. Strange.  I looked out the window. It appeared as though a huge, mungoid mountain range had crept up overnight and was sitting on the horizon,  holding back the daybreak.
I rang my friend, Jeff. Jeff knows something about everything.
“What the fuks goin’ on, Jeff? Two humungous mountains have arrived on the horizon and they are blocking out the sun.”
“Yeah, I heard on the radio it’s the Kimberleys.”
“The Kimberley fukken ranges… on our horizon??? What was it? An earthquake???? And I slept through it????”
“Nah.  It’s all the personality-additcted numpties on the inteweb and commercial media, man."
“Yeah….? So…?”
“Well, the numpties have some strange fascination with Kim Kardashian’s arse – you know, the big lumps of fat she is using to drive her businesses machine – and their interest is so crazy and overboard it has now pushed her blobby, greasy buttocks onto everybody’s horizon.”
“So… that’s Kim Kardashian’s quoit… blocking out the sun?”
“Fuk that. I‘m gonna do something about it.”
“Like what....? It’s the adipose-arsed zero-talent using the interweb and commercial media to make more cash for Dash. What can you do?   Start a petition?”
“Yes. That’s exactly what I will do!”
I started a petition but, tragically and ironically, that only made things worse. The numpties protests and 'media' response raised Kim Kardashian’s cash flow and her monstrous date even further above the horizon… dangerously far.
“Oh, God no! Now its ….  it’s….”
“OHHHHHH! Cellulite…………!! I can see oily cellulite!!! Aaarrrgh!!!!!
Bleurghghgh! And there’s worse it to come….. Look! There’s a ginormous black hole appearing…..  Heavens above, you know how dangerous those things are!!!!   The earth will be sucked into that black hole - whole!”
“Don’t look now, but, if that thing doesn’t stop rising on our horizon, it might get worse….”
“How much worse could it get???”
“Well, if the numpties’ obsession keeps escalating, it could raise Kardashian’s arse even higher and then we might be affronted by the…”
“Oh, no… ! Not the….”
“Yessss, the Crack of Dash!  Then the entire solar system could be at risk. Perhaps the galaxy!”
Aaaaiiiieeeeeee! (again) We need help. HELP!!!!
“Yes. But who - or whom – do we get…?  We need someone who is accustomed to dealing with….”
“Go on… say it.”
“Do  I need to? It seems unnecessary.”
“Say it…. there’s no point leaving it open to interpretation.”
“Ok…. We need someone who  –  or whom – is accustomed to dealing with arseholes.”
“BIG annoying arseholes.”
“Right.  Get Wombat man.”
Wombat Man -  he eats, roots and leaves … eventually.
Wombat man is dragged off of his wife’s sister and had the situation explained to him.
“Well, you’re stuffed, then aren’t you - us.... we’re stuffed.  It’s the personality-additcted  numpties on the interweb and commercial media, isn’t it???  And there’s more of them than there are hairs on Sue Jones-Davies minge.”
“But surely you can do something…?  Those buttocks have risen so high on our horizon they block out the sun till noon. And, now, right in the middle of them, there’s that enormous black hole that is a danger to … well, shipping and stuff.”
“Yes, I can see that. Well, I can’t fight the personality-additcted numpties but I can try make things a bit more bearable. I will need a white king.”
“What… like Richard Branson….. the White King of Engerland?”
“Or Rupert the White Wizard… ???”
“No. He’s a Wizard, not a King. Look, just give me some dough and I will sort out something.”
“Depends on the size of the pile of dough you give me.”
“Have a big pile, it’s coming out of Fat Joe Hockem’s budget bucket.”
“So... it’s not real money…?”
“Is anything about Joe’s budget money real?”
“OK. Just give me the dough. I’ll spend it before it either escalates or evaporates.”
A pile of dubious dough is transferred to Wombat man’s account and he sets about constructing a huge, extremely big rocket ship.
“Wow... that is a huge and extremely big shoket rip. Are you gonna shoot it straight at the black hole?”
“Will that destroy the black hole and help get rid of those massive greasy buttocks?”
“There’s no rocket or bomb big enough to destroy them buttocks, Bub. No, the rocket is carrying a trillion litres of white king bleach and lemon juice that I will dump into the black hole.
“Will that hurt it?”
“I am sure it will sting a bit. But its job is to bleach the ghastly thing. If I have to look at an arsehole every morning I want it to be a clean one. Now… who was I doing before you called me?”





"Umm... excuse me Mr Wombat Man."
"Umm ... who  is Sue Jones-Davies?"