Geeks Rule at La Boehme
Wednesday, 03 June 2015

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 Sample ImageFirst cab off the rank this week – pan!c the band holds its first Geek Pop Quiz upstairs at La Boehme this Thursday night for the Cabaret Fringe Festival.

Geek Pop Quiz promises to be more fun than having a mosquito in your auditory canal. Think you know about pop music? Well, just wait till you are asked a question about the Geeks of Pop.
Go here to book:  or pay on the night (I think)





Friday June 5 and it’s the Red Hot Blues Band at the Semaphore Worker’s Club.

Sample ImageCome and hear the Mighty David Blighty fang into the mouth organ like Doberman on a hippie’s throat. Hear the wailing blues of Sweet Baby James Meston, Denis fukken Surmon and Rob ‘gis a cuppa tea, mate’ Eyers. 9 pm will see the outpouring of heartfelt blues but you can get there earlier and put dibs on a seat or table and have a refreshing drink.








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  Semaphore Workers Club -  Sunday June 7th and Texas style, South Australian flavour, and a lot of miles under the belt and Hoy-Hoy! will be makin' you feel good about the blues. Held by many to be music about feeling bad, those in the know feel good about blues  music. And the atmosphere of the Semaphore Workers Club only adds to the "good time".






The Call of the West

 Sample ImageFolks, you’ve heard me and some others say it before, but if you like a laugh with your cowboy music get along to the Krusty Cowboy Klub’s new show – The Call of the West – playing for one night only at the Marion Cultural Centre next Friday night, June 12.  It’s the opportunity of your current lifetime to wonder why you bothered but you will still be amused, and you may find that you actually know more cowboy songs than you can recall. Have you heard of John Wayne? Do you remember the big cowboy song from that fillum of his: The Gunfighter? Well…if you do you are suffering a form of dementia because he wasn’t in that one. But that doesn’t prevent you from coming to see The Krusty Cowboy Klub present The Call of the West.

Event:  Cowboy Cabaret, Music, Singing
Price: $30 --- (yes! The show is worth it!)
Concession:  $25 --- good; good.
Dates: 12/06/2015--- (one night only… too much like hard work!)
Start Time:  8pm (you’ll be fukn lucky)
End Time:  10.30pm --- (shit!!!! We’ll have to do repeats.)
Location:  Marion Cultural Centre
287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park SA 5046
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Other: 08 8375 6855
Tickets can be purchased from the Box Office at the Marion Cultural Centre either by phone with Visa or Mastercard or in person with cash/EFTPOS. Open Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.




Here’s another – Johnny Cash; songs of Love, Murder and Distribution….

 Sample ImageNo. I think that should read: Johnny Cash; songs of Love Murder and Retribution at the Promethean.

Here is the Guff:
Johnny Cash - Love, Murder & Retribution  (see- I told you it was.)
Sunday 14 June
Doors Open: 6.30pm;  Show Starts: 7pm
Tickets: Moshtix or at the door
Featuring Rohan Powell as the voice of Johnny Cash singing songs from the American recordings by artists including Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Tom Petty, Nick Cave, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen and many more.





Rock and Roll

Sample ImageOn Friday June 12 you can also Rock the Bay at the Glenelg Club (formerly known as The Bay Function Centre; Gliderol Stadium –Glenelg Oval, Brighton Road, Glenelg East) with The Shakers and DJ Ray.

On July 10 Rave On will be at the Adelaide Rock and Roll Club Venue.







Sample ImageNew Relix will be rockin in a New Era at the Cumberland Newport Hotel...

with a New publican it this Sat 6th June from 7pm. All your fav party rock songs performed by 'Pommy' Paul Thorpe on Drums, 'Disco' David Kitterringham on Bass and 'Guru' Gavin J Williams on Guitar.






Country Gold in the City

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Country Gold brings a glittering haul of heartbreakers, contemporary classics, ballads and bluegrass and multi-award winners to Her Majesty’s Theatre on Saturday 15 August, in a three hour music event spanning the decades.

You’ll strike it rich as the cream of established South Australian acts share the stage in a stellar celebration of Country Superstars, armed with more than forty 100% certified Gold hits.

