Memphis Blues Challenge Winners
Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sample ImageAmber Joy and the Holy Men are off to Barooga…

 Barooga!! Barooga!! Via Tooleybuc. Couldn’t make it up could you? Barooga; Tooleybuc??  Into the land of munchkins and neekerbreekers we dare to go, ever alert, for over there - in NewyddSutherCymry - there be dragoons.

Well, goons at least. The closer you get towards Canberra these days the more likely it is you will see goons. Anyway… we are on a piece mission… we want to bring back pieces of NewyddSutherCymry eight, or nine or ten! Fuk it… I want the lot. Pieces of NewyddSutherCymry thirty-six!
I have to take my medication… excuse me for a moment.
Right… back on track. Amber Joy and the Holy Men will be at the Tooleybuc (giggle: ‘tool …”) something or other on Friday night and at the Barooga! Barooga! something else on Saturday night. That’s all you need to know, see you there or not.




Sample ImageCongratulations to the winners of the 2015 ARBA Memphis Blues Challenge:


Sample ImageLAZY EYE;  MICK KIDD with DAVE BLIGHT who will be competing in The International Blues Challenge in Memphis, January 2016.

ARBA acknowledges and thanks all of the musicians from the 14 acts who competed in the inaugural ARBA Memphis Blues Challenge. Your efforts made for a tough and very entertaining competition and reaffirmed the wealth and depth of talent that we have in Adelaide.
Thanks also to all at The Semaphore Workers Club and all of the event volunteers who contributed to this very successful event.
The competition received huge support with a full house for both heats and the final. Thank you so much to all the punters who turned out in such big numbers to support local blues music! We hope to see you all again at St Luke's, Whitmore Square, on 1st of August for International Blues Music Day. You can buy tickets here:





“The McAskill’s” - Jan, Tarrin & Barrie – will be appearing at the Whitmore Hotel,

Whitmore Square, Adelaide on Friday, July 3, 2015.  Gig runs from 7.30pm till 10.30pm and promises heaps of fun and fine music.
And why not?   Barrie McAskill is a legendary S.A. performer and Hall of Fame inductee,  Jan – the Mrs McAskill – is an international Voice & Jingles star and Tarrin is a talented & excited performer.  Sorry… I mean ‘exciting’ performer.
You can expect to hear:”Rock; Soul; Country; Blues; Jazz; and Rap. Hmm, no mention of death metal, eccy trance, hippitty-hop, new age Jesus moaning, or singing in tongues…. Still, even without those ‘hip gig’ rep tones the Mcaskills gig at the Whitty offers: “Music Too Good To Miss”
So don’t fukken miss it!

Sample Image

For more information on the famous McAsksill mob- History, Demos and Photos – go to:

AMC News

Announcing the ninth AMC session this July 10, featuring the great Eric Bogle, Cold Chisel's Dave Blight with Mick Kidd and the amazing country/bluegrass legend Trev Warner. The night will be opened by Womad's Julia Henning and the wonderful Tara Carragher.

Sample ImageThe SA Music Hall of Fame will be inducting children's music and TV pioneer Patsy Biscoe, Eric Bogle and Trev Warner. Local Music retailer John Reynolds will also be inducted for his services to the music industry over the last 50 years. All presented by the one and only John Pemberton "Pembo" paying tribute to our dear David John Day "Daisy".
M.C for the night will be the one and only APRA legend and member of 'The Rustlers' and 'The Boys' Gary Burrows.

AMC 9 is Showcasing a wide variety of National/international  musicians who hail from Adelaide:
Eric Bogle - His song "And the band played Waltzing Matilda "  has become an Anzac day anthem. His work has inspired many other artists, making Eric one of Australia's most covered singer/songwriters;
Dave Blight - Cold Chisel's chosen Harmonica player for more than 40 years, also a member of The Flyers and the Red Hot Blues band;
Trev Warner - One of Australia's most foremost Bluegrass/Country musicians, whose career spans over three decades. He is a multi- instrumentalist playing Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin and Dobro;
PLUS Julia Henning and Tara Carragher
Friday 10 July 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm) 


Book now at:






Sample ImageSoon playing host to some more blasts from the past.


The Gov | Sat 11 Jul; ickets: $55 + Booking Fee
Doors open @ 7:30 pm


The Gov | Fri 17 July.  Tickets: $35 + Booking Fee; oors open @ 7:30 pm. Go here for more:


Sample ImageGigs at the Wheatie go here:




Pan!c at the Dan

Sample ImageLooking further ahead pan!c the band will be playing a farewell gig at the Daniel O’Connell Hotel on Friday July 17. Now… that is not farewell to pan!c the band… it is farewell to Greg the owner who will no longer be the owner. Boo hoo. Enter new era and stuff like that; all good things etc., etc.







