The Man from Auntie bothers Mr Rabbit
Tuesday, 08 September 2015

AMC Session #11

Sample ImageFriday October 2, the 11th AMC session will feature the Moonshine Jug and String Band, Gill Hicks with Gary Burrows & the Immanuel College Choir. Sasha March and Banjo Jackson will be opening the night.

AMC Session # 11 will see the SA Music Hall of Fame celebrating The Angels' Doc Neeson OAM and Chris Bailey, while inducting the precursor to The Angels - 'The Moonshine Jug and String Band' featuring fellow Angels The Brewster Brothers.  Alex Innocenti will also be inducted for his contribution to music events and promotion such as the Myponga Music Festival, Adelaide Blues Festivals and The Cellar. SA Music Hall of Fame presentations will be courtesy of the one and only John Pemberton "Pembo" who will also paying tribute to the legendary David "Daisy" Day

M.C for the night will be Gary Burrows who will also be performing 'I Want To Tell you' with Gill Hicks. Gill has not performed publicly for over 10 years.
7:30pm (doors 6:30pm); tickets at:

The AMC (Adelaide Music Collective) is a music industry group whose objective is Showcasing a wide variety of National/international  musicians who hail from Adelaide.







Vincent's Chair plans on the table

Sample ImageVincent’s Chair will depart for Europe Mid-September to undertake a few of performances along the Rhein, Frankfurt, Cologne and Stuttgart.

On their return Vincent’s Chair will be staging a joint concert with friends, the Lounge Suite – sorry…. The Baker Suite, on Friday October 28. (see poster on the left).  Should be very nice and very interesting.  Noise starting at 8 pm. Tickets are now onside at Dramatix $25/$20;














Music at Melrose

Sample ImageMelrose Music Muster 2015  from 25th - 27th September

Big Show this year…. Lots of music; lots of fun.

The music at Melrose takes place at various Main Street venues from Friday 6.00pm to Sunday Close. Get along for the best in Folk, Country, Hillbilly, Bluegrass, Roots, Vocals and Instrumentals, Gospel, Song, Dance, Contemporary, Traditional and Alternative; truly something for everyone who enjoys music! Except there’s no Death Metal, I think. Or death Dub. Or Thrash Death Metal Dub….. so … perhaps there’s a gap or two there that needs to be filled.
See posters for details.













Amber Joy out and about

Sample ImageOctober 10, If you’re out of town Moonta Way drop in to catch Amber Joy and Amos Morris at the Moonta Scout Hall - bit of dib dib dib and dob dob dob over there.

And if the travel bug is still biting later that week,  drop in to Balranald for a night of country-style entertainment with Amber Joy and the Holy Men.










Fundraiser for Daisy’s family – Rock Of Ages

 Sample Image

It’s not that long ago we lost the great SA music champion and icon Daisy Day. Now, the state’s rock royalty are plugging in their guitars to help Day’s wife Annette, who’s facing her own health battles.

Annette, who gave up her career to act as Day’s carer for the past decade, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, prompting the likes of The Angels, Glenn Shorrock, Russell Morris, Brian Cadd, John Schumann, Swanee, The Masters Apprentices and others to join forces to put on a night of music and mateship dubbed Rock of Ages to raise money to support Annette and her two boys, Mitchel and Lachlan

David Day’s Rock of Ages takes place on Tuesday, October 13, at Thebarton Theatre. Tickets are on sale at …  with all proceeds going to the Day family.




Sample Image


See poster thingy over there (left) for further details  
Call Jackie 8582 2959 to book your tickets
And remember: Rock ‘n’ Roll is good for your body and good for your soul














The Man From AUNTIE

Scene: The Big House, Canberra

‘Mr Rabbit?’
‘What is it, Cruella? Can’t you see I was giving an audience to God, telling him that the escalating poor were a plague to be created and destroyed!’
‘Yes, but a slimebag from Auntie is here to talk to you; a Mr Solo.’
Sulo… what’s going on with the bins, then, Ms Crudling?; you know I don’t do the wheelie bins…. He will have to talk to someone else…. Put him onto Rupture Truss – he’ll make him pay to take our rubbish away. Or fob him off to Malcolm Turncoat, he can give the bin man as much rubbish as we tell him. And Rupture will make him pay more for it ….snigger!’
Tony, It’s not Mr Sulo… It’s Solo… Napoleon Solo.’
‘Napoleon…. Isn’t that an ice-cream? What’s an ice-cream want with me? EH? Just send him in; I bet I can lick him, though…. Get it, Cruella, geddit?’
‘You are thinking of Neapolitan, Mr Rabbit. Pay attention… Mr Rabbit…LOOK AT ME!
‘Listen…. Mr Napoleon Solo from the ABC is here to talk about the mighty ABF fukup in Melbourne and what part you had in the plot to stir up racist animosity and trying to create an apparent terrorist inundation of our streets.  He will also ask you about Nazi and fascist policies you are urging our ministers to deliver under the worn-out cloak of “security”…’
‘Do you reckon it’s worn out? Old Shotyer Bolt reckons there are millions of Nazis out there in Oz…. He feeds them hot shit every day; keeps ‘em juiced up.’
‘Yes… but we don’t want to get into that; when he asks about the ABF stuff-up you must very quickly shift the blame….. ‘
‘Easy, peasy, Cruella. That’s how I got here and that’s how I’m gonna stay. Shift the blame. The terrorists in Melbourne are here because of, umm…. pink batts!’
‘Duh! Look, it’s better if you can blame the Gillard/Rudd commie-union connection. That always gets hands flapping and teeth gnashing in the letters-to-the-editor but pink batts will do if you’re stuck. Anyway, I’ll send him in…ok?’
Door closes. Door opens.
‘Mr Rabbit?’…’
‘Yes, Cruella?’
‘Tony…. It’s the Man from AUNTIE to see you, Mr Solo…’
‘OH… Hello Mr Sulo… if it’s about the wheelie bins you’ll have to speak with Pyne-O-Clean, he the one who goes through the garbage….’