The massive star-studded line-up for this sensational country night out in the city, is headlined by multi-awarded Amber Joy Poulton and Sandra Humphries, who will be joined by –
•    Jim Hermal & Runaway Dixie
•    The Sherrahs
•    The Holy Men
•    Gary Daniel
•    Charlie McCracken
•    Graeme Hugo
•    Taylor Pfeiffer (The Banjo Girl)
•    Gary Burrows
Don’t miss this concert extravaganza with the ultimate classic set list in tribute to Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, George Strait, Glen Campbell, George Jones, Alan Jackson, Slim Dusty, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Shania Twain, June Carter, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lyn and so much more.
Country Gold is on sale from Monday 11th of May at Bass on 131 246 so avoid the stampede and get your tickets early!
Go here:







Superdooper nuts

There has been a surfeit of super-heroes on the shitpump lately:  The Flash, The Arrow, Iron Man, Batman, The Man of Steel, The Stapler, The Brown Stain, …. I find it all pretty boring. The attractions of being a super-hero are mute to me; I’ve been too many super-heroes in my time to be interested in having another bash at it.
You see... I was in on the ground floor with the whole ‘super-chappie’ idea and was Scissor Man during the last World War; I could turn my legs into a pair of scissors and wade through a clothing factory that had lost power in a bombing raid and I could snip the canvas and serge to allow the slaves to continue making military uniforms and tents, sewing dementedly in the dark with their bleeding fingers.  Disaster was inevitable, I met up with Pinking Shears Woman and she circumcised me during the warm-up bout for a bit of scissor grinding.
I later befriended Thor and his Mighty Hammer and he convinced me that I should join his crew. I actually thought he was a super carpenter so I became Stanley and his Super Screwdriver. As luck would have it, the first call for help - "Help, I’m being screwed!” - saw me arrive at the scene of distress only to discover a phillip’s head screwdriver was required and I that had signed on for blade-and slot super-hero rescue incidents.
Then there was the time I walked into a ‘stiff-arm’; a set-up!  Bloody Spiderman said his Nan was crook and he had to scoot down to Florida or Gerbora or somewhere for a couple of weeks and would I cover for him. Well, with the right suit and all it was too easy except for the fact that the bastard knew that Slipper Man was coming to town and I had the living shit walloped out of me until Bull Terrier Man hit town and chewed that fukker up.
I had a go at being Carburettor Man but I didn’t know how I worked. Some scientific principle that, as far as I was concerned, was formulated by Tinker fukken Bell with Pixie dust.
I did a brief stint as the Incredulous Bulk until I discovered, after my very first tantrum that saw me blow up like a Michelin man with muscles to fight Glenys  the one-Eyed Gorgon from Glenelg, my clothes didn’t fit. Well…. It seems to work OK on the Teeva but in real life I was left with nothing on. Nothing! All me fukken clothes ripped to shreds and fell orf! And, of course, the only thing that didn’t bulk up was me willie. While I did win the dust-up it was only because Glenys laughed so much at my wee tadger that she accidentally sucked her eyeball down the back of her throat and choked. I gave her the Heimlich manoeuvre but, being incredibly hulky at the time I squeezed her so hard the under-wiring in her bra snapped and stabbed her through the heart.
The episode that finished me with all this super-hero malarky was when I was Superdooper Man. First, I jumped a tall building in a single bound and hit my head on an aeroplane; I was right under the fukken flight path. Got in big trouble over that one and had to attend a lot of funerals. Then I split open a mountain range to expose all the rich minerals inside and found out that it was on Bogina Rhinohyde’s claim. That made me as popular as a poop on a picnic blanket. But the clincher was the x-ray vision thing. Did I see naked sheilas under their duds? No. But I saw their bones, jewellery, IUD’s, titanium hips and pacemakers (well - who doesn't occasionally look sideways at a GILF). And then when I went home to watch SHEILD on the TV, all I could see was circuit boards, wires and little bits of electronic gibber. I hung up me cape in disgust and went normal.  I now have no interest whatsoever in any Super-hero franchise. So, don’t ask me to cover for you, Mr or Mrs superhero; you can stick it up your mighty arse.