A Night of Singing, Dancing and Good times with the Borderers on Sat., July 18

At The Castle Entertainment Centre, Corner of Davis & Morgan St , Wingfield

To raise funds for Lyme Disease Research; proceeds Donated to Lyme Disease Research - Karl McManus Foundation.
Sample Image8:00 pm to 11:00 pm; $20 per person;  Dress Theme :- Tartan or Lime Green / White
Contact the Castle Entertainment Centre for Bookings: 08 8347 4090
Meals Available from 6:30 - 8:00pm (Book with the club)



Country Gold in the City.

Country Gold brings a glittering haul of heartbreakers, contemporary classics, ballads and bluegrass and multi-award winners to Her Majesty’s Theatre on Saturday 15 August, in a three hour music event spanning the decades.

Sample Image You’ll strike it rich as the cream of established South Australian acts share the stage in a stellar celebration of Country Superstars, armed with more than forty 100% certified Gold hits.   The massive star-studded line-up for this sensational country night out in the city, is headlined by multi-awarded Amber Joy Poulton and Sandra Humphries, who will be joined by –

•    Jim Hermal & Runaway Dixie
•    The Sherrahs
•    The Holy Men
•    Gary Daniel
•    Charlie McCracken
•    Graeme Hugo
•    Taylor Pfeiffer (The Banjo Girl)
•    Gary Burrows

Don’t miss this concert extravaganza with the ultimate classic set list in tribute to Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, George Strait, Glen Campbell, George Jones, Alan Jackson, Slim Dusty, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Shania Twain, June Carter, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lyn and so much more.
Country Gold is on sale from Monday 11th of May at Bass on 131 246 so avoid the stampede and get your tickets early!
Go here:   




Liberal Sciences

Trolling the interweb the other day I was interrupted by the screech of brakes, a flurry of rattling and a frantic banging on my door. Opening said door revealed a strange sight – some kind of knight nut in tinfoil armour with an axe.
‘I am from the gubmint – I am Malcontent Turncoat; the knight of liberal sciences – and I am here to "help". Has your computer been running slower than you thought it should? Has the broadband been…. well, not as snappy as you would have liked it to be…. ??? Eh???? As our sensors have… er… detected???? Eh?????’
‘Well, it sometimes….’
‘Yes! And I see from your data trail that you have been subscribing to Renewable Energy resources!!!’
‘Well, It sort of…’
‘You fool!!! Don’t you idiots realise how dangerous Renewable Energy is to your house, your appliances, your LIFE….  The wind generated 240 volts you paid good money for is not up to the job that our gubmint-endorsed coal-generated 240 volts can do. It will cause dishwashers to clog with carrots; taps will drip; light bulbs will sometimes stop working!  And It’s no wonder your broadband is rooted if you are adding Renewable Energy into the household wiring. You must never mix Coal-generated 240 volts with wind- or solar-generated 240 volts…it’s DANGEROUS! It can KILL….!!!!’ He screeched.
‘So can any 240 volts…’ I countered.
‘Yes… that’s what the tree-huggers all say, but renewable energy 240 volts can kill you worse because radiation from Renewable Energy will first send you mad. MAD…I tell you!  And I am a perfect example of a near tragedy in that regard, standing right here in front of you. I was once seen as an intelligent rising star, a hope for sanity in a putrefying plutocracy until The Mad Abbott exposed me to Renewable Energy and its wicked menace…. Now, I understand the danger. I have turned my back on that foolishness and to be certain I do not get tainted with its disease I ensure that  I now get all my ‘science’ from Fox entertainment and, let me assure you, there is not one warmed globe in that discounted little bundle of carefully selected corporate flummery. So, you would be well advised to stay away from seeking dissident support in the very unstable non-fox waters in which you are dipping a foolish toe.’
‘So... are you guys tracking…’
‘Let me free you from temptation….’  Smash!
The stupid bastard put his axe though my computer and started picking up the scattered electronic bits.
‘And now I am gathering your metadata for … for … gubmint scientific research – I’m allowed to do it….Tony said.   And you have been warned:  Stay Away From Renewable Energy … don’t be tempted to go over to the dark side; we know there are others in your neighbourhood who are tapping into Renewable Energy and we will weed them out. In the meantime, you’d better wear this tinfoil hat at all times.
‘And remember… get all your scientific information from Fox Entertainment – you will find there is nothing to worry about except the terrorism that is out to get you today or tomorrow…. And make sure you use only coal or oil-generated 240 volts. That way your broadband will work properly….’
‘Well… I was actually trying to look up information on broad beans when you kicked in the door….’
‘Broad Beans… vegetables??? You weren’t trying to grow them yourself, were you?’
‘Well I was….’
‘I will send someone from Monsanto to have a chat with you about that.’