Duck 'n' weave - it's Bob and Neil!
Wednesday, 05 August 2015

Duck and weave it’s Bob and Neil at the Semaphore Workers Club

 Sample ImageTwo monsters of the pop/rock/folk world havin’ a slanging match in public! How degrading! How humiliating… and when it comes to humiliation I should know;  I’m the fukn expert… Oops! Didn’t mean to let that out.

Aussie Bob and Young Neil present Bob Dylan Versus Neil Young at the Semaphore Workers Club this Sunday August 9. With a band and all. Bronnie won’t be there because she’s had her helicopter taken away but we will be there!  Doors open 4 for music to start around 5. The Semaphore Workers Club is the Home of South Australian Roots and Blues music. And Stuff like Bob and Neil, too.





 ASample Imagert show SALA… At the Gov.

Another week or so to spy some fine art from some of the Stat’s burgeoning living – not dead, not extinct – living, breathing and arty-doodling artists.



AMC Sessions #10

Sample Image The Tenth AMC session this August has been the fastest selling show to date. Featuring for the first time in over 30 years 'Stars' (Mick Pealing & Mal Eastik), Celebrating over 50 years Ian Nancarrow and 'The Others' with singer/songwriter and fingerpicker Tom West and ARBA Memphis Blues Challenge winners 'Lazy Eye'.

AMC Session #10 is a Showcasing a wide variety of National/international  musicians who all hail from South Australia:
•    Stars - Formed from members of Adelaide bands such as 'Astra Kahn' , 'Flash' and 'Nantucket'. Their debut single 'Quick on the Draw' was a hit and by the time their first album was released in 1978 it peaked at No.11. Members Mal Eastik and Mick Pealing both have had successful solo careers and Andy Durant will always be remembered for his songwriting and guitar work.
•    The Others - Formed over 50 years ago, The Others have been a staple in the Adelaide music scene. With countless lineups, one member has always stayed at the helm - Ian Nancarrow
•    Lazy Eye - It has been a massive year for Lazy Eye. They opened the Clipsal 500 earlier this year and soon will be off to Memphis after winning the ARBA Memphis Blues challenge.
•    PLUS... Tom West  fresh from his EP launch and wrapping up his  'Oncoming Clouds' tour. His travels have taken him from Adelaide to the USA, Lima, Canada and wider Australia. Tom also opened a Neil Young show at this years fringe.

The SA Music Hall of Fame will be conducting their first band inductions with 'The Others' and 'Stars', while also recognising the individual achievements of Mal Eastik, Mick Pealing, Andy Durant (posth) and Ian Nancarrow.  Presented by the one and only radio legend John "Pembo" Pemberton.  
M.C for the night will be member of 'The Rustlers' and 'The Boys' - Gary Burrows.

AMC Session #10  -  Friday, August  21, 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)   Purchase Tickets - Friday 21st August AMC Sessions



Gigs... reviews... interviews:

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Sample ImageGigs at the Wheaty:


 Sample ImageGigs at the Gov.:





Country Gold gettin' close now!!!

 Sample ImageCountry Gold brings a glittering haul of heartbreakers, contemporary classics, ballads and bluegrass and multi-award winners to Her Majesty’s Theatre on Saturday 15 August, in a three hour music event spanning the decades.

 The cream of established South Australian acts share the stage in a stellar celebration of Country Superstars, armed with more than forty 100% certified Gold hits.   The massive star-studded line-up for this sensational country night out in the city, is headlined by multi-awarded Amber Joy Poulton and Sandra Humphries, who will be joined by –

•    Jim Hermal & Runaway Dixie

•    The Sherrahs

•    The Holy Men

•    Gary Daniel

•    Charlie McCracken

•    Graeme Hugo

•    Taylor Pfeiffer (The Banjo Girl)

•    Gary Burrows


Don’t miss this concert extravaganza with the ultimate classic set list in tribute to Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, George Strait, Glen Campbell, George Jones, Alan Jackson, Slim Dusty, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Shania Twain, June Carter, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lyn and so much more.
Country Gold is on sale now at Bass on 131 246!
Go here:


Mr Fukken Holmes and the case of the … the…. Ummmm…. can’t seem to remember, my dear fellow.

Sheerluck Holmes, now 238 years old, has retired to the south of Engerland to run a profitable honey business using bees to make the stuff instead of …well, whatever honey is made from these days. Now read on…
‘Ring, Ring!’
‘I say, What! Hello, Harrumph! Harrumph!’
‘Watson… is that you?”
‘Holmes, Old Man! How the Devil… I say! What?’
‘Watson, I need you urgently. It’s that bastard Moriarty again!’
‘Right-ho, Holmes, Old Man. I will take a motorised charabanc this instant. If I hurry I can catch the 2.52 from Essex, that goes through, Wessex, Misex, Underagesex, Nosexpleasewe’rebritish and arrives in Sussex before you can give Mrs Hudson a poke in the badger.’
A little time later.
‘That was quick, Watson. I’d only just got the shovel out of the shed to dig up the old bag.’
“Holmes! I say…. ‘
‘What do you say, Watson….? You’re always going to tell me something but I am yet to hear it.’
‘Harrumph! Well, what’s this about the evil Bastard Moriarty, then?’
‘Watson, the dirty evil Moriarty bastard has done a poo in my pants!’
‘But, Holmes, Old Man, Moriaty is dead!’
‘And don’t I know it; get a whiff of my undercrackers! If that man’s not dead he’s fosterin’ a pernicious illness in his cloaca!’
‘Good Lord, Holmes! That is truly an evil and unpleasant despoilment of your danglers-hammock. Let’s get you cleaned up.’
‘Not now, Watson. I remembered why I needed you: one of my bees is missing!’
‘Ummm… which one, Holmes?”
‘It’s the yellow and black one… the one that buzzes in E flat minor…”
‘But Holmes, you know I am tone deaf!’
‘Yes, but you’re not fukken colour-blind are you?’ Now help me look for it!’
‘Right-oh! Where shall I look for it, Holmes, Old man?’
‘In the garden, Watson! Where do you think a bee might have got to? In the garden you fool! I’m going to look in the pub.’
Some time later Holmes staggers back from The King’s Knob, mumbling an old sea shanty: “What shall we do with the .. er.. the er…. the… hmm. What was I just saying…?”   He spies Watson.
‘Good Lord, Man!!! What the Devil has happened to you? You look gruesome!”
“I have been stung by your bees… about 35,000 times at last count before I passed out!’
‘What were you doing annoying my bees, you idiot?’
‘I wasn’t annoying them! I was looking for the bee you lost!”
‘Watson, This is a honey-making establishment; I have approximately 2.5 million bees here that I milk every day; why would I want you to find one more or less of the fuzzy little fukkers? Get a grip you demented quack!’
‘I say, Holmes…’
‘No, Watson… let me say this: there are more important things to worry about than an absent Apis mellifera…  that evil malefactor Moriarty has done a crap in my Calvin Kleins!’
‘I say, Holmes….’
‘What do you say, Watson….? You’re always…’    and so on and so on.